Curve-Balls and Eclipse Anticipation – The Week Ahead for August 14 – 20, 2017

“Intense emotions in regard to home, family, and national security. The sky gods are telling us we need to change our collective ways.”

The Mercury retrograde curve-balls have already begun. As usual, they rolled out of nowhere a few days ahead of the retrograde station, which takes place on August 12 at 8:01 pm CDT. Further adding some slip, slide, and spin to the matter, the Mercury retrograde station at 12 degrees of Virgo falls within one degree of exact opposition to transiting Neptune, planet of illusion and confusion. Thus, not only does the Mercury retrograde promise to throw its usual curve and screwballs, but it does so with an extra serving of elusive complexity, for nebulous Neptune’s tangled up in the deal – a puzzling influence strongly coloring the period August 10 – 14 and the three weeks following.

It’s a wild mix for the run-up to the eclipse of August 21, what with the Mercury mindbender and the Neptunian nebulosity merged into one large boggart-like mirage. Is it real or not, substantial or ephemeral? Is it just a figment of the imagination, or tangible reality come to call? Yes, those are the questions of the moment, as the Mercury-Neptune combo adds layers of distorted imagery to the eclipse mania. Here’s a good reason why the week of August 14 – 20 promises to be more than a smidge on the wacky side, with otherwise normal communications complicated by unusual developments, and more than a little excess imagination thrown into the mix.

For another reason why the week ahead promises to be uncommonly odd, this week falls smack in the middle of two eclipses, and eclipses seem to bring out the irrational in human behavior. Have you noticed? One need only look at the lunatic ravings of certain well-armed national leaders to see the primitive power of the eclipse in full sway. For example, the recent Full Moon of August 7, 2017 was a lunar eclipse, the troubled rays of which seem to have wormed their ways into the minds of privileged men on both sides of the Pacific Ocean – Mercury-Neptune jokers and tricksters who just can’t seem to get enough of terrifying the world with threatened destruction. It’s a spectacle sure to disturb many, and for good reasons. More dramatic and disturbing irrationality is likely to unfold as a result of the August 21 total solar eclipse as well, with everything from unsettled personal lives to major international nonsense due to unfold. Extreme positions are likely to be taken by major figures in the news. But is it all dismal, disastrous, depressing, and hopeless? No, for the week ahead also contains the run-up to a cluster of constructive planetary aspects which will come into focus over the weekend and into the early part of the next week, ensuring that at least some cool heads will circulate amongst humanity and advocate for reason. In a nutshell, what this means is that the more theatrical among us are sure to put on a convincing show of cave-man bluster and bravado, but their antics don’t tell the whole story. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday August 14 starts the week out with a helpful steadiness from the security-oriented Taurus Moon, a good antidote to the jitters and doubts associated with the retrograde station of Mercury on the night before. As the placid Taurus Moon makes a sextile to Venus in homey Cancer and a trine to Pluto in traditional Capricorn late morning CDT, we have an opportunity to enjoy a moment in comfort, peace, and predictable surroundings. Yet, a Venus-Pluto opposition shapes up on the overnight between Monday and Tuesday August 15, making for intense emotions in regard to home, family, and national security. The sky gods are telling us we need to change our collective ways, particularly when it comes to playing power games and dismissing the importance of other points of view. In our own worlds, we learn what not to do by observing social missteps made by others.

Tuesday August 15 brings the Moon in Gemini, elevating our educational and intellectual interests to high priority. We are curious and want to learn all that we can. Even so, the bad taste of the Venus-Pluto opposition which becomes exact just after 6 am CDT lingers, suggesting that social dynamics need adjustment for greater fairness and pleasantry. On the world stage, shows of force and opposed points of view make for unrest and tension. Wednesday August 16 is an active day with the Moon still in inquisitive Gemini. Early morning CDT brings foiled attempts to gather necessary information, however. The ball starts rolling in the right direction 1 pm – 6 pm, when the Gemini Moon makes a sextile to Mars in outgoing Leo and a trine to Jupiter in sociable Libra. Gather information while ye may, for the evening brings Moon opposite Saturn 8 – 9 pm CDT, slowing down the flow of communication and establishing a somber mood. Overnight, Venus moves to square Jupiter, casting a rosy hue over Wednesday and Thursday, as well as an ill-advised invitation to overdo in food, drink, and socializing, making us think we can throw caution to the wind and take all we want. It would be better to use the energies of the early evening CDT Moon-Saturn opposition to follow the course of moderation in all things.

Thursday August 17 sees that Venus-Jupiter square still generating power. Excess beckons at every turn, but it profits not those who heed it! Look for better ideas from friends and acquaintances around 8:30 am CDT when the Moon, still in Gemini, makes a sextile to altruistic and modernistic Uranus, thus lighting the way with cool ideas from higher thought. Then, the Moon moves into touchy-feely Cancer just after 11 am CDT, adding power to the cravings for comfort foods and all manner of gratifications. Think twice before jumping in whole hog!

Friday August 18 sees the Moon continuing in the personal sign of Cancer, where it interacts harmoniously with Mercury and Neptune early in the day, setting up conditions for internal agreement and easy integration of intuitive input. Then the later part of the day turns more challenging, as the sensitive Cancerian Moon interacts with the lingering Jupiter-Pluto square from a couple of weeks ago, complicating what goes on at the emotional level and bringing uncomfortable social tensions to our attention. Some of this concern sees resolution right before midnight between Friday and Saturday, as the psychic Cancer Moon makes a conjunction to Venus and provides us with the insight into self and others we’ve been needing.

Saturday August 19 is getting awfully close to the Solar Eclipse, now, is it not? Just two days to go, if that! Impatience and anticipation get the better of the mood 10 – 11 am CDT when the Cancer Moon squares Uranus in sometimes abrasive Aries and sets up the mood for sparring, disagreement, and lack of cooperation. Too much hurry! Slow it down and enjoy the fact that the Moon moves into less-sensitive Leo just before 1 pm CDT. Now the fun begins. Mars and Jupiter move into a sextile tomorrow, sprinkling the weekend and early part of the next week with a substantive optimism. We feel it today and realize that negotiations are possible in tense world situations and that agreeable solutions exist in our own spaces. In our personal world, we have a nice opportunity to blend personal aspirations with the objectives of compatible friends and organizations. That’s all for Saturday, and it hasn’t anything to do with the end of the world, no matter how dramatic the eclipse promises to be!

Sunday August 20 sees the emotional Moon continuing to thrive in party animal Leo, where it makes a sextile to gregarious Jupiter in social Libra and a conjunction to excitable Mars in Leo just before 11 pm CDT. Many will be the pre-eclipse party unfolding this night, powered by positive vibes from the Mars-Jupiter sextile of today and a Sun-Uranus trine of Monday. What is more, Mars trines Saturn early on Tuesday, adding to the Mars-Jupiter and Sun-Uranus combos to set up a powerful positive energy field which will help in all areas of life even while the thrill-a-minute eclipse commands all attention!

Next week: Starting off with a bang, the New Moon in Leo is a total solar eclipse.

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