Getting Organized: The Week Ahead for October 9 – 15, 2017

Laptop and Notepad

It’s not glamorous, that’s for sure! Even so, it’s absolutely necessary for success. Being organized can make all the difference, not only in ultimate results, but also in the way it feels to proceed toward objectives. Without organization, we’re at loose ends and hardly know our heads from our tails. With it, we’re in command of ourselves and ready to be accountable. Even so, many resist the simple tasks which can reduce rubble and clutter to a manageable pile of tasks.

This week, the planetary actors in the zodiac conspire to teach a lesson in the importance of being organized whether we cotton to that notion or not. Mars in methodical Virgo makes an exact 90-degree arc or square to structural Saturn midweek, riveting our attention to the critical role of orderly arrangement in our endeavors. Odds are good that until and unless we cooperate with the zodiacal imperative, forward motion will slow to a snail’s pace. The alternative is better. Why not be pro-active and voluntarily seize the opportunity to create order and structure? That beats the tar out of being forced into compliance, now doesn’t it?

Here’s the good news: we’ll have significant help in our attempts to order our thoughts and clarify our positions. Transiting Jupiter waves adieu to lax and lovely Libra, in which sign it’s spent an enjoyable year of socializing and networking. On Tuesday, October 10, giant Jupiter enters the sign of Scorpio in the tropical zodiac at 8:20 am CDT, thus shifting attention to a deeper level of commitment and intention. Libra is not big on binding agreements, but oh boy, is Scorpio ever! As we have noticed, the vacillating tendency of Libra has enjoyed a heyday as Jupiter in this indecisive sign opposed unstable and fickle Uranus throughout 2017. On top of that, Jupiter in an air sign has invited much speculation and what ifs, but has also left much up in the proverbial air. So, if in the last year you’ve had a grand adventurous time hobnobbing with your associates but have still been disappointed by their seeming unwillingness to lock into a steady and predictable pattern, know that this particular issue is just about to fade into the mist. As Jupiter enters solid Scorpio and slowly moves away from the opposition to Uranus, the 2017 theme of the self-destructing social circle will begin to move out of our fields of experience. It will be replaced with a year-long theme in which commonalities, binding contracts, commitments, and steady behaviors will hold more value. This will help us all get organized in our minds and in our agreements and plans with others.

Monday October 9 sees the waning Moon in Gemini with both Mercury and the Sun square to Pluto. Given that Pluto connotes cleansing renewal, Gemini connects to communication, and the waning Moon encourages relinquishment and release, this day finds us willing to let go, throw out, discard, recycle, and de-clutter all those little bits and pieces of contact information we’ve collected but not used over the last year. It’s a good thing, too, for we’re now at the very tail end of the year-long transit of Jupiter through Libra, meaning the end of a phase of experience. Now is the time to set aside and let go all those possible connections that just haven’t borne fruit. To do so is to make way for the new.

Tuesday October 10 sees a new set of circumstances emerging on the horizon as Jupiter enters profound Scorpio just before 8:30 am CDT. Attention now shifts to the authentic commonalities we share with others who are intending on the same goals we are. The day is a set-up for facing truths about just who fits in with our objectives and who doesn’t. We’re not in a hurry about anything, however, for the Mars-Saturn square begins to come into effect throughout this day, giving us many a cause for pause. Later, the interval 5 pm to 11 pm CDT brings intriguing intuitions on how we might arrange our ideas and projects more appealingly.

Wednesday October 11 sees the Moon in home-oriented Cancer providing a background of emotional reaction as the redoubtable Mars-Saturn square comes into sharp focus. We know without a doubt that it’s time to get our ducks in a row, whether this is in the home environment, in close relations, or in national politics. Everything is on hold until we sense the precise right move to make. Delays enter the picture, affording time to deal with cantankerous details. Now is the time to get absolutely clear on priorities and to sort, accordingly, the wheat from the chaff.

Thursday October 12 features a sextile from transiting Mercury in Libra to Saturn in Sagittarius, providing solutions to yesterday’s problems. Where delays held sway on Wednesday, matters today will move ahead in shipping, transportation, travel, education, and social connections. Especially enjoy 11 pm CDT when the Moon in often moody Cancer sextiles Venus in trustworthy Virgo, calming emotions through appeals to reason and logic.

Friday October 13 brings the Moon in creative and confident Leo, so we’re ready to forge ahead into those things which ought to be done to improve our prospects. The Mars-Saturn square is still in effect, however, so we know we ought to trim, reduce, cut back, and simplify, as we head toward better organization.

Saturday October 14 sees Venus enter sociable Libra, shifting our rewards systems away from the work-centered environment and into social circles. Peaceful and pleasant vibes take hold from 3 pm CDT today until just past midnight as the Moon in affectionate Leo makes harmony with the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and Uranus. But there’s never a dull moment, for Mercury moves to oppose Uranus on the overnight, activating drives for adventure and independence.

Sunday October 15 ushers in the Virgo Moon just after 6 am CDT, signifying a lean towards studious endeavors as the weekend closes. Curiosity and attraction to new ideas are great, as Mercury continues to oppose Uranus, planet of genius and unconventional thinking. Weather may be wild and dramatic, as may be human behavior. Give others space to work out their latest, greatest inspirations. There’s something new to be learned today.

Next week: New Moon and Sun opposite Uranus merge to create high drama on October 18 and 19.