Gearing Up for Major Changes – The Week Ahead for July 10 – 16, 2017

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For many, spring and early summer 2017 have brought more roller-coaster adrenalin rushes than any amusement park visitor could bucket in an all-day thrill-ride binge. First it was the retrograde Mercury dance with disruptive Uranus in April and May; then it was the Mars-Saturn face-off in May; and most recently, it was the psyche-rattling Mars-Pluto opposition of early July. Coming to call regularly like this, the strong energies of Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto have been the relentless messengers of not a few unwelcome realizations, undeferrable truth moments commanding inevitable change and evolution.

These truth moments delivered by powerful planetary energies have been giving us signs aplenty that it’s time to change our thinking, shift our points of view, let go of what no longer serves our highest good, and strike out in a better direction for ourselves. As obvious as that may sound, the implications are not always easy to follow, for the simple reason that attachment to familiar ways seems not only safe but mildly comforting. But as survivors of recent astro-energies know, taking the easy way out has not been the thing for this spring and early summer.

The week of July 10 – 16 is no different in this regard. Prelude to a big change-maker due on Monday July 17, this week forms the ramp-up to declarations of intention and other overt actions designed to decisively address the major issues which have been uncovered in the last three months. It’s a deceptively quiet interval, a nice long recreational sojourn before it’s time to step up to the plate and answer to the next big change-maker on the scene. This next big change-maker is due for July 17 and involves the insistent energies of Mars and the progressive energies of Uranus. These two planets will arrive at a precise square on Monday, July 17, at 8:35 pm CDT, stirring many to take definite steps toward the changes of circumstance they’ve found it necessary to contemplate on the heels of the April – June smoldering cauldron of unhappy feelings and unjust situations. July 17 thus indicates a decisive moment, a turning point when the private agonies and quiet irritations of the past few months finally blast straight to the surface and generate more than enough heat and light to clear the way. The week at hand is the lead up to just that, doing so in a quiet and unassuming way, but doing so nonetheless.

Monday July 10 brings an interval when we sense the potent changes beckoning from the path ahead as the Sun in emotional Cancer opposes Pluto in practical Capricorn. This planetary arrangement emphasizes what must be allowed to crumble, to decay, to deteriorate, because it is no longer worthy of salvage. The Moon in clear-minded Aquarius today helps us vision the truth about this without being devastated by the emotional implications. Help from friendly connections arrives around 1 pm CDT today, and then more information pours in around 5:30 pm CDT. Late night delivers even more encouraging social connections with promises of solutions for whatever may be the need.

Tuesday July 11 ushers in a lighthearted interval, showing us that the burden of recent concerns can in some seemingly miraculous way be lifted. At around 8:45 pm CDT, emotions settle and reasoning powers come to the forefront with their own imminently viable solutions as the Moon still in equable Aquarius makes a harmonious contact with Saturn in sagacious Sagittarius. We feel the calming influence and see the way ahead without much effort.

Wednesday July 12 extends the theme of improved serenity and the hopeful visioning of new solutions on the horizon. Just before 11 am CDT, the Moon enters empathic Pisces, setting up the day for heartfelt discussions and relaxed tensions in general. Here’s a nice day for lazing at the pool, lake, or beach, alone or in company.

Thursday July 13 continues the theme of relative peace, bringing strong intuitive impressions around 1:30 pm CDT when the Moon occults Neptune in mystical Pisces. It’s a day of dreams, memories, and psychic impressions if ever there was one. Artistic and romantic fantasy thrive with the Neptunian influence thrown like a magical cape over this day. Though some questions may surface as a result, round about 9 pm CDT these matters will be laid to rest as the Moon makes a soothing sextile to deep-thinking Pluto and the answer to many a conundrum appears.

Friday July 14 starts out slow under a Moon-Saturn square, but around noon CDT matters fall into place pleasingly as the Moon finishes out its passage through sensitive Pisces with an agreeable trine to Mars in personal-space Cancer, settling emotions and materializing solutions in the domestic sphere. What is more, Mercury now in warm-hearted Leo makes a sextile to Jupiter in mannerly Libra, establishing conditions for excellent discussions, exchange of important information, constructive business agreements, and cheerful interpersonal connections. Favors are likely to be bestowed and doors opened for the next step ahead.

The good times continue to roll on Saturday July 15, with the Moon now in upbeat Aries. Depression dispelled, we are able to picture big things ahead and move in that direction, especially around 10 pm CDT when the Moon opposes optimistic Jupiter and enlarges our visions of what is possible. Even so, we’re beginning to feel our spines begin to tingle and the hairs on our necks begin to bristle, for a moment of reckoning is on the way and we know it.

Now comes the true grit of the weekend. Sunday July 16 shifts the scene to what might be called “necessary confrontations.” The Moon in pugilistic Aries squares off with stubborn Pluto, the self-assertive Sun, and temperamental Mars over the course of the day, wrapping up with a conjunction to volatile Uranus around 9 pm CDT. That’s quite enough to set the twitterverse ajangle, but in the wings, the much more potent Mars-Uranus square is shaping up. Another big truth moment has arrived, and the surge of change is coursing through our veins. The weekend closes out with inevitable action on our minds. We’ve decided enough is enough. A break with the old ways of the past is imminent, wherever we may be.

Next week: Mars moves out of Cancer, bringing a shift away from domestic and emotional conflicts.

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