It’s Pure Imagination – The Week Ahead For September 18 – 24, 2017

The big astrological newsmaker for this week is a little on the shy side, hiding in the wings until the very end of the week to make its appearance on the world stage. And when it finally does debut, it will be cloaked in shimmering and glimmering hues that hide its true essence.

Who can this mystery player be? None other than elusive Neptune, the planet of mysticism, illusion, and imagination. This weekend, Neptune comes into the limelight by virtue of receiving an opposition from Mars. The ruddy planet will interact with the watery Neptunian world by 180-degree arc in the zodiac on Sunday, September 24, making for a good bit of steam and mist. At that time, Mars at 12 degrees of Virgo will oppose Neptune at 12 degrees of Pisces. This arrangement will bring out the themes of the two signs involved as well as the two planetary archetypes. In fact, the forming Mars-Neptune opposition will highlight the meaning of Neptune in Pisces, a long-term influence lasting from 2011 to 2025. This it will do by creating a contrast to it from the opposite sign, Virgo.

Pisces stands for the state of grace, a relaxed place in mind and body in which the individual takes comfort in the wisdom of  the greater plan of the Cosmos. Virgo operates somewhat differently. It likes to get to the big picture by meticulously assembling the details first, and along the way, it just might fret a bit if anything seems contradictory or slightly illogical.

While Virgo wrings its hands and twists its mind in knots trying to understand the ineffable, the great wisdom of Pisces suggests it would be better to trust the Creator and float along with the flow created from the Higher Will. Hm. Anybody see a tension here between ways, means, and methods? Yes, you do, and that’s the message of the Mars-Neptune opposition shaping up this week.

Here we have presented to us a sort of zen koan posing the question, “Is it better to tangle with minutia, or bring attention to the calm ocean of infinite being?” For the purpose of meditation, the latter; for the purposes of work and productivity, the former. Aye, there’s the rub.

For fourteen years, Neptune in Pisces is trying to shift our attention to the big cosmic or spiritual picture. Neptune in Pisces is all about letting go and letting God, having the faith to accept that Divine Order is in control whether we can see it or not, and trusting in the Divine Plan to bring all things to good. Here comes little Mars and attempts to stage a six-week rebellion from often antsy Virgo, hollering against Neptune from that exacting sign over the period September 5 through October 22. Petulant Mars in data-driven Virgo shouts “I must have the precise answer to my question presented to me in neat broken-line graphs and pie charts, and I will accept nothing less. Give me no vague pronouncements or religious formulae. Just the facts, all of the facts, and only the facts I deem relevant.” Behind an implacable face, Pisces offers an inscrutable response, if any response at all, or at least anything one would recognize immediately as a response.

So here we are this week, gesticulating impatiently before the immensity of the infinite spiritual universe, insisting on delivery of our somewhat smaller notions of truth, packaged in perfect wrappings. We sense there could be a slight disconnect here.

So what’s the solution to this conundrum? A healthy shift to pure imagination, that’s what! Oh, but pure imagination is a useless commodity says the intellect. Check that concept again says Albert Einstein, the unassuming Pisces who changed the face of modern science. Here’s Einstein’s estimate of the value of letting the mind out to play beyond the confines of strict reason. “Imagination,” Einstein said, “is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Perhaps what he meant to imply is that imagination embraces the entire scheme of  existence, containing all there will ever be to know or understand.

If so, then Einstein is talking about infinity, and how to get there. Best method according to Einstein the Pisces? Imagination.

We would all benefit from remembering that Einsteinian admonition this weekend when Mars tempts us to do battle with the unknown using the weapons of our own limited minds, trapped in the rational and realistic, while also looking for a way out into a more allowing space. There it is: the escape hatch is right there in the pure imagination. Go ahead! Picture your dream, your far out most miraculous ideal life. Now is the time. When Mars opposes Neptune, if we want, instead of fussing and fuming at God, we can use the explosive rocket fuel of Mars to power ourselves right up to the level of Neptunian pure imagination, and let our souls be nurtured there as we create the ideal and so bring it into the real.  Let’s see how it works out.

Monday September 18 finds the Moon in studious Virgo, activating what’s left of the powerful Mercury-Mars conjunction from 2 pm – 8 pm CDT. Our minds are curious and active, seeking to gather all the information possible. For those who keep sharp words and corrosive emotions out of the mix, the result can be significantly educational.

Tuesday September 19 continues the intellectual Moon in Virgo theme and adds power to that trend when Venus enters Virgo as well just after 8 pm CDT, but there’s a new twist to the educational journey today all the same.  Here’s why: Mercury in rational Virgo opposes Neptune in mystical Pisces, thus confronting our minds with the intuitive and imaginative realms, almost as if in anticipation of the big spiritual vortex heading our way for the weekend. Then 10 pm to 11 pm CDT brings a fine time to meditate in resonance with the greater cosmic environment, practice deep hypnotherapy for positive subconscious change, or scry into the unknown when the Mercury-Neptune opposition is exact.

Wednesday September 20 ushers in the New Moon occurring in the 27th degree of Virgo at 12:30 am CDT, giving us a new burst of physical, emotional, and mental drive during the overnight period. We’ll awaken feeling renewed and ready to take on tasks such as Virgo would have us do – house cleaning, organizing papers, getting our personal health programs in order, structuring important research, and lining up our facts and figures to support carefully formed conclusions. Just past 5 am CDT, the Moon enters Libra and shifts the vibration from all that Virgo focus to the more relaxed give and take of social interactions.

Thursday September 21 sees the light-hearted Libra Moon run smack into an engagement with unforgiving Pluto around noon CDT, thus sparking moods and quiet worries about perceived social rebuffs. Clarity takes over around 9 pm CDT when the inherently objective Libra Moon makes a sextile to steady Saturn in optimistic Sagittarius, thus calming emotional concerns.

Friday September 22 opens with a bit of a jarring note when the Libra Moon interacts with the forming Jupiter-Uranus opposition between 5 am and 8 am CDT, indicating that disturbances in our minds or our environments claim attention for a time. It’s almost as if we secretly anticipate great changes headed our way, and don’t know quite where we choose to position ourselves yet. However, not all is lost. Mental Mercury in factual Virgo trines Pluto of the deep psyche today, indicating that information from profound sources arrives in our understanding today. Adding to that theme, the Moon moves into Scorpio just before 1 pm CDT, deepening the meaning of whatever may come. The evening closes out with the secretive Scorpio Moon mollified and satisfied when it makes a sextile to seductive Venus now in virtuous Virgo.

Saturday September 23 puts us in a quiet mood of internal psychic harmony as the receptive Scorpio Moon makes a sextile to Mars, a trine to Neptune, and a sextile to Pluto, preparing us for the major insights possible to receive during the Mars-Neptune opposition, now enfolding us in its spiraling swirls of hypnotic trance as we begin to hear the inviting song of the pure imagination.

Sunday September 24 brings the Mars-Neptune opposition into full view, with exactitude just before 3 pm CDT. Here is the moment of greatest potential to set aside the chatter and babble of the lower mind in favor of listening to the songs of the imagination and intuition. Although our personal lives may seem small in comparison to the Cosmic All, once we have imbibed from that source, we are free to water the springs and rivers of our lives with the healing and uplifting powers of the greater source, that we might bring down reflections and sparks from on high in the form of the pure imagination, a gift of the god Neptune and his temporary partner in time, Mars.

Next week: Jupiter opposite Uranus powers exciting developments.