Our Interests

We are genuinely interested in every conceivable facet of contemporary, classic and futuristic aspects of spirituality, paranormal, occultism, mythology, mysticism and religion.

Our Passion

Our passion is to help promote all types of mind, body, spirit publications and products that are geared towards expanding the consciousness of their readers or users.

Our Aim

We are equally keen to promote the works of popular and independent authors as well as that of traditional, established and emerging publishers.

Our Reviews

All of our product and book reviews are writen by us and are completely independent of any connection or affiliation with their publishers.

We strive to ensure that our reviews are as fair and balanced as we can make them and that they reflect what we feel would be the interests of a prospective purchaser.

We can confirm that no publisher pays for these reviews, has editorial control over them: neither do they seek to interfere, or influence, in anyway with our review process.

Our Source of Revenue

Our primary form of revenue is derived from affiliate sales via third-party companies such as Amazon.

We strive to keep all forms of advertising on the website to a minimum and, where necessary, contextual to the main content. We greatly appreciate any potential purchasers using our affiliate links as this contributes to the funding and future development of our business.

If you have any further questions regarding who we are and what we do then please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page

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