Imaging Life into Your Dreams – The Week Ahead for July 24 – 30, 2017

Imagination is the beginning of creation.

You imagine what you desire,

you will what you imagine,

and at last, you create what you will.

Source: George Bernard Shaw

Across the spectrum of self-help literature and motivational psychology, from twenty-first century Christianity’s charismatic Joel Osteen to the New Age Movement’s exotic Deepak Chopra, a consistent message emerges: you become what you think about most of the time. Encapsulated in the aphorism “where attention goes, energy flows,” the notion that we human beings literally create our own experiences is one of the key empowerment strategies of modern times. It’s not a new idea, however, for esoteric traditions since ancient days have taught that mind is a creative agency. That’s why spiritual traditions from Vedic India to ancient Egypt instructed their initiates in forms of meditation and contemplation designed to lift thought to the highest possible vibratory rate. It’s a practice, they knew, which is therapeutic for one’s karma. Thoughts of peace, goodwill, and spiritual union with infinity go a long way toward righting wrongs and establishing harmonious conditions. In other words, the ancient initiatory schools taught the same thing we hear today – your thoughts and words do indeed create the conditions of your life.

Celebrated nineteenth and twentieth century Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was as much onto this concept as anybody might be. Perhaps best known as the originator of the plotline which achieved global popularity in the twentieth-century film My Fair Lady, Shaw was a controversial figure distinguished by his often peculiar and sometimes contradictory social and political beliefs. All the same, Shaw had his eyes on the lot of the common person, as depicted in Eliza Doolittle, the struggling flower girl originally of his stage play Pygmalion, later the stunning heroine of the adapted musical. The razor-voiced Cockney gal who became known to the world as the ultimately successful protégé of grammarian and elocutionist Henry Higgins, tragically impoverished Eliza Doolittle had a dream: to escape her grimy street existence for indoors work in a proper flower shop. To get there, it was necessary to change her speech from the distorted pronunciations and raucous inflections she’d picked up in the scruff and tangle of life on the street to the more cultured tones appropriate to her chosen goals. We all know the story: Eliza’s dream was not only attained but far exceeded, at least in the filmic version!

Eliza’s literary creator was a man with a message. Born on July 26, 1856, playwright George Bernard Shaw was a proud Leo who raised himself from Victorian obscurity to turn-of-the-century artistic acclaim through the power of the pen. Just as he transformed his life by following his higher dreams, so did his character Eliza Doolittle. In fact, Shaw might have been quick to point out that it was Eliza’s dream of a better life which formed the seed of her later success. That dream emerged from nowhere other than her imagination, the fertile ground of the future, according to Shaw. As he later wrote, “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” In other words, Shaw proclaimed the same thing taught by today’s best motivational figures: your life can be transformed through the power of the imagination.

This week, right on cue for the birthday of George Bernard Shaw, the astro-energies broadcast the very same message. On July 26, the Sun and Mars throw quite a motivational party as they conjoin at 4 degrees of Leo, emphasizing personal power and the ability to drive dreams through from imagination to manifestation. The Sun connotes the self as shining star; Mars symbolizes desire, will, drive, and determination. As the energies of these two archetypes merge in the self-actualizing sign of Leo on July 26, a potent stimulus to pursue the path of creative self-discovery will undoubtedly arrive, opening wide the door for cherished intentions to show up real. Artists, musicians, dreamers and schemers will catch glimpses of the way ahead. Let’s see how it works out.

The week opens as the Moon emerges from its new phase on Sunday. The means Monday July 24 benefits from the surge of renewed mental and physical vitality set up the day before. With the newly reborn Moon still in the dynamic sign of Leo, today hums along with an extra spring in its step. It’s like the song “Something good is going to happen to me!” Indeed it’s so. Mercury trines Uranus and brings exciting news about opportunities for personal advancement. There’s a smidge of a fly in the ointment, however, for Venus also opposes Saturn today, making for moments of realization about what must come to an end in order to take advantage of inviting opportunities. Acceptance of endings arrives 3 pm – 5 pm CDT when the confident Leo Moon trines Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius and makes a sextile to Venus in intellectual Gemini, inclining the mind to rational thought.

Tuesday July 25 sees a shift from Leo’s swagger of bravado to the measured steps of meticulous analysis as the Moon moves into mental Virgo. Adding strength to that theme, Mercury follows suit and enters Virgo just before 7 pm CDT as well, pointing conversation and meditation to questions of just what constitutes valid data. Who or what should we believe? That is the question.

Concerns about reliability hang in the air on the overnight, with Wednesday July 26 opening to a muddled dreamy wonderment perhaps prompted by perplexing images received during dream time. The pace seems slowed for a while as the Virgo Moon moves into a square with somber Saturn, but hey, watch out! The Sun-Mars conjunction bursts into action and takes center stage just before 8 pm CDT. All of a sudden we are fired by the creative imagination. We’ve seen a vision, a worthy project, an image of the possible self, and we’re lit like a roman candle. Prudence be damned! The thing is worth all risk, we figure. However, ill-advised impulsive action is a distinct possibility with this configuration. Breathe and relax for at least one full minute before plunging headlong into the ring of fire tonight. In fact, what you should do is to breathe and relax for a good long time while you direct the powerful energy of the Sun-Mars conjunction by picturing and visualizing the attainment of your most challenging goal. Use the Sun-Mars rocket fuel to propel yourself forward on your path. It’s strong enough for that, combining the heat and power of Sun and Mars with the indomitable intent of fire sign Leo to concoct a magical molotov sufficient for the purpose.

That Sun-Mars drive will still be around on Thursday, July 27. Still powered up, we are ready for the effort, whatever it may be. The Moon moves into Libra shortly after 10:30 am CDT, urging us to solicit helpers, partners, and collaborators. Team-work promises rewarding results today 7 – 9 pm CDT.

Friday July 28 continues the Moon in Libra theme of acting in concert with others. In fact, big positives come from just that, with social connections bringing support and promises of future benefits 5 – 6 pm CDT.

Saturday July 29 extends the upbeat atmosphere as the affable Libra Moon interacts by sextile and trine with Saturn and Venus, respectively. Interpersonal interactions go smoothly. Communications hit the mark and everyone is in remarkable agreement, at least for a while today. Then the Moon opposes wild-card Uranus at 4:30 pm CDT, exposing surprises and changes of plans. Yet, all is not even close to being lost, for Venus and Uranus move into a sextile overnight, creating welcoming circumstances for friendship and romantic companionship. The Moon enters moody and perceptive Scorpio just before 7:30 pm CDT, darkening the mood a smidge and spiking it with mystery aplenty. Emotional connections intensify under the combined influence of the Scorpio Moon and the Venus-Uranus contact on Saturday night.

Sunday July 30 continues the themes of deep emotional connections and opportunities for companionship, especially through the wee hours of the morning. Then the day goes wild and active as the Scorpio Moon squares off with passionate Mars in Leo. Keep your head cool and don’t take the invitation if a fight seems in the offing. Late night brings psychic and emotional serenity as the deep-seeing Scorpio Moon trines mystical Neptune in gentle Pisces 10 – 11 pm CDT.

Clearly, the mainspring of the week takes place right in mid-week with the happening Sun-Mars conjunction, making Wednesday July 26 not only the birthday of famed playwright George Bernard Shaw but also a window of opportunity to image life into your most treasured dreams of who you intend to be. If you feed your intentions with the high-octane planetary energies available at this time, you’ll rocket fast forward on the path of your life.

Next week: Uranus stationary retrograde and Jupiter square Pluto spell big action on the world political scene.

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