Breaking Free – The Week Ahead for July 17 – 23, 2017

Statue of Liberty

When liberty is headlong girl 

And runs her roads and wends her ways

Liberty will shriek and whirl 

Her showery torch to see it blaze.

When liberty is wedded wife 

And keeps the barn and counts the byre

Liberty amends her life. 

She drowns her torch for fear of fire.

Source: Archibald MacLeish (1892 – 1982)

In this early twentieth century poem titled Liberty, American poet Archibald MacLeish conjures up the extreme contrast between liberty unfettered and liberty compromised. The first kind looks a lot more fun; we might imagine New York Harbor’s Lady Liberty whoop-de-doing like a kid and grandly swinging her famous flaming torch for the sheer thrill of it. The second kind is much more sedate; here is a dour Lady Liberty. Spirit burdened by pecuniary concerns, she dutifully plunges her treasured torch in the dark harbor waters until her majestic flame lights the way no more. No outsized joy here; it’s all no-nonsense business as usual all the time.

Like the imaginary Lady Liberty of the first kind, do you wake up each day full of enthusiasm, swinging your torch of divine power just to let fly as many creative sparks as possible? If not, what’s holding your spirit down? Are you in danger of sharing the fate of the second Lady Liberty, snuffing out your radiant spirit under the proverbial wet blanket of circumspection just to please the conventional world or some very insistent representative thereof?

If hiding your light under a barrel is not your schtick and you’d much rather avoid the compromised version of so-called liberty, well then my friend, the planetary energy for you is that of Uranus, awakener of consciousness and liberator of the soul. Uranus is very big on personal worth. It’s the planet of radical individuality, the astrological archetype that shakes you by the shoulders and shouts in your face, “Hey! Wake up! You’re not a cog in the wheel; you’re one of a kind! Drop this dull business of following the herd! Blaze your own path on the map of life! Get moving, follow your passion, and manifest your dream!” That’s the voice of Uranus, planet of independence, self-reliance, and personal initiative.

This week, it’s precisely Uranus who shows up on the stage of life and launches us all into a higher vibratory rate. That’s cool if you like acceleration; not so cool if you thrive on the status quo. Here comes a week made to order for all you restless spirits out there who crave more excitement, more challenge, and more personal latitude. If these goods of life aren’t yours right now, this week you’ll make sure that changes. For the more sedate, here’s a week in which external events may demand immediate adjustments and alterations of outlook on your part. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday July 17 brings a good bit of astrological power to the day. Guess who’s the main astrological actor? You got it – Uranus! Today the powers of headstrong Uranus are greatly activated today by virtue of the fact that motivator Mars makes a precise square to eccentric Uranus today, thus agitating the atmosphere with an abundance of strong impulses to pursue the far out, to quest beyond the familiar, to undertake the never-before, and to embrace risk as part of the process of self-expression. Watch out! Don’t go too far with these Uranian energies! Testing the limits of the physical world might be edgy hip, but today, it could also be dangerous. Instead, use your newfound magical powers to identify and engage with your true creative abilities along whatever lines these may operate. Today is your moment to break free from meaningless routine and to strike out for the truth of who you are. But one more thing:

Voluptuous Venus in jittery Gemini is also square nebulous Neptune in otherworldly Pisces, so there’s just no telling how oddly romantic or even abstractly cosmic the mood might become. It’s definitely a day to sense the next level and to press ahead toward a freer, happier future. On the practical level, it’s likely to be a day when declarations of independence ring out in any relationships which of late have been boiling and bubbling with doubles of troubles.

Tuesday July 18 sees the energies settle down somewhat, as Venus in intellectual Gemini completes a trine to Jupiter in graceful Libra. Social interactions promise to be an oasis of calm today, rather a bit of a contrast to the wild-card energies of one day before. The Moon’s in peaceable Taurus, which will help all come back to Earth after yesterday’s space trip into alternate realities. Look for encouraging signs of all types from 3 – 9 pm CDT when the Venus-Jupiter magic mixes up with a Moon-Sun sextile to bring blessings from above.

Wednesday July 19 pours out more good vibes from the cosmic mind as Mercury of mind-power in dynamic Leo completes a trine to sage Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius. Again our thoughts open up to the higher cosmic dimensions, though whereas the new vision on Monday propelled us forward lurching along at light speed, today’s revelation arrives gently. No surprises here; they were temporarily used up on Monday. Now, we get our higher truths delivered on a fine silver tray like milk and honey mixed and artfully presented for the pleasure of the divine child. Somebody nice shows us the way, and we are glad to trundle along toward our highest good. Yay that.

Don’t go off thinking that Thursday, however, will be anything like a bore, for it won’t. Uranus is back to take up the conversation. Today, the Sun in emotionally sensitive Cancer completes a square to erratic Uranus in hot-headed Aries, so here we go again. The status quo is likely to be challenged by newly emerging plans and other unexpected realities which call for much structural and psychological alteration. Moreover, Mars today leaves its six-week trounce through the sandy coves of beachside Cancer, having done its maximum drama to the emotional bodies of the faithful. Now, Mars powers up for six weeks of roaring like a Lion as it charges into Leo. As a result, we see the shifting of emphasis from troubled inner spheres to confident outer action. Who, me? Yes, you! You, me, and everybody else as well. This will be noticeable, for today there will end the recent six-week preoccupation with inward, home-based contemplation. Now, we can go out and play. Many will smell the hay and do just that, what with Uranus goading us along to step beyond comfort zones and try something novel. Please do not go mad with this, but do go have fun if at all possible. After all, you earned your reward earlier in the week when you tangled with the two liberties described in the poem by Archibald MacLeish. Would it be joy or would it be voluntary voluming down? You made the decision.

Friday July 21 sings much the same easy-going song as Thursday, though all of nature decrescendos to a hush today as the Moon dwindles down to the final hours before New Moon on Sunday, July 23. Friday July 21 and Saturday July 22 see the Moon in the sometimes cantankerous Crab, so give others space and let them work out their inner issues in peace. That’s exactly what must be done at the final hour of the lunar cycle, when the energies of the mind, emotions, and body are all tugged mightily to inner space for rest and replenishment. The magic of renewal strikes on Sunday, July 23 at 5:46 am CDT when the Moon is New at 1 degree of Leo, signifying a month ahead when creative and expressive powers and the right management thereof will form the central issue. Today, look for a hint as to what’s ahead when the empowered Moon conjuncts fiery Mars in blazing Leo just before 7 pm CDT, proving that summer’s not over yet. In the next month, expect heatwaves in the form of romance, artistic intensity, and self-discovery, Leo themes strewn like glittering jewels free for the taking.

Next week: Creative and romantic intensity when Sun conjoins Mars in mid-week!

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