Tarot Card Reading Through Time by Marcus Katz

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Tarot Card Reading Through Time In our latest book, Tarot Time Traveller, you will take an exciting journey of discovery through the vivid history of cartomancy—card-reading—an adventure that we have long wanted to share with our readers. As you travel through time with us, you will learn how the cards got their meanings, the reasons for their particular illustrations, and practical ways of reading cards—whether they are playing cards, Lenormand, Tarot de Marseille, or modern tarot cards. Each of the eras in the book, from the early pioneers of card-reading to late Victorian occultism, all the way up to modern approaches such as tarosophy, are brought to life with story-vignettes… Read More

6 Myths About Ghosts by Carol Matsumoto

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I own a haunted inn in Connecticut called Captain Grant’s, 1754—built in, you guessed it,1754. In back of the home is a cemetery dating to the mid-1600s, and across the street is a new cemetery dating to the 1800s. This long history amplifies the paranormal activity at the inn. In doing the research for my book, The Ghosts of Captain Grant’s Inn I held hundreds of sessions talking with the spirits in the home. I did this with divining rods, crystals, and a bit of good intuition. What I have learned is somewhat different than many of the beliefs of the ghost hunters and guests that frequent the inn. Although… Read More

Express Yourself with an Herb Garden by Sandra Kynes

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While we may think of herbs as unassuming little plants, their importance and use is intertwined with human history. For thousands of years herbs have provided people with fragrance, taste, and healing. And when it comes to growing them, an herb garden is no different from a flower garden; it can be just as decorative and smell just as fabulous. Even before using herbs for cooking or remedies, they contribute to our overall health when we grow them because gardening is good exercise that gets us outside in the fresh air and sunshine. If your concept of a garden is straight rows of plants, think again. Just like the interior… Read More

Five Aids to Magical Thought: Dion Fortune and the Path of Occult Fiction by Penny Billington

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Druid and writer Penny Billington explores the process of occult instruction through the fiction of Dion Fortune. “Writers will put things into a novel that they daren’t put in sober prose, where you have to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.”1 This quote is from Dion Fortune, to my mind the foremost magical teacher of the West. It tells us clearly that in writing fiction, magicians can go out on a limb. They can give us a taste, secondhand but deeply felt, of genuine magical experience. Our esoteric training might be about ideas and techniques, but magical fiction weds these to an imaginary punch that can create conditions for… Read More

Why Some People are Born Aware by Diane Brandon

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Diane Brandon discusses why it is that some children enter into this world with a strong spiritual awareness. “I don’t want to be here again.” This is what I thought when I was born. I have never forgotten my awareness then or the perceptions I had—and I’m not the only one. There are people throughout the world who remember their thoughts at birth. I call this the “Born Aware” phenomenon. This phenomenon may seem strange; some people even consider it to be impossible. However, for those of us with these memories, it’s not at all strange, and we didn’t even consider that other people might think it was odd. After… Read More

The Story You Need to Tell – Talking About Writing with Sandra Marinella

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Sandra Marinella has taught thousands of students and fellow educators, presented dozens of workshops at the Veterans Hospital, Phoenix, and the Virginia Piper Cancer Center, Scottsdale, and is expanding into a variety of health and wellness settings. She lives in Phoenix, AZ. Her website is www.storyyoutell.com. What is your book about? Most of us have a story — and sometimes we don’t even know that our story is waiting to be told. The Story You Need to Tell (Read our review) is about digging deep and finding the stories in you that need to be explored. It is a guide to transforming your life story. While I share my personal… Read More

Ways to Recognize and Develop Your Psychic Abilities by Melanie Barnum

Most people experience some type of psychic impressions during their lifetime but how can you tell if these are the start of developing psychic abilities? Let professional  psychic medium Melanie guide you. Do you question if psychic abilities are real, and truly exist? You may even doubt the validity of intuition. But, chances are, you actually do know, even if it’s buried deep down, that psychic abilities are indeed real and you’ve probably even had some of your own psychic experiences. Let’s celebrate your gifts and revel in the fact they can be developed. Recognition to Development Not recognizing your psychic abilities is quite often the only barrier between your… Read More

3 Ways to Make Magic Work Better by Deborah Lipp

In my years of teaching magic, witchcraft, and that sort of thing, I’ve found that spells are a challenging subject for many. Spellcraft is often a mystery, even for people who know a lot about subjects like divination, altered states, and ritual. You might be doing spells, but finding them frustrating or unsatisfactory. You might be successful at magic, but feel like something is missing. Maybe you want to kick it up a notch, or maybe you’ve already given up on the whole “magic” thing. The truth is, there are simple, accessible principles that will make your magic rewarding, powerful, and fun. Here are three of them. Know What You… Read More

Bring Your Tarot Readings to Life by Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore invites us to think about our tarot readings in new and challenging ways. “Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub;
 It is the center hole that makes it useful. 
Shape clay into a pot; 
It is the space within that makes it useful. 
Build walls for a room; 
It is the space within that makes it useful.” —Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching In Hebrew theology there is the idea of tzim tzum, the act of God withdrawing in order to make space for creation to happen. Another interesting aspect of this idea is that God left creation unfinished and that humans are invited to participate in the continuing co-creation… Read More

5 Amazing Reasons to Create Your Own Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham

Tarot and Stones

Wondering if you should create your own tarot spreads is rather like asking yourself if you should cook your own meals. Isn’t it easier to eat out at yummy restaurants, depend on friends, or heat up frozen dinners? No! Eating out is expensive, your friends will get annoyed with you, and frozen food is … eesh, unexciting. Cooking teaches you more about food than you could ever learn by just eating alone. Cooking reveals texture, taste, combination, timing, planning, and, most importantly, how and what you like. Cooking makes you a better eater. The same truth applies to tarot: creating spreads will make you a better reader. You could find… Read More