Invitation to Confrontation – The Week Ahead for May 1 – 7, 2017

Faces in darkness

While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.
 – Benjamin Franklin

The big news for this week is the ending of the current retrograde Mercury period on Wednesday, May 3. Since April 9, astro-watchers have been waiting for this date. Finally, it’s here. The confused communications and high anxiety associated with the retrograde Mercury effect are soon to begin a slow disappearing act. They won’t vanish all in a poof, but they will begin to lose power and punch this week, though not without some parting drama.

The theatrics to be expected this week pertain not only to the unravelling of the retrograde Mercury mystery, but also to a nearly six-week long period of disruptions and extreme behaviors which began way back in late March and which finally comes to a close in mid-May. This long six-week period hinges on the placements of Mercury as well, that small and seemingly insignificant member of the solar system which packs a punch on human affairs much bigger than its size would suggest.

Here’s why for this time around. Back in late March, Mercury moving through the sign of Aries arrived in the degrees of the zodiac from which it would interact with a major planetary configuration affecting world affairs since early 2012. That’s the transiting square of revolutionary Uranus in independent Aries to power-mad Pluto in corporate and bureaucratic Capricorn. From 2012 to 2016, this transiting square of Uranus and Pluto affected all nations and peoples the world around, sparking interpersonal struggles, fomenting political and economic upheaval, inflaming civil war in some cases, and manifesting in adverse conditions for many. It wasn’t unmitigatedly awful for everyone, but many suffered in the extreme. This influence had begun to wane somewhat by early 2017 as Uranus accelerated in the zodiac and pulled away from the exact square to Pluto, when along came giant Jupiter in social and legalistic Libra and added power to the original configuration all over again. Jupiter re-amped the situation throughout March of 2017, a month which saw increased terror attacks in France and international jitters driven by the brash style of the new American president.

Throughout the month of March, Jupiter of big effects opposed Uranus of cranky and erratic behavior and then squared Pluto of covert and corrupt matters. This is the hot-zone of the zodiac into which little Mercury wandered in late March as it moved through Aries of immediate action, thus squaring Pluto, opposing Jupiter, and conjuncting Uranus. With the world-view of philosophical Mercury buffeted about by the impulsive Uranus in Aries and the rest of the configuration, the astrological stage was thus truly set for serious upsets in communication, ruptures in relationships whether personal or international, and confrontational events.

This week, that tangled skein begins to unravel, though only one step at a time. What began March 23 – 26 when Mercury hit the skids with the big three – Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus – will this week take a definitive turn. Mercury will again be perceived in direct zodiacal motion on Wednesday, May 3, at 24 degrees of Aries. This action alone will spark a sudden turn in events which will let loose even more of what was stored up during the Mercury contacts to the big three trend makers around the end of March. The frustrations, resentments, irritations, and consequent new senses of direction which erupted in the weekend or March 23 – 26 will be raised up again for recognition. The results are likely to be dramatic.

This whole six-week scenario won’t be entirely over and done with until May 9 – 10, when direct Mercury makes yet another conjunction to Uranus. In fact, the spring of 2017 is pretty well run ragged by the Mercury interaction with eccentric Uranus in individualistic Aries. It’s a three-punch knockout: direct Mercury conjunct Uranus on March 26; retrograde Mercury conjunct Uranus on April 28; and finally direct Mercury again conjunct Uranus on May 9 – 10. There’s the skeleton of the six-week process in which we are well-embedded during the current week. It’s a jolting surge into greater independence on the positive side, and a hair-raising ride into new levels of dangerous ego-confrontations on the negative. The uprisings in Venezuela are a good example.

This week we are treated to a new view of what the process is all about. Watch closely when Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, May 3, at 11:33 am CDT. You’ll get a different angle of view on what this complex six-week period is all about for you. Look for new and needed information to surface on May 3 and shortly thereafter. Previously stalled plans may suddenly lurch forward as well, with what seemed before like small seed-ideas erupting into major transformative actions this week.

What is more, because this direct station of Mercury on May 3 takes place in volatile Aries and close to flashpoint Uranus, tempers may very well flare and aggressive instincts be openly expressed in both world affairs and local happenings. May 1 – 7 is thus a week to avoid crowded public venues and places where anger may rage out of control. In fact, that’s true all the way through mid-May, when Mercury finally clears away from its triple dance with Uranus, the driving power of the spring of 2017.

This week’s direct station of Mercury is just one of many steps leading to that point. Stay alert. Enter verbal confrontations only if you’re sure it’s a battle worth fighting, for this week, with Mercury stationing in quick-reacting Aries, a skirmish can explode into a major altercation with little warning.

A word to the wise should be sufficient.

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