Motivation Matters – The Week Ahead for June 19 – 25, 2017

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Since late May, pressure from oppositions involving the planet Saturn has exerted a decided squelching effect on drive, motivation, and spontaneity. First it was the Mars-Saturn opposition of May 28 – 29; then the Sun-Saturn opposition on June 15; and finally, the Mercury-Saturn opposition on June 18.

Serious Saturn exudes a noticeably retarding influence, slowing progress to a snail’s pace and exacting maximum effort for every hint of motion, and this is just what we’ve felt. It seemed like we were fighting against an immovable object, a solid wall which refused to budge and hence defeated all our best efforts. With as much Saturn as we’ve had of late, much has come to a dead standstill. Yet the rays of Saturn also work for our good as they wisely require us to deliberate carefully, to examine our motives, and to ground ourselves in accountability. Still, being caught in Saturn’s grip is no party. Indeed, the icy glance of Saturn has in the past few weeks glazed us over with hesitation, reluctance, and delay of rewards. Perhaps that too is a good thing, holding us back from pursuing perilous paths or from wasting energy or resources.

All the same, it’s a necessity of life that we regain our forward momentum. This week promises help in that direction. A sequence of harmonious energies early in the week speeds physical healing and relief for those who need it. A New Moon revitalizes mind and body, and late in the weekend, motivated Mars makes a scrappy square with Jupiter, stirring up the impulse to push ahead. So, if you’ve been feeling laid low or even downright defeated by developments of the last few weeks, take heart, for this week could be your pick-up point.

Let’s see how it works out.

Monday June 19 starts out with the chipper Aries Moon making a string of mentally stimulating aspects. Look for novel points of view to show up and breakthrough realizations to hit the scene between noon and 2 pm CDT when the Moon conjoins Uranus in independent, original Aries. No dull moments here! On top of all this, Venus in comfy Taurus moves into sextile with Neptune in poetic Pisces, and brainy Mercury in Gemini does the same with eclectic Uranus in Aries, conjuring up major magic for social harmony and exciting business opportunities.

Then we’re in for a treat on Tuesday June 20, when the Moon in tony Taurus cozies up with Mars, Neptune, and Venus in a sustained string of good aspects, setting up vibes for pleasant interactions and all things sweet and lovely. Look for the arrival of those rewards you’ve been seeking 5 – 6 pm CDT when the Moon conjoins gracious Venus in Taurus. Eat, drink, and make merry!

Wednesday June 21 takes us into new territory. It’s the day of Summer Solstice, time of maximum power of solar activation in the northern hemisphere. This day, the Sun and Mercury both enter the sign of Cancer and make a conjunction there, setting up conditions for intensive discussions and interactions around the themes of family, home, group, custom, history, and tradition. Mental stress may result, however, from the Sun-Mercury conjunction, which can indicate too much chat, too much information to take in, and the resulting extreme activation and agitation of the mind. Breathe and relax as needed.

After the frenetic high of Wednesday, Thursday June 22 could well see mental and physical energies spiral down to a low spot, for this day represents the absolute end of the present lunar cycle and hence a point at which everything and everybody slows down to a deep rest in the final hours of the old Moon, our monthly collective die-down.

The rebirth is soon to follow, however, for the Moon is new on the Friday, June 23, sparking a renewal of enthusiasm, vitality, and interest in life. The Sun and Moon conjoin at 3 degrees of Cancer at 9:31 pm CDT, speaking directly into the subconscious mind with new images of individual and collective destiny. It’s all good, for on top of this, Venus moves to trine Pluto overnight, spreading a glow of good feelings over Friday and Saturday June 24.

True, but at the same time, here comes rambunctious Mars to stir up the pot. Yes, we’ll be feeling the hot breath of the passionate and insistent war god on Saturday and Sunday, prodding us to action and pushing us right out of the zone of comfortable despondence to which we had become so accustomed under the relentless pressure of Saturn over the last few weeks. No more lying about in bed and privately bemoaning our fate when Mars comes to call! We’ll be up and ready to take a stand for what matters.

In fact, Sunday June 25 promises to be a day of significantly renewed gumption. What was squashed and squelched by Saturn in the last few weeks is likely to spring up as if revived from the dead. Dashed hopes leap back to life. Vital energies return. Make the most of this, but don’t go too far, as impulsive actions can easily invite injury or angry responses this weekend. That said, it’s still a bit of an improvement over the past few weeks, as the seemingly impassable impediments presented by Saturn crumble under the onslaught of positive motivation.

Next week: Mercury and Mars mix it up in a hot-tempered tango midweek.

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