Full Moon Madness – The Week Ahead for July 3 – July 9, 2017

Full Moon

The spellcasting silver sheen of Full Moon waits in the wings to throw its iridescent veil of magic over the world.

Yes, it’s that time of the month, and we can feel it, as the Moon waxes to maximum power and beams its special brand of intoxication to each and all, its full round face peering down upon us this very weekend. Like all Full Moon periods, this one promises to stir up the emotions, intensify ongoing issues, bring hidden matters to light, and heat up recent conflicts to a raging fever pitch of open expression. It’s Full Moon Madness for sure, set to take the stage on the overnight between Saturday and Sunday, July 8 and 9. That’s when the Moon in Capricorn will stand precisely opposite the Sun in Cancer.

As if Full Moon Madness on its own were not enough, there’s more to the story. Here’s why: this particular Full Moon occurs with the Sun at 17 degrees of Cancer and the Moon at 17 degrees of Capricorn. Cancer and Capricorn are pivotal signs in the zodiac, said by ancient mystical teachings to constitute the Gate of Humanity and of the Gate of Gods, respectively. Cancer as the Gate of Humanity symbolizes the entryway into incarnation, the womb of time as it were. Capricorn as the Gate of Gods symbolizes the exitway back into cosmic consciousness, the high mountain on which the ultimate vision is obtained. Thus, Cancer symbolically ushers us into the physical body, and Capricorn ushers into spiritual initiation. That right there is quite enough tension to make the upcoming Full Moon compelling. Yet, that’s not all. Because the Full Moon axis falls at 17 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn, it will take place very near in the zodiac to the recent opposition of Mars at 18 degrees of Cancer and Pluto at 18 degrees of Capricorn, a dramatic arrangement which powered feelings and events during the July 1-2 weekend. So near is this Full Moon to that still-palpable Mars-Pluto showdown that it will be as if the whole drama described by the earlier Mars-Pluto influence were activated all over again.

So, we’re back to the power of Pluto and the challenge of that redoubtable chthonic power by the impulsive upstart Mars. As a result, the weekend of July 8 – 9 can’t claim to be tame. Instead, it’s likely to be punctuated with intense inner developments and strong memories of what happened just about a week before. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday July 3 sees us just recovering from the Mars-Pluto opposition of the previous weekend. Reassessing our situations on the basis of what we learned over the weekend, we’re ready to let go of the past while also salvaging what we can. Now in psychic Scorpio, the Moon is now ratcheting up the power and drama, but matters move ahead smoothly anyway between 11 am and 4 pm CDT when the Moon trines the Sun and Neptune, setting the stage for better understandings of other people and of our own inner worlds.

A national holiday in the U.S., Tuesday July 4 has the mark of the Celestial Jester all over it, with fitful Mercury in patriotic Cancer making an irritable square to unpredictable Uranus in self-promoting Aries. Competition for notice could be stiff today as a result, making social gatherings a smidge on the edgy side. Nervous tension may be high as well, with not a few of us thrown off our usual games. Freak accidents with fireworks and other explosives are always a possibility with activation of erratic Uranus, so minimize risk. With caution in place, the day works out well however, as the evening closes out with a trine between Moon in knowing Scorpio and Mercury in comforting Cancer between 8 and 9 pm CDT.

Wednesday July 5 ushers in a peaceful and optimistic interval as the Moon enters hopeful Sagittarius and the Sun in sensitive Cancer trines Neptune in mystical Pisces, helping us find our ways into encouragement and deeper understandings. On top of that, the Sun squares generous Jupiter in likeable Libra, amplifying social instincts and emphasizing the greater possibilities in all directions. However, beware of Jove-driven overindulgence 9 – 10 pm CDT. All things in moderation, said the ancients, and we presume they knew their stuff.

Thursday July 6 sees the Moon still in the easy-go-lucky Archer, causing us to gleefully aim high and believe we can hit the mark. The mood turns more serious, though, 10 – 11 pm CDT when the Moon, now thundering toward full phase, conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius and collars us into thinking seriously about our plans for mystical and mental self-improvement, as well as for conventional education. Insights into the workings of nature come as well, for Mercury and Venus move toward a sextile connection during the overnight.

Now comes Friday, July 7, and the genuine ramp-up to Full Moon swings into gear. A bright flash of electric magic starts off the day around 9 am CDT when the now potent Moon trines high-voltage Uranus, making positive sparks fly for many. Then, Lady Luna sails into Capricorn just before 1 pm CDT, setting the stage for serious intensity to develop over Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8. With the positive Mercury-Venus connection to light the way on Friday, July 7, communications and human relations will drink up that Full Moon power and thrive, at least for today.

The weekend is another matter. Here comes Full Moon barreling like a juggernaut right down the middle of everything important. The key period unfolds from 10 pm CDT on Saturday, July 8 until 11 am CDT on Sunday, July 9. During this interval, the exact Full Moon takes place at 11:07 pm CDT on Saturday night, and then the Moon moves to conjunct Pluto and oppose Mars. Look for the activation of deep past life memories as the psyche registers the Full Moon activation of the recent Mars-Pluto opposition. Also likely to emerge during this period are potent emotions related to present life situations. Emotional and psychic activation during this period will be potent enough to knock some off center, so be ready to avoid over-reacting to others who may be in the throes of inner turmoil. Further, due to the potential for emotional unrest and dangerous outbursts, this weekend does not qualify as a positive time to be out and about in crowd situations or in locations where threats of violence are known to exist. Emergency situations may arise, making it important to keep a cool head and respond constructively. Play it safe and deal with the strong energies in your own inner space or somewhere equally protected. If you do that, the result of the weekend can be worthwhile, for when it’s all over, you’ll know much more than you did before.

Next week: Moon-driven intensity slowly fades out of the picture and a relatively quiet week unfolds.

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