Rainbow After the Storm: The Week Ahead for May 15 – 21, 2017

Rainbow and dark cloud

If last week’s combo of Full Moon in Scorpio and Mars square Neptune created a whirlpool of bewilderment where you were, know you weren’t alone. Seekers all over the globe felt the turbulent emotional and psychic effects of last week’s configuration. In the U.S.A., the drama in the nation’s capital shook many Americans to the core, creating deep concerns and anxieties over the fate of the nation. By contrast, this week is tame, if not downright encouraging, even if all the issues from last week have not yet been securely lain to rest.

Why so? Becoming exact this week is a trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, the resulting spiritual sparks of which are good enough to follow last week’s perfect storm with an honest-to-goodness double-tiered rainbow. Trines are inherently soothing, and this one harmoniously unites the effects of practical Saturn in philosophical Sagittarius with genius Uranus in irrepressible Aries. Coming together in an agreeable way, the energies of these two archetypes promise to create conditions that will allow for and even encourage the attainment of long-held goals, especially if those goals pertain to entrepreneurial projects, travel, education, or metaphysical study. Any plan or activity that hinges on individual initiative, freedom of the mind or spirit, optimistic attitude, the power of promotional efforts, and projection of possibilities into the future stands to thrive during the week of May 15 – 21. Let’s see how it works out.

On Monday, May 15, the Moon moves through somber Capricorn, attuning us to our duties and responsibilities. Dream time will likely set us up well for this encounter with the mundane, bringing us helpful intuitions about how we fit into the overall Divine Plan. Matters intensify, however, 2 – 4 pm CDT, when the Moon conjuncts Pluto and memory takes us down into the underworld where we can view the serious karmic consequences of careless thought and word. We resolve to do better.

Overnight between Monday and Tuesday, May 16, Mercury enters Taurus and pretty well brings to an end the last six weeks of bellicose talk. By some miracle, those who’ve been hurling insults our way find something else important to do; either that, or we have by now figured out how to stay out of harm’s way. One way or another, the animosity level drops down to a manageable dull roar. Even so, temporary disturbances of mood come to call today from early morning to early afternoon CDT when the Moon squares off with Uranus and Mercury, making all restless and some edgy.

A much more pleasant breeze brings us good tidings on Wednesday, May 17. Today the Moon in affable Aquarius relates harmoniously to Venus and Jupiter, known as the lesser and greater benefics in traditional astrology. There’s a reason why they’re so named. It’s because Venus and Jupiter generally pave the way for smoother times. That will be the case today, with opportunities for friendship huddles, love moments, and idealistic connections taking shape noon to 4 pm CDT.

And then it’s Thursday, May 18, when the Saturn-Uranus trine will be strongly in evidence, with us all aglow under the rainbow of positive opportunities coming our way. From just past midnight to 4 pm CDT, milk and honey will likely flow in the land. Be there with your silver loving cup to scoop some up. While you’re sipping, notice over the rim of your erstwhile Holy Grail that the gates of good fortune seem to be swinging wide open. Cherubs may be seen to swoop down from above, tossing rose petals on the deserving and undeserving alike as the double-tiered rainbow emerges from the previously storm-ridden sky. Solutions of all types and kinds are likely to manifest.

On Friday, May 19, the good vibes persist. Adding to the mood of reward and gratification, Venus in Aries moves to oppose Jupiter in Libra, intensifying the theme of abundance -even to excess. With the Moon in watery Pisces and the theme of abundance running rich, everything like the Tarot deck’s promising Ace of Cups turns up. Watch that your cup runneth not over, or if it does, refuse to drink of it any more than you really need. The watchword for the day is “stop when you’ve had enough,” because guess what, there’s more than enough to go around on Friday, May 19. Isn’t that nice, for once? Let it always be so. Seriously, largesse is likely to put in an appearance today. It’s the perfect time to express sincere respect for patrons and donors. In fact, a great lot of effusive gratitude will go a long way toward securing your future today.

Dreamtime between Friday and Saturday, May 20 is blessed with a Moon-Neptune conjunction in visionary Pisces. As a result, dream imagery may speak evocatively to our minds with symbol and sense during the night. Then the day is active, with helter-skelter skittering around 10 am – 2 pm CDT when Moon in aimless Pisces squares Mars in distracted Gemini. Just for fun, the Sun enters Gemini at 3:31 pm CDT, closing out the month of experience under the influence of the solid Bull and opening a new month of experience under the influence of the curiosity-driven Twins. The night brings rest and calm as Moon squares settled Saturn 9 – 11 pm CDT.

A new trend emerges on Sunday, May 21, when the Moon enters pro-active Aries just after 5 am CDT, with no confounding influences in sight. The day is therefore clear for enjoyment of vigorous outdoor activity or for subduing those daunting mental tasks we’ve long been needing to tackle. As the weekend closes, we can look back and know that this week opened the gates for the solutions we’ve been seeking. It’s a grand time to move straight ahead toward important intentions.

Next week: New Moon in Gemini on May 25 sets us up to learn new skills and find fun in the nearby environment.

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