Full Moon Fanfare: The Week Ahead for October 30 – November 5, 2017

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As above, so below.” You’ve read it and hear it said time and again. But did you know it was the Greek philosopher Anaximenes who articulated this notion way back in the mid-500s B.C.? That’s right! Though often bandied about in New Age contexts, this formulation is no new kid on the block. Conjured up by an ancient Greek skywatcher, this perennial dictum embodies a concept critical to the whole premise of astrology: the notion that there exists a correspondence between things at a higher, grander, or more abstract level and those at a lower, more mundane, or tangible level.

If this concept is applied to the situation of our solar system in the midst of deeper space, then it would be fair to say the breathtakingly star-studded firmament of deep space represents the “above,” and the planets of our solar system represent the “below” part of the formula. Coming even closer to our planetary home, it would be equally fair to say that the Moon, Sun, and planets of our solar system represent the “above” and the Earth itself represents the “below.” This second interpretation of the phrase “as above, so below” is the way in which ancient astrologers understood it, though they also intuited an important kinship between the stars of space and human affairs.

In the same way that ancient skywatchers looked up into the night sky for indications of divine intention, today’s astrologers look down into a physical book called an ephemeris for a similar purpose. What the ancients saw in the night sky is now translated into mathematical information. Thus, today’s astrologers look to books of numbers to scoop what’s going on in the “above,” thus to deduce what’s going on in the “below.”

A modern book of numbers, the ephemeris tells us interesting things this week.

First off, it’s Full Moon time once again, with the exact opposition of the Sun and the Moon slated for 12:23 am CDT on Saturday, November 4. The ephemeris also tells us that just minutes before the exact Full Moon, Venus and Uranus also reach exact opposition. Thus, two powerful oppositions become exact within a few minutes of each other, and it all happens just past midnight between Friday November 3 and Saturday November 4. If what’s above tells us something about what’s below, we can expect serious action in the world around us on the overnight between Friday and Saturday. That’s because both the Full Moon and the Venus-Uranus opposition pack a tremendous punch individually. Together, my oh my.

All oppositions serve to heighten awareness of the matters ruled by the celestial bodies involved. With the Sun and the Moon, it’s the solar conscious and lunar unconscious selves, respectively. With Venus and Uranus, it’s the Venusian need for social inclusion interacting with the very opposite Uranian need for individual freedom. With these two polarities in high contrast at virtually the same moment, the tension generated as a result is sure to drive major sudden awakenings and dramatic events. Of further interest is the fact that this week’s Venus-Uranus opposition takes place from 26 degrees Libra to 26 degrees Aries, just one degree short of the exact position of the New Moon opposition to Uranus a mere two weeks ago. This repeating emphasis on a previously activated degree position will add power to the situation at Full Moon, forcefully bringing into mind and manifestation whatever new realizations emerged at New Moon.

In simple language, this means that big things could be in store for Friday and Saturday. What kind of big things? Well, big political things, big tectonic things, and big things in daily human relationships. To pinpoint what it might mean to you personally, contemplate what was brought to your attention by this past New Moon, which took place on Thursday, October 19. The Full Moon of this week will bring that message back into action. Thus we’ll have our Full Moon Fanfare playing loud and clear.

Monday October 30 opens the week with the Moon in empathic Pisces. Early in the day, the gentle Pisces Moon trines generous Jupiter and the vital Sun in potent Scorpio, setting the day up for deeper than ordinary conversations and interactions around psychic, emotional, and physical healing. Then around 4:30 pm CDT, the Moon joins Neptune by occultation, a powerful type of conjunction. The effect is a zeroing in on the mystical nature of Neptune-Poseidon’s retreat and the many subconscious complexities it implies. The afternoon and evening will consequently bathe in the glow of the mysterious, the bewildering, the magical, the supernatural, the divine, and the transcendent. Meditation and connection with the Cosmic Spirit will come easily, so be sure to take advantage of the moment. Cleanse the self in the healing waters of Divine Peace.

Tuesday October 31 continues the mystical emphasis of the Pisces Moon, especially during the overnight hours and early afternoon. Then, practical matters land right in the middle of everything when the unassuming Pisces Moon moves to square strict Saturn shortly after 4 pm CDT. The Moon is then void of course for the remainder of the evening, making for a good time to simply rest.

Wednesday November 1 sees the Moon move into active, alert Aries just before 2 am CDT. Today will not resemble the rambling, peaceable atmosphere of Monday and Tuesday, for today, the already heated-up Aries Moon gets coals shoveled its way when it opposes contentious Mars just before 1 pm CDT. Irritation is likely to be high, so give others room to maneuver at home, in the office, and especially on the road. If distresses arise, try to be calm and resolve to wait it out before tackling obstacles.

Thursday November 2 carries the volatile Aries Moon theme into yet another day. Enthusiasm and motivational drive are high under this Moon sign, which is a good thing, so let that octane carry you along. Stay on the qui vivre, however, around 10 pm CDT when the reactive Aries Moon makes a conjunction to untamed Uranus. Genius inspirations can come in this hour for those who keep their heads tacked on right, but for others not so well-composed, impatient uproar may result.

Friday November 3 sees the Moon move into much more relaxed Taurus just before 5 am CDT, thus calming emotions and steadying the pace. The day is blessed with a Venus-Saturn sextile, thus setting the stage for common sense thinking and better civil behavior. Just before 2:30 pm CDT, the Sun in magnetic Scorpio trines Neptune in alluring Pisces, inviting pleasant interactions and revealing peeks into matters mysterious and unknown. The Full Moon is cranking up to exactitude, thus increasing the intensity of all thoughts, feelings, interactions, and developments.

And then it’s Saturday November 4, and the for-real Full Moon Fanfare blares out for all to hear and see. Bingo! The action is upon us as the Sun at 12 degrees of Scorpio is opposed by the Moon at 12 degrees of Taurus during the overnight. At the same time, Venus at 26 degrees of Libra opposes Uranus at 26 degrees of Aries. It will be as if a bright light had been shone upon all the matters of interest to us in the last two weeks. Make that mega-watt lighting. Expect sudden revelations and shocking news from the political sector, probably involving illicit social relations. In your more normal personal world, look for clear signals from your inner self about the way immediately ahead. Specifically, see the signals concerning those with whom you may productively associate and those with whom you may not. The lines in the sand will be drawn with stark clarity.

Sunday November 5 keeps the conversation from yesterday roiling and boiling, especially around 3:30 am CST when the Moon in Taurus opposes Mercury in Scorpio, thus bringing out more facts. Later, the Moon enters Gemini, switching the channel abruptly. See easier moments unfold around 7 pm CST when the detached Gemini Moon trines Mars in socially-astute Libra.

Note: In the U.S., clocks will change from Daylight Savings to Standard Time at 2 am on Sunday, November 5.

Next week: Saturn trine Uranus signals meaningful progress in the areas of work, creativity, education, and entrepreneurial efforts.

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