Finding Hope: The Week Ahead for May 29 – June 4, 2017

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Last week’s edition spoke about the Mars-Saturn opposition, a very potent influence still with us at this time. It’s a powerful activation affecting everyone world-wide.

Potent astrological activation can do one of two things: bring out the best or bring out the worst in human thought and behavior. Why so? Astrological activations are just like electrical current. Used rightly, electrical current illumines our homes and makes possible innumerable important functions. Applied carelessly like a wild bolt of lightning, electrical current can incinerate a structure in seconds. As with powerful electrical current, the choice is ever in our hands as to how the powers indicated by astrological activations shall be used.

At present, the planet grieves the egregious misuse of divine power by one misguided zealot in Manchester, England. His tragic choice to murderously strike like lightning at harmless youngsters epitomizes the worst of reactions to the present Mars-Saturn opposition. In fact, at the time of the terrorist bombing in a Manchester entertainment venue, the Mars-Saturn opposition fell across the eastern and western horizons for that location, clearly confirming that this is the astrological power behind this event. While it is true that the hindering effect of Saturn on the natural gusto of Mars has thwarted and frustrated many throughout the world, this temporary impediment is hardly any justification to lash out in violence at anyone, much less the young and defenseless. Yet another episode of worst choices has been paraded for the world to view and mourn.

This is not the behavior we want to see in our world, as we all know. For those who strive daily to use astrological energies wisely and to make choices in support of quality of life, the spectacle at this late date of yet another senseless mass murder brings a strong temptation to abandon hope for a life worth living. That’s the tonal background for the week ahead as people the world around strive to reclaim a positive outlook.

Let’s understand the current Mars-Saturn opposition as we seek to right our minds and find strength to go forward. As indicated in last week’s edition, Mars is currently in Gemini directly opposite to Saturn in Sagittarius, a powerful configuration in effect for at least ten days from late May to early June, centered right on Monday May 29. This configuration tends to stymie individual intention, especially if that intention operates outside of legal limits. This squelching action tends to generate resentment and even bottled-up rage. Clearly, there’s a potential for that trapped rage to explode. Destructive expression of frustration is always more likely in persons who have been specifically trained to operate on that frequency, as is the case with terrorists. Fortunately, not everyone will respond to this configuration in such a primitive fashion. Most people will simply seek to deal as effectively as possible with what appears to be the major impediment to their happiness and progress at this time.

The early part of the week is strongly infused with that theme, for the Mars-Saturn opposition is not precise until 1:54 am CDT on Monday, May 29. Thus, the effect of this configuration is still strong on Monday May 29, which is a national holiday in the United States. A day dedicated to the memory of the war dead, Memorial Day in the U.S. is often celebrated in large public gatherings. However, the astrology for this day says loud and clear we should pass up such gatherings. Instead, it is best we mark the memorial quietly, in prayer and meditation for peace and healing, for that’s where safety lies. Otherwise, the day is slow but workable. The waxing Moon will be in Leo, inclining the average normal human to express outgoing warmth and constructive interest in accenting the positive.

Hurray Tuesday May 30, for it brings a shift of energies toward the hopeful. Mars will now move into a sextile to Uranus, the effect somewhat offsetting the opposition to Saturn still in operation. Options for solving current blockages and dilemmas will appear, especially from 8 pm CDT on Tuesday May 30 all the way until 7 pm CDT on Wednesday, May 31.

In fact, the Tuesday – Thursday period stands out from the pack this week. The Mars-Uranus sextile on Tuesday kicks it off. Then on Wednesday, May 31, Mercury in stable Taurus will trine Pluto in conscientious Capricorn, suggesting that financial transactions of an honorable type may be concluded. Then Venus in active Aries trines Saturn in wide-ranging Sagittarius on Thursday, June 1, opening doors for positive experiences in travel, education, and athletics. On Thursday, there’s a smidge of a moody slowdown noon to 2 pm CDT when the Moon opposes Neptune, but the rest of the day is a set up for logical forward doings, as the Moon in orderly Virgo trines Pluto in thorough Capricorn around 10 pm CDT.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 2, 3, and 4 are a different deal, however. The weekend is conditioned by a Venus-Uranus conjunction and a Sun-Neptune square. With Uranus and Neptune so strongly involved, these outer planet influences promise to bring into our experiences the odd and the unusual, the unexpected and the irrational. Poor choices and character faults may be all too largely on display as well. Credibility will become a big topic. National leaders may be seen for what they really are, although subterfuge shall be used to prevent just that clarity. With this much outer planet activity, parapsychological happenings are sure to abound, stirring questions in the mind about the nature of reality and the power of mind. Telepathy and dream imagery will become strong this weekend, as will psychic sensitivity in general. This much is good, but the potential for abrupt, dismissive behavior in social contexts is all too great with the Venus-Uranus conjunction. Let us hold on to our patience and strive to stay centered.

Mars enters Cancer on Sunday, signifying and end to the war of proliferating intelligence leaks seen in the past few weeks.

Next week: Full Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter direct station, and Venus sextile Mars on June 9 open wide the gates of good.

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