Bring on the Beauty: The Week Ahead for April 24 – 30, 2017

Ornate bulls head

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’ – John Keats

The solar mascot of the month having changed last Wednesday from fiery Ram to earthy Bull, a whole new trend unfolds this week.

Whereas the zodiacal month now behind us saw a social and political dynamic driven by the brusque and belligerent Aries warmonger, the next four weeks will unfold under the much milder influence of the gentle bovine countenance. Yes, you say, but even the Bull has a temper! You’re right. If taunted, teased, and incited to rage, the normally placid Bull will gladly demonstrate his prowess, pulverizing all annoyances in sight to finely powdered dust. But most of the time, give him a field of green and he’s happy to munch while pondering the next best investment move to make as he seeks to line his prodigious pockets. After all, the $2.2 trillion Merrill Lynch wealth management firm didn’t select the Bull as its logo for reason none.

This week, the material security and comfort themes of Taurus the Bull take center stage as the New Moon occurs on Wednesday, April 26, at 6 degrees of Taurus. The merging of solar and lunar power in the well-grounded and pecuniary Bull will therefore form the center of gravity for the week. We’ll be thinking how to make the most of what we’ve got and how to embellish the bottom line. The Taurus archetype loves all things manicured and polished, gardens and lawns preened to perfection and burgeoning with bloom and blossom. Beauty is the province of Taurus, ruled in traditional astrology by comely Venus, goddess of all things attractive and seductive. Grooming our assets into their finest burnish will claim much attention, whether this be in fashion and self-presentation or in home and hearth. Taurus also fancies a nice fat bank account and freedom from financial worry. So important is this consideration that the Bull makes it his business to find and permanently adopt productive uses of his time. Since there’s a little bit of Bull in all of us (pun intended), we’ll all feel the exhortation of Taurus: be fruitful and multiply! Add but don’t subtract, and by no means divide! Amass and amalgamate is the Bull’s rallying cry. In plain talk this means: get with it and see to the task of ensuring meaningful income.

Any ne’er do wells among us will take good notice, suddenly motivated by the sonorous snortings of the Bull to be at the important business of applying creative talent in the areas of life where this will make a positive difference. The Bull expects to see results, and that’s exactly what we’ll be motivated to achieve as the week unfolds. Fortunately, the Bull prefers a steady, continuous pace; we’ll not exhaust our life force in a flurry as so often happens under the Ram. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday, April 24 thrives under a Mercury-Saturn trine, bringing ideas and people together in successful combinations. With Mercury retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries and Saturn also retrograde at 28 degrees of Sagittarius, the pull toward factors from the past is great. Opportunities from past educational and athletic connections will appear and allow us to organize matters and set to rights any situations formerly amiss; business arrangements will fall into place, and even if admittedly temporary, they will still suffice to get the wheels rolling toward desired objectives. Promotion and advertisement thrive.

Tuesday, April 25 sees surprises and dramatic developments, as the Moon in urgent Aries makes a conjunction to reactive Uranus and mental Mercury, the latter now sensitized due to its retrograde condition. Presciently suggestive of what will develop this Friday, April 28 when retrograde Mercury joins Uranus at 25 degrees of hotheaded, athletic Aries, this day is worth watching, especially 1 pm – 4 pm CDT. Watch and learn, and therefore be all the more prepared when this Friday rolls around.

Wednesday, April 26 ushers in the New Moon and with it, rejuvenated energy on mental, emotional, and physical levels. Around 6 pm CDT on Wednesday is particularly nice, when the Moon in tempting Taurus makes a sociable sextile to dreamy Neptune in romantic Pisces. Human relations bask in the glow of pleasantry and understanding. The good vibes persist right through Thursday, April 27, as the gentle Taurus Moon interacts by harmonious Pythagorean geometry with power-driven Pluto in realistic Capricorn and pleasing Lady Venus in empathic Pisces. Translation: career and social interests find favor. Now’s the time to make those important contacts, for both work and love.

Then along comes Friday, April 28. Routine goes out the window as impulse seizes the day. The Moon conjuncts heat-generating Mars, Venus transcends placid Pisces and surges into Spartan Aries, while merciless retro Mercury mixes it up with eccentric and restless Uranus. A day to remember? Likely. Be on the lookout for mind-bending developments in world news and equally far-out happenings up close and personal. Creative urge is likely to be strong today. Artistic types will throw convention out the window to follow whim where it may lead. Sometimes that’s the best destination possible.

Saturday, April 29 brings a mixture of solid progress in the morning and flagging intentions in the afternoon and evening. Put it to bed early and try again on Sunday, April 30, when a sequence of lovely lunar aspects from the Moon in homey Cancer settles us into peaceful, serene domestic enjoyment. With any effort at all, we can end the weekend with tasks accomplished and something to show for our investments of time and effort.

Coming next week: Mercury direct on Wednesday, May 3! We’re smelling the hay now! Recent complications and tangled communications are soon to smooth themselves out.

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