Aries and Springtime Frolics – The Week Ahead for March 20 – 26, 2017

Mother sheep and lambs

How about that Jupiter-Uranus opposition through which we’ve all just passed? Did it shake up and re-make your life like it did mine? While what I experienced wasn’t exactly a total make-over, it certainly was an overhaul. The vision of where I want to direct my life appeared in glowing colors. I felt propelled toward my destiny and motivated to seek it. Can you relate?

Now in late March, we’re still processing what came to us during the period of late February to mid-March. In the week ahead, we’ll get help in that direction when mental Mercury now passing through alert Aries arrives at an opposition to Jupiter and a conjunction to Uranus, our old planetary friends from the recent weeks. Occurring on the 24th through the 26th, this Mercury-Jupiter-Uranus configuration is sure to lift our thoughts right back to the same potent connections with the Olympian Gods, so to speak, which we enjoyed from late February through mid-March. As a result, luminous understandings are likely to occur in that period. That will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, March 24 – 26. Look for signs, portents, and significant synchronous happenings on those days.

However, before we get to that interesting interval, we must pass through the more routine part of the week. The lunar cycle is throughout the week still in waning phase, indicating that our primary work is to sort through inspirations received during the waxing phase (February 26 – March 12), process the material, and finish projects begun at that time. Emotional intensity is blissfully at a low, which is a good thing when all is said and done, allowing for attention to flow to necessary matters. It’s a great week to dig into unavoidable tasks and master them on the spot.

The Vernal Equinox occurs early on Monday am CDT, bringing us one of the two points of equilibration in the annual zodiacal cycle. With equal hours of daylight and night in the temperate zones, we have a symbolic and energetic opportunity to bring into right relationship the many polarities, such as conscious and unconscious, feminine and masculine, spiritual and material. This opportunity gives the present time of year a distinct quality, a moment of rest and reckoning which can re-establish our souls and bodies in the memory of the perfect harmony which we knew in between incarnations.

In the daily world, as the Moon passes through pragmatic Capricorn on Monday and Tuesday, our thoughts will turn to the management of finances and the discharge of worldly responsibilities. Wednesday and Thursday see the Moon in hip Aquarius, directing our attention to culture and the ways we might like to re-shape it. Mercury squares Pluto on Thursday as well, sounding a much more serious note. Again in the news will appear grave discussions of covert relations between foreign governments and U.S. political figures, pointing out the troubling difference between open and closed governance.

News and information will flood into view as Mercury opposes Jupiter, affecting Thursday and Friday, bringing to light much material for the legal experts to assess. Fairly surprising revelations are likely to follow on the weekend when Mercury joins Uranus in out-front Aries. Stress may be in the air for the news junkie.

Yet, for those who cultivate their own sacred spaces, the weekend period promises real rewards. The main happening occurs in the action-oriented sign of Aries, evoking potent energies for motivation and enterprise. On Saturday, the Sun joins Venus, now retrograde, at 5 degrees Aries, while on Sunday Mercury joins Uranus at 23 degrees of the rambunctious Ram. “Never a dull moment” was never more truly an apt phrase! Gumption shall be gotten up; things which ought to be thought, said, and done, shall be, immediately if not sooner. Still, harsh edges on words and acts may rebuff some, so remember to mind manners while chasing down the prized treasure for which you seek.

The weekend also forms the ante-chamber to the next New Moon, which takes place on Monday the 27th, so the psyche is smelling the hay now, knowing that new tides of vital energy are rising for new life adventures. Aries the frolicking springtime Ram rules and bespeaks of everything new and newly emerging, and this weekend is perfectly potent with Aries activation. Anyone seeking to turn over a new leaf, get a new lease on life, renew enthusiasm, or re-connect with and pursue a personal passion will surely thrive on this interval.

Thank you for reading!