Gathering our Wits: The Week Ahead for June 12 – 18, 2017

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Last week’s Full Moon crescendo was a game-changer for many. With the combined influence of maximum lunar activation in Sagittarius and the Jupiter in Libra direct station wallop, last Thursday and Friday brought matters to a dramatic turning point for just about everyone.

In America, former FBI Director and Sagittarian James Comey yanked off the lid from Pandora’s Box and let out all the bats and spiders of the festering investigation into the checkered past of Donald Trump and associates. In Europe, after a string of tragic terrorist incidents and other concerns, British Prime Minister and Libran Theresa May and her Conservative Party took an electoral trouncing while Labour got the goodies, likely shifting the outlook for United Kingdom. These are but two high-profile results of last week’s powerful activation.

Perhaps to the relief of all, matters calm down considerably this week. The Moon is on the wane, thus decreasing the intensity of everything. Further, sobering Saturn and mystical Neptune take over, thus noticeably cooling down the dynamics from last week’s feverish and fretful excess generated by giant Jupiter and Full Moon in speculative, legalistic Sagittarius. Bringing the action down from the stratosphere of politics and world events, this week inner-oriented Neptune makes a retrograde station on Friday, June 16, emphasizing the power of spiritual belief and the workings of the subconscious mind. Let’s see how it unfolds.

Monday June 12 sees the Moon in goal-oriented Capricorn moving into square with impatient Uranus in ambitious Aries, a configuration which becomes exact at 1:45 pm CDT. Upsets of routine rattle our composure and restless pursuit of improvement goads us on at this time. Innovate but don’t agitate, if at all possible. At 6:45 pm CDT, the waning Moon moves into intellectual Aquarius, making it easy to shift mental gears and rise above the mundane.

Tuesday June 13 brings important communications as wordy Mercury in chatty Gemini makes an exact trine to jolly Jupiter in likeable Libra and a square to nebulous Neptune in pacific Pisces. What to make of it all? Some things crystal clear and others murky as muddy water. Time to mull it all over, especially 8 pm – 11 pm CDT, when the Moon in social Aquarius trines both Jupiter and Mercury and congenial chats bring intellectual clarity.

The Moon continues in the friendly, trendy sign of Aquarius on Wednesday, June 14. A relatively smooth day shapes up as the Moon trines the Sun and sextiles Saturn. Yet, in the background we begin to feel the power of slow-motion Saturn, holding back the forward march of events and requiring that we stop and contemplate our duties. Why so? Saturn and the Sun are just now forming a precise opposition, which becomes exact on Thursday, June 15 shortly after 5 am CDT. Look for cooler and damper weather, as well as moods to go along, for right on top of the Sun-Saturn opposition here comes a retrograde station of misty Neptune, exact just after 6 am CDT on Friday, June 16.

The effects of the Sun-Saturn opposition and the Neptune retrograde station will be strong during the middle part and end of the week, exerting a slowing trend on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, June 13 – 15, overlapped with a quiet detachment from surroundings on Thursday June 15 – Saturday June 17. Subtle influences rather than big dramatic in-your-face developments like last week’s, the Saturn and Neptune impacts of this week spell quiet thoughtfulness, caution, hesitation, uncertainty, and open-ended questions about spiritual and moral duties. The power of deep subconscious belief systems comes to our attention toward the end of the week, as we realize that our inner images inevitably project into the outer world, for good or for ill, depending on the nature of the image. Such realizations are particularly evident on Friday, June 16, 6 – 8 am CDT, when Neptune makes its retrograde station and the Moon immediately thereafter occults newly retrograde Neptune. Spirits may temporarily droop as psychic energy is called to deep inner space. The weekend continues in much the same theme, with Mercury making an opposition to somber Saturn on Sunday, June 18. Thus, expect cooler temperatures, a slower pace of events, somewhat limited participation in social events, and an emphasis on practicality. Delays in travel and transportation are likely to become a major theme for Sunday, June 18, so pack an extra measure of patience if you’re planning to be on the road. However, the Sun makes a cheerful sextile to Uranus on Sunday, June 18, leavening the heaviness of the atmosphere with mirth, humor, zany perspective, and unexpected solutions.

Next week: Summer Solstice brings a week of interesting possibilities, leading up to hot times on Saturday and Sunday.

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