Bull’s Eye – The Week Ahead for May 8 – 14, 2017

Dart in dart board

Set to score a big one this week, the astrological energies of the week ahead promise a bull’s eye, slam-dunk, hole-in-one cosmic wake-up moment, powered by the simultaneous arrival of Full Moon and Mercury conjunct Uranus. Anyone looking for a peak experience could hardly ask for more. But that’s not all! With Mars closing in on a square to Neptune and a trine to Jupiter, the mix grows thicker, a rich soup of big developments sure to rock our worlds. All in all, this week is an interval of time designed to shift awareness to higher levels and propel our minds to breakthrough understandings. Let’s see how it works out.

As the week opens, the Moon waxes wild and wooly as it hurdles toward the Full Moon drama set for Wednesday, May 10. Be warned that getting there could be a real roller coaster ride. On Monday, May 8, the Moon in otherwise affable and always social Libra is square to ponderous Pluto in governmental Capricorn and opposite newly sober Mercury and always iconoclastic Uranus in irascible Aries. Inner quivers and outer frictions are thus likely to enter the psychic picture much of the day on Monday, May 8. Everything may seem urgent, whether it is or not.

Nerves and events calm down at least a smidge, however, around 6 pm CDT on Monday, May 8. A reasonable calm will prevail into the early hours of Tuesday, May 9, while the Sun in placid Taurus makes a blissful trine to mysterious Pluto, allowing all to relax and trust the greater powers that be. But then the high-voltage Mercury-Uranus conjunction slated for this week comes into full force, exact around midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, filling both May 9 and 10 with energies of intense mental activity and atypical yet portentous happenings. Sudden discoveries and relentless insights are sure to drive the day. Sleep time between Tuesday and Wednesday is not likely to be restful, tossed and turned with the incessant and demanding chatter of persistent creative ideas.

At the same time, the big developments for the week start emerging into sight early on Tuesday, May 9, when the Moon enters psychically potent Scorpio and one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year gears up for full expression. Called Wesak by western esotericists and Vaishaka by eastern Buddhists, the Full Moon which occurs when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio annually commemorates the original enlightenment of the Buddha. Esoteric legend has it that the forces of cosmic awakening are so strong at the Full Moon which occurs during the Sun sign of Taurus that true spiritual seekers may and will receive significant guidance and revelations at this time. Experienced money says the legend is no joke.

The potential for high-powered spiritual experience at this time of year originates in and ties into the symbolism and energies associated with the constellation for which the zodiacal sign of Taurus is named. That’s Taurus, the Bull, a group of stars the shape of which faintly resembles the head and horns of a bull. In the group of stars constituting the constellation Taurus, the brightest and most prominent sits smack in the middle of the Bull’s forehead precisely in the position where a third or psychic eye would be positioned. Named Aldebaran, this star carries the nickname The Bull’s Eye. The Bull’s Eye does just what you would think: it stands for and symbolizes the inner eye of vision, the doorway to cosmic consciousness and a direct experience of the unfolding cosmic plan.

This week these themes will be raised to high visibility as the Full Moon throws its light from sensitive Scorpio across the circle of the zodiac, symbolically illuminating and activating the Eye of the Bull, a true cosmic bull’s-eye moment. It happens on Wednesday, May 10, just before 5 pm CDT. However, the entire day is sure to be replete with the revelations proper to the vastly increased light of the Full Moon. Psychic impressions and deep intuitive knowings are sure to engage all.

This week on May 10 and 11, look for greater understanding about matters previously classified as closely guarded secrets, both in personal and international affairs. With the square of Mars in fact-finding Gemini to nebulous Neptune exact on Thursday, May 11, it is more than likely that the public revelations of the Full Moon period will concern the divulgence of documents showing financial irregularities indulged in by major world figures. Scandal and cover-up attempts will be in the air. Information will stream into the public consciousness just as spiritual activation will flood into the minds of the spiritually attuned. May 10 – 11 promises to be a watershed moment of revelations.

On Thursday, May 11, the atmosphere of urgent recognitions slows down when Mercury makes an exact trine with Saturn and establishes mental poise once again. Good common sense makes an appearance late on Thursday, May 11, a welcome visitor for those who may have ridden turbulent emotional waves during the Full Moon experience the day before. Friday, May 12 will continue to see the intensity of the Full Moon activation die down with easy and mostly pleasant conditions shaping up from 4 am to 5 pm CDT on Friday as the weekend comes into view.

Saturday and Sunday look like a piece of cake compared to midweek. Time to regroup and process what happened in the last few days rounds out the week, making May 13 and 14 largely quiet and manageable, with a period of meaningful and quiet contemplation due around 6 pm CDT on Saturday, May 13. It’s at this time that the long-term implications for the revelations received earlier in the week may be objectively comprehended.

Next week: A major planetary aspect arrives when Saturn in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries, helping travel plans, metaphysical studies, entrepreneurial projects, and educational aims come into focus.

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