Looking Ahead: Late February – Early March 2017

Red and blue light

A powerful astrological trend-maker hovers on the horizon. In fact, it’s already generating light, heat, and action in the world of human events. It’s the approaching opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, as seen from Earth, exact in late February and early March 2017.

A planetary arrangement like this shapes up once every 14 years or so, holding roughly in place for approximately one year after it has formed. It’s all due to the view of the solar system available from our home planet, but it’s influential just the same.

Jupiter-Uranus oppositions often occur in threes. That’s the case for the present formation. The first of the three occurred right at Christmas of 2016 – December 26 to be exact. The second one becomes exact on March 2, 2017. The third occurs on September 27 – 28, 2017. Remember what happened for you around Christmas? More is on the way, as you will see.

These three dates are important because they will see dramatic expressions of the combined energies of both planetary influences – in other words, from both Jupiter and Uranus. The largest of the inner planets, Jupiter stands for everything grand, grandiose, inflated, larger than life, in-your-face, written large, encompassing, surpassing, and all-inclusive. Uranus, however, is different, to say the least. An outer planet discovered only in modern times and equated with revolt, revolution, democracy, sudden change, breakthroughs, discoveries, inventions, and non-traditional methods, Uranus stands for new trends and those who set them. Neither the energies of Jupiter nor of Uranus are inherently bad or good; the decisive factor in that regard is the way these forces are understood and implemented by individuals and groups.

Since Jupiter enlarges and exaggerates everything it touches, when mixed with high-voltage Uranian power, a big-time explosive potential results. Shocking, surprising, and amazing things can happen under the Jupiter-Uranus mix. The result is likely to be dramatic, as new positions are adopted, the old falls away like the dry husk of last summer’s cicadas, and new territory emerges before our very eyes.

The nature of the opposition figures in here. An opposition is a 180-degree relationship within the circle of the zodiac (or of the ecliptic, to be more precise). This means that Jupiter is seen on one side of the Earth, and Uranus directly opposite on the other. You might say metaphorically that Jupiter pulls one way and Uranus quite the other, with hapless little Earth right in the middle. The situation symbolizes what’s going on in the psyche of humanity. There’s a tremendous divergence or division of forces pulling, tugging, pushing, prodding, demanding, insisting, and above all taking action in different directions. In a nutshell, this is an influence which tends to magnify differences and inspire separations, even declarations of independence (yes).

For interpersonal human relations, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 2016 – 2017 signifies a parting of the ways for those who are not in true spiritual and moral alignment with each other. For American politics, it signifies a period of disruptive actions, unruly personalities, sudden claiming of power by the populace, and breathtaking reactions from all sides. For international relations, it signifies a period of shocking power shifts and newly formed alliances. For spiritual seekers, it signifies a period of rapid expansion of consciousness and potential for cosmic understanding.

In a way, the whole period of late 2016 through 2017 has the flavor of a wild card. In the Tarot deck, The Fool functions as a wild card. One doesn’t know how The Fool or any wild card will behave until the moment it breaks into expression. Wild as it may be, The Fool nevertheless carries profound esoteric significance, emblematic of superior wisdom masquerading in the clothes of the clown. One is given to think of the Court Jester in King Lear by Shakespeare, or Feste in the same bard’s Twelfth Night. Babble these motley fools did, but the seeming bubbling nonsense flowing forth from their word-founts actually contained accurate and insightful observations.

So it is now. The truth will out, as they say, and we are privy to the show. Things will bust out in the most unexpected way. That which has been hidden well and long will burst into view.

“Let us add some fuel to the fire,” said the Gods. “The mere Jupiter-Uranus opposition in early March 2017 is not enough to suit our love of pyrotechnics. Let us throw into the late February – early March mix the following: Mars square Pluto, a solar eclipse, Mars conjunct Uranus, and Mars opposite Jupiter.”

On Earth below, it went like this. Turning from her view of the Olympic heavens, a wise star-gazing earthling faced her wide-eyed companion and said, “Yes, Virginia, it is true. All these dramatic astrological influences will come into play from February 22 through March 2, 2017.”

What a show it will be. Expect the unexpectable. A miracle would fit in here, or probably several. Stay tuned for more details on the Starlight Station.