Calling All Divine Light Beings – The Week Ahead for August 7 – 13, 2017

The world is abuzz with the upcoming solar eclipse, due on August 21. Although dreaded by some and revered by others, solar eclipses are nothing other than very strong New Moons. As sky savvy seekers know, New Moons take place once every lunar month and generally hail endings of some things and new beginnings of others. It’s a point in the monthly cycle of the moon at which recent trends wear themselves out and new trends emerge in their places. Through the New Moon phenomenon, nature teaches a great spiritual truth: what looks like death is often a profound new birth.

Seen through that lens, eclipses aren’t so intimidating. In two weeks, we’ll have an opportunity to find out for ourselves the truth about eclipse energies. Some astrological theorists hold that a solar eclipse can affect events for up to six months. Even bearing that time frame in mind, an eclipse need not inspire trepidation. A positive trend that lasts six months could hardly be an entirely bad thing, now could it? So, as we head toward that approaching August 21 date, why not pull out all the stops and call into action our planetary Divine Light Beings! They are, of course, ourselves – the soul essences of our personalities, the radiant forms of love and light which stand behind our physical appearances. How about if we prepare for the upcoming sky drama by fully claiming our identities as Divine Light Beings, emanated fresh from the Most High and sent on spiritual duty to Planet Earth? From this perspective, we know we can take any energy the sky might send us and direct it to the highest good. That can be true of the energies brought by the August 21 solar eclipse just as it can be true of any astrological influence which comes our way. Let’s see what the upcoming week offers in the way of interesting tools of use to Divine Light Beings falling into formation for the big moment ahead.

This week opens at a high point of inspiration and motivation on Monday August 7 with the Full Moon of Leo up and roaring like a lion. The rapidly waxing Moon opposes Mars just before 6 am CDT, making sleep time between Sunday and Monday a bit on the fitful side. Even so, with the Sun in dynamic Leo and the Moon in clever Aquarius, spirits will be high today, with creative ideas flowing richly. Look for exciting connections and opportunities to collaborate on important projects in art, community development, and social networking, especially 1 pm – 6 pm CDT, when the Moon is precisely opposite the Sun and then trine generous Jupiter in likeable Libra. Many a door will open for many a Divine Light Being!

Tuesday August 8 extends the buoyant spirit of the Full Moon for yet another day, with entrees for personal advancement showing up from midnight to 2 pm CDT. Just before 5 pm CDT, the Moon enters Pisces, cooling down the Full Moon fever from yesterday. Sleep time is calming, especially compared the overnight between Sunday and Monday. Rest up, Divine Light Beings, for tomorrow brings treasures yet to be discovered.

Wednesday August 9 opens peacefully, as the now waning Moon trines Venus just before 1 pm CDT, setting up a pleasant vibration for the first half of the day. Then matters turn to the deeper layers of spiritual perception when the Moon occults Neptune 6 – 7 pm CDT. Be ready to slip into your meditation robe and teleport to the higher dimensions, which will be wide open for entry at this time. The overnight unfolds sweetly, as Mercury in domestic Virgo prepares to make a precise sextile to Venus in homey Cancer tomorrow, connecting each and all with just the very thing, whether that’s needed information, quiet confirmation, or friendly neighborhood chat.

Thursday August 10 brings quiet serenity, for the Moon is void of course most of the day and not kicking up dust, while Mercury and Venus ease into agreement with one another, as do the Sun and Jupiter. Yes, both of these planet pairs nod favorably toward each other today, with Mercury sextile Venus and the Sun sextile Jupiter, making for a day of concord, harmony, and physical comfort. For those who’ve recently been through the mill of subjective or bodily discomfort, here’s a day when the burden will be lightened and the way ahead smoothed. Solutions come into view for personal needs and for creative projects all day, except for a brief period 8 – 9 am CDT when the sensitive Pisces Moon squares somber Saturn and practicality makes demands.

Just after midnight on Friday August 11, the Moon enters ardent Aries, shifting the mood from the romance of Pisces to the urgency of the Warrior sign. Motivation rises but so does the defensiveness level, so Divine Light Beings should be ready to radiate the light of love and understanding no matter what. It should be easy, however, for Venus in emotional Cancer heads for a trine with Neptune in understanding Pisces later this night, bringing hearts and minds together in unity and common cause. Romance beckons, but with a freaky twist because…

The Mercury retrograde Trickster is waiting in the wings. That’s right: it’s retrograde Mercury once again, making the scene at 8:01 pm CDT on Saturday August 12. Get ready for three weeks of a slightly different take on matters of importance. Oh, I know how the mere mention of retrograde Mercury sends chills down your spine and makes the hairs on the back of your neck spike out, but come now, Divine Light Beings need have no fear of Mercury playing his tricks, though of course he will do just that for the next three weeks. I say let the Trickster have his fun. After all, only forward motion and no tracking back makes any planet a dull boy, and Mercury can’t tolerate being thought dull. Variety being the spice of life, Mercury conspires to throw some in – everywhere. That goes for the new buds of romance putting in an appearance with Venus trine Neptune this weekend. If you think you’re falling fast in love, just be sure you get the facts – name, e mail address, phone number, whether the person is single or married – all that mundane preliminary business. And do be sure to double check, for retrograde Mercury loves to make one thing sound like another. He seems to have a sort of twisted Shakespearean wit, you might say.

With that, Sunday August 13 comes into view, with the Moon conjunct Uranus during the overnight between Saturday and Sunday, making sleep time less than serene. Sudden noises in the night or other unusual happenings are likely, what with the newly retrograde Mercury changing things around just for good measure. It won’t be too bad, however, for the Sun trines Saturn on Sunday as well, handing determined Divine Light Beings a fine time to get organized around top priorities and situated for the run up to August 21 eclipse, even if a good bit of revision creeps into the picture with retrograde Mercury. It’s ok, because Divine Light Beings can dance with any kind of energy!

Next week: Venus tangles with the same Jupiter-Pluto square which recently intensified power dynamics in Washington and elsewhere, offering Divine Light Beings yet another opportunity to lift it to the light.

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