Spirituality Today

Challenging Paradigms and Expanding Consciousness

Professional esoteric astrologer, psychic and author M. Temple Richmond presents her regular look at the heavens and how planetary movements are likely to affect us over the coming weeks.

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Sometimes obstacles and lost opportunities bring something new! Only time will tell.

A uniquely powerful set of astrological factors promises a week in which 'spiritual seekers may and will receive significant guidance and revelations'.

Calm Following the Storm

After the planetary chaos wrought over the past several months we can begin to look forward to a period of relative calm! 

Astrological predictions by M Temple Richmond

A powerful astrological trend-maker hovers on the horizon. In fact, it’s already generating light, heat, and action in the world of human events. 

What do the stars hold in store for us in 2017? Professional astrologer and psychic M. Temple Richmond highlights the major planetary aspects for the next twelve months.