10 Tips for Writing Success by Bryan E Robinson

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If you’re like most writers, after long writing jags at the computer, you start to feel soreness in your joints: aching back, stiff shoulders, or numb legs. You know what to do. Stretch. Walk around the block. Hop on the treadmill. Pop ibuprofen. Our natural tendency is to deal with physical pain, but what about psychological pain? Chances are, whether you’re a seasoned author or an aspiring scribe, you’ve grappled with your share of self-doubt, meteoric challenges, repeated letdowns, major setbacks, and devastating heartbreak. Writing rejections and disappointments can nibble away at us like death from half a million cuts. After a while, it feels as if we’re bleeding to… Read More

The Story You Need to Tell – Talking About Writing with Sandra Marinella

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Sandra Marinella has taught thousands of students and fellow educators, presented dozens of workshops at the Veterans Hospital, Phoenix, and the Virginia Piper Cancer Center, Scottsdale, and is expanding into a variety of health and wellness settings. She lives in Phoenix, AZ. Her website is www.storyyoutell.com. What is your book about? Most of us have a story — and sometimes we don’t even know that our story is waiting to be told. The Story You Need to Tell (Read our review) is about digging deep and finding the stories in you that need to be explored. It is a guide to transforming your life story. While I share my personal… Read More