Going Down Memory Lane: The Week Ahead for April 10 – 16 2017

Old wooden fence

‘In memory, everything seems to happen to music.’ – Tennessee Williams

This week, how the past pulls us in, our own private worlds far more alluring than any popular film, a place where we float in feelings which write their own dreamlike songs. Like the famous playwright and author Tennessee Williams suggested, the region of recall seems to command its own orchestration. And guess what? That sound track is as narcotic an hypnotic as anyone might want.

What is it with time’s flickering shadow, like a seductive siren drawing our thoughts along slim paths hidden in high grass, winding deeper and deeper down, just past the convoluted maze of Misty Memory Lane? On the hunt for buried psychological treasure and unafraid of any famished dragons we might find guarding the gold, we dig down inside ourselves for a knowing which will not leave us be until we snag it.

What’s the metaphysical cause of such eddies in the otherwise supposedly exclusive forward march of go-go-go existence? How come we aren’t our usual proactive punctilious selves? Whence all this reverie and wonderment luring us into the dreamlike depths of memory and subconscious? How come, why, and wherefore? Answer: mantic Mercury and voluptuous Venus both in retrograde motion, for retrograde motion symbolizes the return to the past, the descent into the depths, the embrace of the subconscious mind.

With Mercury and Venus both seen in apparent retrograde motion in the zodiac this week, the past and the subconscious exert a very real magnetism for anyone alive, no matter the age. Friends, foes, fantasies, and foibles of yesteryear grab our attention and clamor for understanding. The mysterious region of ancient memory coded within us calls for recognition. Maybe there’s some special wisdom to be excavated from the mines of memory; there’s only one way to find out, so let’s go spelunking this week. We’ll have no trouble finding our way, for the light of the Full Moon will drench the inner dark with silver light bright enough to wake the walking dead.

Early this week as lunar power pours in, mind searches for an anchor, a place to rest, a citadel of surety and security. Even though Buddhists tell us there is no such, the sensuous stream of Taurean reverie generated by retrograde Mercury in the sign of the beguiling Bull just might latch on to something substantive anyway. Some little morsel of memory might be just the very thing we’ve been needing – the clue and glue to make it all fit together. We can expect aha moments on Monday, April 10 and Tuesday, April 11, when the Full Moon lights up the subconscious like a neon sign, providing just the gem we’ve been seeking.

On top of that, Venus gets into the act, adding to the magnetic pull of the past, she herself meandering in apparent backward motion through poetic Pisces, setting the stage for psychic and emotional gravitation unexplained by present reality. This week, we’re seeking for something important in our memories, prior connections, or in the subconscious – a fact or realization which might help us solve a mystical Piscean mystery or settle a longstanding inter-relational question. We feel the pull on Wednesday and Thursday, April 12 and 13, when the Moon moves through shrewd Scorpio and psychic sight sees into all the dark corners.

But don’t worry we can’t tolerate all this cloaked business, for an energy shift is on the way. By Friday, the inevitable intensity of Full Moon begins to subside, easing the strong emotions of the prior weekend and early part of the week. Moreover, on Friday, April 14, the Sun joins Uranus at the 24th degree of here-and-now Aries, while visceral Venus goes direct in the early hours of Saturday, April 15. This combination will throw us into high gear, though toward exactly what end we may not just yet know, as Venus will remain in perplexed Pisces a few days more. Still, the feeling we’ve simply got to do something immediate and definitive drives the day, what with high-powered Sun and Uranus mainlining the electric fire of ardent Aries right to the brain. The Moon in philosophical and knowledgeable Sagittarius on Saturday lifts our minds to optimistic places.

Sunday, April 16 brings a big bonus in the form of a pleasant sextile between virtuous Venus in promising Pisces and passionate Mars in tempting Taurus. For those with an eye to romance, the moment has arrived. Past and present converge; an agreement may be forged. The Sun and Saturn prepare to trine early on Monday, spawning quiet good judgment and respectful repose. Comity rules the day, and the celebration of all things genteel will likely fill the air. For Christians, it’s the high festival of Easter with its promise of life eternal. For all, it’s a welcome break from the rough and tumble Jupiter-Uranus activation of the prior three months.