What Do Planets in Intercepted Signs Mean? by Bernie Ashman

Famous astronomical clock at Prague, Czech Republic. Fire illustration.

An intercepted sign in an astrological chart occurs when a sign is totally contained in one of the houses and does not appear on the cusp of a house. When a sign is intercepted, the sign opposite it will be intercepted as well. When there is an interception the two houses having this influence will display a dual type of energy as expressed by the sign on the cusp and the intercepted sign. As an example, in my own chart I have Pisces as my Ascendant placed on cusp of first house with the sign Aries intercepted in my first house. My opposite seventh house has Virgo placed on cusp… Read More

Aleister Crowley’s Contribution to Popular Astrology by Colin D Campbell

Astrological Chart

“Millionaires don’t use astrology; billionaires do.”—J.P. Morgan Evangeline Adams, descended from the family of the same name that played so large a part in directing the formative years of the United States, had created an empire. This was no political empire, however, but one that fed on a burgeoning public fascination with all things spiritual, which for Ms. Adams meant astrology. The industrial revolution was in full swing, and in an age where more and more of daily life became wonderously mechanical, and (not unlike today) science advanced at a pace never before seen, seeking a way to make sense of it all was only natural—and it was thus only… Read More