Opportunity Knocks: The Week Ahead for November 6 – 12, 2017

Door Knocker

This week’s energy set-up contains a big boost for anybody looking to market talent, reach out to a wider audience, or step up in the world. The planets Saturn and Uranus arrive at a perfect trine or 120-degree relationship in the zodiac on Saturday, November 11, casting a decided glow of good fortune over this week and the next. As a result, opportunities of many types and stripes will manifest in the first two weeks of November 2017.

One of the benefits to be had during this two-week period is a greater sense of optimism, to be registered by all and any who can open their minds and hearts to the gifts of the Universal Spirit. Such gifts will be palpable in the first two weeks of the current month. By contrast, earlier in 2017 we were greatly influenced and impacted by the exciting but also volatile Jupiter-Uranus opposition. Sudden disruptions and departures thus became the order of the day. That energy is moving behind us now. This week, it’s replaced by the much more serene and cooperative Saturn-Uranus trine. What the locusts of disagreement chewed up and spat out earlier this year will be replaced – in a different form, to be sure, but replaced with an equivalent or greater good, nonetheless.

The Saturn archetype represents the force of time, of tradition, custom, established wisdom, life-experience, tests, challenges, obstacles, losses, protracted effort, sacrifices, accomplishment, achievement, eventual recognition, and finally, completion. Quite by contrast, the Uranus archetype stands for spontaneity, experimentation, new discoveries, intuitive intelligence, innate genius, immediate action, individual self-worth, self-reliance, rejection of repressive norms, fierce independence, and initiation of new trends in society. Thus, the Saturn and Uranus archetypes could hardly be more disparate in their implications.

With these two oppositely-oriented planetary energies coming together this week in the harmonious trine relationship, so also can the previously divided elements of self and society find comity with one another, that productive efforts may go forward. Thus, in the first two weeks of November 2017, in our own lives and in the world at large, we’ll see evidence of rapprochement. The establishment will look more kindly on its variant creative children as a result. Inspired visionaries will get a proper hearing from the rulers of the purse. Previously stodgy types and closed social circles will suddenly realize they have need for the creative stimulation brought to the table by out-of-the-box thinkers.

The Saturn-Uranus trine unites Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, thus bringing together the themes represented by both of these outgoing, confident fire signs. Sagittarius rules and connotes all things pertaining to the higher mind, to education, to expansion of consciousness through religion and philosophy, expansion of perspective through travel, the pursuit of distant horizons, and the exploration of the nature of mind and consciousness itself. Aries rules and connotes all things primary, the head, the brain, the beginning point, everything original, of or pertaining to the First Cause, of new life, of vitality, of energy and enthusiasm, of the will to survive and to thrive. The current trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries compounds all this exciting motivational fire power into one grand elixir of high octane spiritual fuel. It shows us we are greater than we knew, if only we will open our minds.

In fact, the impact of the Saturn-Uranus trine blending Sagittarius and Aries energies has the potential to clearly reveal how the beliefs in our minds (Sagittarius) function as the starting points (Aries) of the conditions we experience in life. In other words, it really is all in our minds, we learn this week, and guess what? The good news is that we have free choice (Uranus) in the matter of what goes into our minds. Therefore, since everything is determined by interior images, we may as well adopt belief systems and cultivate interior images designed to generate the results we truly desire.

If you’ve been needing an epic motivational nudge to power you on your way, this Saturn-Uranus trine would therefore be it.

On the realistic side, it should be said that this week’s Saturn -Uranus trine is not permanent, as no astrological influence is. That’s for sure. But this one is hot for now, and the good vibes thus generated will activate those who embrace the positive potential. Look for the doors of opportunity to swing wide open, as opportunity itself comes a-knocking, seeking entry to our minds and our worlds.

The Moon’s in chatty Gemini on Monday November 6, bringing us in touch with contacts and information we need. The day unfolds without hitch until around 9 pm CST, when the Moon opposes Saturn and slows the pace. Call it a day and give rest to the mind and body.

Tuesday November 7 sees the Moon move into sensitive Cancer, tuning us in on the feeling realm. In addition, Venus enters sentient Scorpio today, deepening psychic contact and bringing hidden issues to our attention. A special healing interval blesses and uplifts around 3 pm CST when the caring Cancer Moon trines Jupiter in magnetic Scorpio. Expect inner demons to melt as they are charmed and sedated into harmless goo.

Quiet bliss extends right in to Wednesday November 8 all the way through 8 am CST, but then the Moon opposes Pluto around 9 am, striking a note of concern. Recovery is not far away, for today and Thursday are helped along by the Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. We find out what we need to know, even if it takes a bit of reaching out to the right connections.

Thursday November 9 warms up as the Moon enters Leo and the Divine Lion lifts our moods. Important communications arrive 4 – 5 pm CST as the encouraging Leo Moon trines Mercury in optimistic Sagittarius.

The Divine Lion continues to light the way on Friday, November 10, as the celestial bodies gear up for a special day tomorrow. The moment of opportunity is coming into view rapidly now.

Saturday brings exactitude of the auspicious trine between Saturn and Uranus. The Moon in fire sign Leo helps matters along, completing a Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus during the wee hours of overnight, filling the period 3 – 4 am CST with promising signs. Just before 11 am CST, the Moon moves into precision-oriented Virgo, bringing our attention to the details of making our high visions un fait accompli. Evening adds to the general upbeat moment, especially around 9 pm CST when the Moon in thoughtful Virgo makes a sextile to Venus in perceptive Scorpio.

On Sunday, November 12, the Moon continues to implement order and organization from Virgo’s logical domain, though we encounter swirling waters just after 7 am CST when the Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, thus dissolving linear intentions for the moment. Emotions rise and fill the view with mist. As a result, we may go in circles for a time, but the evening promises a righting of the psyche when the Moon trines Pluto around 6 pm CST.

Next week: Get ready for Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn.

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