Opportunity Periods

Date: 8 – 14 January

Aspect: Jupiter sextile Saturn, Mars sextile Pluto

Meaning: Finding cooperation and similar interests


Date: 5 – 7 February

Aspect: Jupiter stationary retrograde

Meaning: Expansion of contacts, optimism


Date: 26 – 28 March

Aspect: Mars sextile Neptune

Meaning: Intuitive understandings, peace


Date: 5 – 7 April

Aspect: Mars trine Pluto

Meaning: Energy, productivity, solid progress


Date: 27 May – 2 June

Aspect: Mars sextile Uranus

Meaning: Inspiration, genius ideas


Date: 9 – 11 June

Aspect: Jupiter stationary direct

Meaning: Optimism, fortunate connections


Date: 24 – 26 June

Aspect: Mars trine Neptune

Meaning: Interpersonal harmony, intuitions


Date: 13 Aug. – 5 Sept.

Aspect: Mars sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn, trine Uranus, Jupiter sextile Saturn

Meaning: Enthusiasm, social acceptance, love, promising circumstances, offers


Date: 29 Sept. – 3 Oct.

Aspect: Mars trine Pluto

Meaning: Accurate analyses, successful strategies, productivity


Date: 1 – 18 November

Aspect: Saturn trine Uranus

Meaning: Major improvements, recognition for individual efforts, rewards for applying self to studies


Date: 28 Nov. – 7 Dec.

Aspect: Jupiter trine Neptune

Meaning: Emotional peace, understanding, forgiveness, healing, relief from stress


Date: 27 – 30 December

Aspect: Mars trine Neptune

Meaning: Deep psychic perception, emotional harmony. Release of grudges and resentments


Challenge Periods

Date: Mid-February – early March

Aspect: Jupiter opposite Ura nus, Mars conjunct Uranus, Mars opposite Jupiter

Meaning: Conflicting individual agendas, high excitement. Sense of urgency, impatience, over-reaction. Unconventional solutions proposed. Major breakthroughs and sudden forward progress


Date: 14 April – 29 May

Aspect: Retrograde Mercury, Pluto retrograde station, Mars opposite Saturn

Meaning: Large workloads, delays, complication. Testing of patience and resolve


Date: 15 – 17 June

Aspect: Neptune stationary retrograde

Meaning: Moods, uncertainty, needs for clarity


Date: 1 – 3 July

Aspect: Mars opposite Pluto

Meaning: Frustrations, confrontations, anger, destruction. Competition, hidden agendas


Date: 26 July – 8 Aug.

Aspect: Jupiter square Pluto

Meaning: Conflicting intentions, struggle to gain poise. Rigid rules, unfair conditions


Date: Mid- Sept. – Early Oct.

Aspect: Jupiter opposite Uranus

Meaning: Needs for independence, rush to action. Sense of urgency, sudden changes, Unconventional solutions


Date: 23 – 26 Sept

Aspect: Mars opposite Neptune

Meaning: Confused impressions, uncertainty, Going in circles, ineffective action. Being misled or misinformed. Trickery, chicanery


2017 Key Themes

Aspect: Pluto in Capricorn

Date: February 2008 – November 2024

Meaning: Focus upon accountability, responsibility, practical requirements, demonstrating self-discipline, “walking the talk.”


Aspect: Neptune in Pisces

Date: April 2011 – March 2025

Meaning: Focus on spirituality, higher beliefs, dreams, visions, power of imagination, power of subconscious beliefs, aspiration, developing compassion.


Aspect: Uranus in Aries

Date: March 2011 – Mid-May 2018

Meaning: Focus on independence, self-direction, self-reliance, autonomy, personal motivation, enterprise, taking the initiative, being proactive, excelling and distinguishing self for an authentically unique approach.


Aspect: Saturn in Sagittarius

Date: late December 2014 – late December 2017

Meaning: Focus on reaching out for a greater understanding, connecting with a broader audience, with expanding contacts and connections, gaining higher knowledge, developing theoretical knowledge, seeking education (whether formal or informal).


Aspect: Jupiter in Libra

Date: mid-Sept. 2016 – mid October 2017

Meaning: Focus on social links, on fair give and take, on achieving personal and interpersonal balance, finding one’s equals, on teamwork, cooperation, and partnering.


Aspect: Jupiter in Scorpio

Date: mid-October 2017 – mid-November 2018

Meaning: Focus on shared resources, on deep psychic knowledge, on secretive organizations, and hidden influence.


Retrograde Mercury Periods 2017

Date: 19 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Date: 9 April – 3 May

Date: 12 August – 5 September

Date: 3 – 22 December

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