Grandiose and Splendiferous: The Week Ahead June 5 – 11, 2017

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Following the rough-and-tumble Mars-Saturn opposition of May 28 – 30, the events of this week come as a welcome relief. The abrasive interactions and the consequent jangled nerves of late May are now fading into the background. It may be hard to believe, but encouraging signs are on the way. They cluster around the end of the week, when the illuminating power of the Full Moon combines with a substantial dose of generous Jupiter and a tantalizing sprinkle of Venus and Mars to set the stage for big positive developments. Let’s see how it works out.

As the week opens on Monday, June 5, the scene-setting has already begun. When Mars entered the sign of Cancer midday CDT on Sunday, June 4, it signified a shift in emphasis. Mars in Cancer will feel very different than did Mars in Gemini. Mars in Gemini from April 21 through June 4 was all about dueling with words. Mars in Cancer from June 4 through July 20 will see a shift from wording our ways through life to navigating by the feelings and the intuition.

On Monday, June 5, the waxing Moon moves into serious Scorpio just before 6 am CDT and immediately makes a trine to passionate Mars newly in emotion-laden Cancer. Right off, there’s something rewarding or gratifying to help us along, manifesting around 7 am CDT. At this time, we receive declarations of support from others and help from the Cosmic in understanding others, their past, history in general, and privileged or hidden matters.

The Moon remains in perceptive Scorpio on Tuesday June 6, which day also sees a number of uplifting influences. The psychic Scorpio Moon trines visionary Neptune around 10 am CDT, setting up the atmosphere for effortless comprehension of matters beyond the mundane. It’s a meaningful mystical moment, followed by other encouraging signs throughout the day. Mercury enters Gemini around 5 pm CDT, opening channels of communication about study plans, information technology, and literary matters. Then the Moon makes a calming sextile to Pluto in productive Capricorn around 7:30 pm CDT, rounding out a pleasing interval. Can you believe it? No frustrating head-on clashes with irritating rhetoric!

Wednesday June 7 continues the theme of quiet psychic contentment through most of the day, until the Moon enters rambunctious Sagittarius just before 6 pm CDT. After that, it’s a different deal, as the Moon moves to oppose Mercury newly in talkative Gemini, and the communication lines begin to buzz all over the world. Heads up 10 – 11 pm CDT to receive important information from discussions in person or online. Curiosity drives the engines of interaction as the Full Moon intensity ratchets up to maximum power, doing so in the intellectual, legalistic, and philosophical sign of Sagittarius. Late night CDT will see much exchange of significant perspectives.

The mental excitement continues well into Thursday, June 8, with the Moon still pumping up power in excitable Sagittarius. We’re feeling the Full Moon stimulation now as it pours in through the optimistic and far-seeing Archer. Distant goals and visions seem imminently reachable now. We know we can do it. No dream seems to large. Prophetic insight helps us along around 9 pm CDT, providing a big picture view and how to reach it.

And then comes Friday June 9,, day of Full Moon, with Sun at 19 degrees of Gemini and Moon at 19 degrees of Sagittarius, exact at 8:10 am CDT. The forces of enlightenment and of revelation now flood into consciousness, personal and collective, shedding the brilliant light of truth on all matters. Gemini and Sagittarius are signs of communication and of intellect; thus, the truths revealed today are of that nature. Major principles of truth, honesty, and right speech will come forward for discussion. What is more, giant Jupiter makes a direct station this day at 13 degrees if Libra, bringing in the perspective and power of Jovian abundance and excess along with the concerns for fairness, justice, and equality for which Libra is known. Over-the-top and far out is the theme for the day, as both the Full Moon and the influence of Jupiter incline toward the great, the grand, the huge, the expansive, the far-reaching, the more than you had thought, the all-together immense! But that’s not all! Venus newly in comfort-driven Taurus and Mars newly in protective Cancer move into perfect sextile with one another just before 11 am CDT, setting up conditions for at least some agreement between parties and persons on values and necessities, if not begetting downright social harmony. Amazing developments are certain to manifest. For those who can maintain mental and financial moderation, it’s a day of knock-out opportunities. Later, we come from the stratosphere back down to Earth and see that we must organize around all this newly outflowing good as the Moon conjuncts Saturn around 8 pm CDT.

Saturday June 10 sees the mood shift to a more practical outlook as the Moon enters sober Capricorn around 6:30 am CDT. The day is set up for active attention to home-based tasks, but take care not to rush or take unnecessary risks, for the Moon in do-it-yourself Capricorn opposes Mars in homebody Mars 1 – 4 pm CDT. Watch out for domestic spats during that period as well. Peace descends around 4 pm CDT as the Moon in stabilizing Capricorn trines Venus in tame Taurus.

Sunday June 11 is devoted to routine, with Moon still in methodical Capricorn making a nice sextile to knowing Neptune around 11 am CDT, smoothing the work on whatever task may be at hand. Then the weekend closes out on a deeply ponderous note as the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, drawing our attention to the deep matters of karmic law and the forces that reach us from the other side of the veil. This week, we’ve learned much.

Next week: Neptune makes a retrograde station on June 16, emphasizing the power of belief and the workings of the subconscious mind.

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