Power Dynamics Erupt – The Week Ahead for July 31 – August 6, 2017

This week features two potent astrological influences which will affect humanity both collectively and individually. Collectively, the results will appear in the fields of global finance, international relations, and national political developments. Individually, the results will show up in the areas of personal power and the making of key decisions.

The big planetary actors this week are Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. Uranus turns stationary direct this week, while Jupiter and Pluto form a precise square. This means that the energies of all three planets will be greatly emphasized and hence plentifully in evidence this week.

Symbolic of the modern era and the rights of the individual person, Uranus is an archetype of rebellion, insistence on personal worth, and sudden departures from repressive norms. Symbolic of all things expansive, inclusive, and far reaching, Jupiter is an archetype of grandiosity, exaggeration, and expansion. Symbolic of powers emanating from hidden realms, Pluto is an archetype of catharsis, upheaval, and often of coercion. As is obvious, when all three of these mighty trend-makers conspire to show up at once, major occurrences result. In addition, this week leads up to Full Moon on the following Monday, adding power and intensity to all developments. All these influences taken together indicate that the week ahead promises surprising and far-reaching events in public and personal space. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday July 31 sees the Moon in secretive Scorpio, but it’s void of course most of the day, making for a relatively inactive interlude. Venus enters patriotic and sometimes defensive Cancer today, bringing in a note of love for home and country. Though events may be relatively quiet, underneath the surface there brews a plan to defend legitimate claims of Cancerian-inspired ownership, whether of country, home, job, or role. Watch out for turf guarding and authority skirmishes, such as the one presently underway between India and China over disputed border territory, or the dog-fight emerging in the Trump White House. Smaller such conflicts may be simmering at home or work. In our own worlds, giving folks as much positive assurance as possible will help prevent the emergence of unfounded fears. Tuesday August 1 sees the Moon move into upbeat but also dare-devil Sagittarius, amping up whatever discussion is on the table. With the Moon in this sign and Jupiter acting powerfully this week, the Jupiterian-Sagittarian trait of exaggerated reaction is apt to come to the fore. Moderation in all things makes more sense, but the wild urges of Sagittarius may get the better of us today unless we remain vigilant. Try not to over-do, go too far, push the envelope, or throw caution to the wind.

Wednesday August 2 brings the Moon in optimistic Sagittarius into harmony with Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter, making for a day of encouraging developments and positive, outgoing sentiment. Yet, all is not calm and peaceful this day, for transiting Uranus in sometimes hostile Aries goes stationary retrograde on the overnight, bringing out confrontational urges. This sets everyone on edge Wednesday August 2 and Thursday August 3, as the most temperamental among us are likely to erupt in fits of Uranus-driven extreme behavior. It’s a good bet that American President Donald Trump and his associates will put on a show to rival any summer fireworks display during this period. In our personal worlds, we are driven by inner urges to radically improve our trajectory in life, even if this means we must strike out on our own. Thursday August 3 continues the Moon in Sagittarius themes of potential over-reactions and oversized gestures. However, the Moon conjoins Saturn during the overnight, making early Thursday a much more serious period. The consequences of taking great risks and liberties comes home to roost, whether for world political figures or for tantrum-throwing extremists closer to home. By 4 pm CDT, the situation will improve when the Moon trines Uranus and channels open for more constructive expression of intense feelings. After 7:30 pm CDT, the mood quiets down as the Moon enters sedate Capricorn, but don’t be fooled that nothing’s happening. Indeed, something important is brewing and bubbling in the political sphere, just around the corner.

Friday August 4 sees the formation of the exact Jupiter-Pluto square, bringing recent personal and political power struggles to a distinct crisis point. The forces of open dialogue and the forces of secrecy collide in a disagreement about everything – right methods as well as the nature of truth. An atmosphere of corruption, collusion, and deception hangs in the air and does not go unnoticed. The world will be saturated with news coverage of deceptive intent and criminal action barely concealed under a fashionable façade. A moment of recognition has arrived in both the collective and personal worlds. Overwhelming evidence speaks volumes. Now is the time to choose what is morally right, whether one is a public leader or a private citizen.

Saturday August 5 sees the Moon in Capricorn conjoin Pluto of hidden governmental matters around 6:30 am CDT, bringing into the news all manner of plots and schemes involving espionage, organized crime, and illicit financial manipulations. The drumbeat continues throughout the day and into Sunday August 6 as well. At home, we are busy trying to craft a constructive arc for our personal story lines to follow. Integrity and corruption diverge like warring siblings intent on separation.

Sunday August 6 sees a welcome change when the Moon enters intellectual Aquarius around 7 am CDT, shifting attention from government scandals to pleasures of the sophisticated mind, such as literature, film, and social events. The Moon is charging toward its full phase, which arrives at 1:11 pm CDT on Monday, August 7, making Sunday the final run-up to lunar intensity for the present lunar cycle. As is always the case with the Full Moon period, there will be emotional extremes and riveting revelations of hidden matters. Expect the lives of world leaders to be harshly lit into full visibility this Full Moon, which emphasizes the leadership signs of Leo and Aquarius. With the Sun in the lordly Lion and the Moon in the democratic sign of Aquarius, the Full Moon tension will highlight the struggle between those who seize power for themselves and those who seek to exert power for the many. A stark contrast is inevitable, pitting the predatory few against the rights of the many.

As the timeline makes clear, this week promises potent developments, especially in the public and political spheres. Wednesday August 2 through Friday August 4 constitutes the critical period, when shocking announcements concerning government officials, financial trends, and improper business practices are sure to grip the media. Yet, the ground is moving and any political leader who refuses to take note will be swept away by powerful collective sentiment.

Next week: Mercury retrograde steals the show.

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