Put Purpose into Raising Your Frequency by Melissa Alvarez

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I’d never really put much thought into how I could effectively raise my frequency, the spiritual energy of my personal vibration, or why I should even attempt to do it until I began to notice a correlation between my frequency and the positive or negative things happening in my life. I became aware that a higher inner frequency resulted in more positivity in my life, and lower frequencies resulted in stressful, negative situations, so I began to focus on raising my frequency with purpose. The ultimate goal in raising frequency is to operate at a high level of vibration while still being able to function well at those higher vibrations… Read More

Trance Dance Your Way to Happiness by Yasmin Henkesh

Girls Dancing

Sad? Depressed? Anxious? Stressed? Not feeling good enough—not the right height, the right shape, the right whatever? Wish you could click your ruby red slippers and forever banish self doubt? If so, push back the couch and make a little room—I have something I want you to try. Did you know you can dance your way to happiness? For the same reason many of us have “chased that disco ball around” after a relationship ended, dancing makes us feel better. In her article “Four Powerful Ways to Live a Joyful Life Today,” Amy Leigh Mercree recommended regular exercise to increase happiness in your life. She wrote, “exercise doesn’t just make… Read More

Stay in the Moment with Tom Sterner

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Q. What inspired you to write Fully Engaged? A. In 2012 New World Library published the second edition of my first book The Practicing Mind. In that book I discussed what I had learned through many years of studying both Eastern thought and modern sports psychology. The main reason I had put so much time into this study was a quest to solve my own struggle with lack of discipline and impatience about reaching my goals. One of the things that fascinated me was the fact that both entities had come to the same conclusion about how we accomplish the most with the least amount of effort, in the least… Read More