Calm Following the Storm – The Week Ahead for March 6 – 12, 2017

Hands under storm clouds

There’s something to be said for stability and order. Regularity of routine and consistent, rhythmic effort stand at the foundation of many a success in life.

In the last few weeks, there’s been a blast of quite the opposite from astrological influences, as Jupiter, Uranus, and Mars teamed up to spark the arrival of new circumstances, creativity, change, and positive excitement for some, while it evoked nothing but hyperbole, erratic behavior, upheaval, disruptions, and unfounded accusation from others.

Is anybody ready for a tamping down of the intensity? Say maybe a more reasoned dialogue? How about time to get down to basic tasks and establish order in daily affairs? It sounds good to me.

That’s just what this week has in store as transiting Mars moves out of contentious and testy Aries and into methodical Taurus. The shift happens on Thursday, March 9, just a few minutes past 6:30 pm CST.

Whereas a war of positions has held center stage since hot-tempered Mars entered sometimes belligerent Aries in late January, a less strident tone is sure to settle in as Mars passes through the more sedate sign of Taurus from March 9 through April 20. This will help calm our nerves and bring human communications down from the high pitch of irritability to the more measured type of interaction – at least for the next few weeks.

The head end of the week, however, still features a bit of a frenzied pace, as the Sun and Mercury come into zodiacal conjunction on Monday night, sparking intensified communications and potentials for intellectual exhaustion. The weather is likely to be a factor as well, with winds whipped up by aerial Mercury and rainfall in the picture as the Sun and Mercury join forces in watery Pisces.

By midweek, mind and matters settle into a meaningful groove, as Mercury makes the mild and insightful sextile to Pluto on the overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday. Close on the heels of this nice influence will be Sun sextile Pluto, affecting Tuesday and Wednesday, and helping everyone focus productively on priorities and purposes.

The psychic atmosphere is downright cozy by Thursday, with Friday following in a good mood. There’s a sense of openness, camaraderie, and optimism late on Thursday and early on Friday.

During the weekend, a Mercury-Saturn square shapes up, further slowing down the pace of events and requiring all to concentrate, examine details, and be accurate.

Full Moon then takes the stage, exact on Sunday the 12th at 9:54 am CDT. (Yep, you read that correctly. The U.S. changes from Standard to Daylight time on the overnight between Saturday and Sunday.)

On the whole, this week promises a settling effect, allowing for all to focus on basic issues of importance. For those who thrive on moderate amounts of order, this is sure to be good news.