Key Astrological Dates for 2017

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What do the stars hold in store for us in 2017? Professional astrologer and psychic M. Temple Richmond highlights the major planetary aspects for the next twelve months.

Opportunity Periods

Date: 8 – 14 January

Aspect: Jupiter sextile Saturn, Mars sextile Pluto

Meaning: Finding cooperation and similar interests


Date: 5 – 7 February

Aspect: Jupiter stationary retrograde

Meaning: Expansion of contacts, optimism


Date: 26 – 28 March

Aspect: Mars sextile Neptune

Meaning: Intuitive understandings, peace


Date: 5 – 7 April

Aspect: Mars trine Pluto

Meaning: Energy, productivity, solid progress


Date: 27 May – 2 June

Aspect: Mars sextile Uranus

Meaning: Inspiration, genius ideas


Date: 9 – 11 June

Aspect: Jupiter stationary direct

Meaning: Optimism, fortunate connections


Date: 24 – 26 June

Aspect: Mars trine Neptune

Meaning: Interpersonal harmony, intuitions


Date: 13 Aug. – 5 Sept.

Aspect: Mars sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn, trine Uranus, Jupiter sextile Saturn

Meaning: Enthusiasm, social acceptance, love, promising circumstances, offers


Date: 29 Sept. – 3 Oct.

Aspect: Mars trine Pluto

Meaning: Accurate analyses, successful strategies, productivity


Date: 1 – 18 November

Aspect: Saturn trine Uranus

Meaning: Major improvements, recognition for individual efforts, rewards for applying self to studies


Date: 28 Nov. – 7 Dec.

Aspect: Jupiter trine Neptune

Meaning: Emotional peace, understanding, forgiveness, healing, relief from stress


Date: 27 – 30 December

Aspect: Mars trine Neptune

Meaning: Deep psychic perception, emotional harmony. Release of grudges and resentments


Challenge Periods

Date: Mid-February – early March

Aspect: Jupiter opposite Ura nus, Mars conjunct Uranus, Mars opposite Jupiter

Meaning: Conflicting individual agendas, high excitement. Sense of urgency, impatience, over-reaction. Unconventional solutions proposed. Major breakthroughs and sudden forward progress


Date: 14 April – 29 May

Aspect: Retrograde Mercury, Pluto retrograde station, Mars opposite Saturn

Meaning: Large workloads, delays, complication. Testing of patience and resolve


Date: 15 – 17 June

Aspect: Neptune stationary retrograde

Meaning: Moods, uncertainty, needs for clarity


Date: 1 – 3 July

Aspect: Mars opposite Pluto

Meaning: Frustrations, confrontations, anger, destruction. Competition, hidden agendas


Date: 26 July – 8 Aug.

Aspect: Jupiter square Pluto

Meaning: Conflicting intentions, struggle to gain poise. Rigid rules, unfair conditions


Date: Mid- Sept. – Early Oct.

Aspect: Jupiter opposite Uranus

Meaning: Needs for independence, rush to action. Sense of urgency, sudden changes, Unconventional solutions


Date: 23 – 26 Sept

Aspect: Mars opposite Neptune

Meaning: Confused impressions, uncertainty, Going in circles, ineffective action. Being misled or misinformed. Trickery, chicanery


2017 Key Themes

Aspect: Pluto in Capricorn

Date: February 2008 – November 2024

Meaning: Focus upon accountability, responsibility, practical requirements, demonstrating self-discipline, “walking the talk.”


Aspect: Neptune in Pisces

Date: April 2011 – March 2025

Meaning: Focus on spirituality, higher beliefs, dreams, visions, power of imagination, power of subconscious beliefs, aspiration, developing compassion.


Aspect: Uranus in Aries

Date: March 2011 – Mid-May 2018

Meaning: Focus on independence, self-direction, self-reliance, autonomy, personal motivation, enterprise, taking the initiative, being proactive, excelling and distinguishing self for an authentically unique approach.


Aspect: Saturn in Sagittarius

Date: late December 2014 – late December 2017

Meaning: Focus on reaching out for a greater understanding, connecting with a broader audience, with expanding contacts and connections, gaining higher knowledge, developing theoretical knowledge, seeking education (whether formal or informal).


Aspect: Jupiter in Libra

Date: mid-Sept. 2016 – mid October 2017

Meaning: Focus on social links, on fair give and take, on achieving personal and interpersonal balance, finding one’s equals, on teamwork, cooperation, and partnering.


Aspect: Jupiter in Scorpio

Date: mid-October 2017 – mid-November 2018

Meaning: Focus on shared resources, on deep psychic knowledge, on secretive organizations, and hidden influence.


Retrograde Mercury Periods 2017

Date: 19 December 2016 – 8 January 2017

Date: 9 April – 3 May

Date: 12 August – 5 September

Date: 3 – 22 December

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M Temple Richmond is a professional astrologer and psychic. She is available for private consultations.


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