Rising to a Crescendo: The Week Ahead For September 25 – October 1, 2017

Musical Notes

Earthquakes, floods, and inflated bellicose rhetoric spill out of the sky like a self-proliferating pestilence, dominating the news and plaguing the planet of late. What gives? Many wonder aloud if our world is imploding under the twin burden of meteorological extremes and benighted political leadership.

Astrology would suggest differently, but it would also respond that even so, there’s an important influence in the picture with a meaningful message to give. It’s the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, a powerful and somewhat fractious or even explosive planetary aspect which happens once every 14 years, the length of time between successive Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions. That “one time” is a doozie, however, for it typically consists of a period of almost a year’s duration during which giant Jupiter and far-out Uranus appear in diametrical opposition seen from planet Earth. That’s exactly what’s happening now.

The current Jupiter-Uranus opposition first became exact in December 2017, with Jupiter at 21 degrees of Libra and Uranus 21 degrees of Aries. It was next exact in early March 2017, with Jupiter at 22 degrees of Libra and Uranus 22 degrees of Aries. The third and final exact opposition matures this very week, with Jupiter at 27 degrees of Libra and Uranus at 27 degrees of Aries. That means the opposition has been in effect since last December until the present. During the entire period of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, Earth feels strongly the energies symbolized by these two planetary archetypes, the energies symbolized by the opposition aspect, and the energies symbolized by the zodiacal signs in which the two planetary archetypes are placed.

Jupiter stands for and symbolizes all things grand, huge, encompassing, and potentially overwhelming. Uranus stands for and symbolizes sudden developments, shocking departures from the norm, creative energies operating in an unprecedented fashion, and radical accelerations of evolution in consciousness. With these two archetypes arranged in an opposition with Earth in the middle, a considerable tension results. Jupiter symbolically pulls, pushes, and insists from one side; Uranus insists, activates, and agitates from the other. Jupiter advertises Libran social sentiment; Uranus clamors for individual rights. Jupiter postures from the side of might makes right; Uranus champions the value of grass-roots activism in the cause of the people. Jupiter shames in the effort to perpetuate its dominion; Uranus says up-yours with the freedom of those who have nothing to lose. Jupiter wants to bring us all together; Uranus wants no part of it, preferring the outside perspective.

As is clear, this opposition has drawn lines in the sand. We have the people of the world on one side, and the recalcitrant leaders on the other. The people lead with progressive, Uranian realizations, as with environmental initiatives the world around. The invested Jupiterian fat-cats of government and oil resist and opt to persist in their comfort-driven luxurious lives. That’s one way the opposition is in process of manifesting.

Another concerns our own selves and our connections with people, organizations, and situations much closer to home. With the opposition working within us as well as all around us, we want to do a Uranian thing and break free of the repetitive patterns of less than fulfilling lives. We want to do a Jupiterian thing and expand far beyond our present horizons. We want to take Uranian capacity to achieve the astounding and aim for the Jupiterian heights of our imaginations. Nothing wrong with that under the activation in progress!

At the same time, we observe a big drama played out between the principles of Libra, from which Jupiter currently reigns, and Aries, from which untrammeled Uranus currently agitates. Libra is a sign of social norms, of pleasantry, proper forms of address, manners, and polite topics of discussion. Aries is quite the other, blunt and often mercilessly to the point. The tension this week grows between those two poles. We are tasked with finding a way to remain true to ourselves as Uranus in Aries demands, while also honoring our personal and organizational connections, as Jupiter in Libra advises.

In reality, what’s happening is that the tension between Jupiter and Uranus is pulling apart certain previously established alliances. Individuals are breaking away from prior social circles and striking out for unknown futures, but futures in which they feel more free to pursue their true inner objectives. Friendships and acquaintanceships that were only loosely bound are now seeming to self-destruct, as the psyche realizes it is not going to put up with anything less than total relevance just now. This is why that new so-called friend of yours just announced to the contrary.

Thus, we go our own ways, walking with only those few for whom the way is similar just now. Perhaps this is best, as it encourages us to align our social activities and connections with our true inner purposes. In the process, though, see and note that many are the break-ups, break-aways, and declarations of independence just now. This is the psychic weather for the moment, just as it is also the meteorological profile for the moment. Yes, we’ll continue to see extremes of behavior, weather, and tectonic activity for another couple of weeks, spurred by the Jupiter-Uranus activation. But it’s more about breaking out of restrictive patterns than it is about destroying the whole planet. And this week, that message rises to a crescendo. Let’s see how it works out.

The week opens on Monday, September 25 with the waxing Moon in Sagittarius, so we’re chomping at the bit to surge forth like wild horses toward anything perceived as progress, what with the intensity of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition goading us on. But whoa, pony, there’s something else to note. Mercury is square Saturn today, putting the nix on a quick fix or a rush to the finish line. Instead, today we must exercise our patience. Keep working along on important tasks. Persistence wins the day.

Tuesday September 26 sees the waxing Moon still in motion-craving Sagittarius, so here we are still ready to burst out of the starting block to exciting futures. Too much impulse gets in the picture during the overnight, when the Moon squares Mars. Try to be reasonable, especially around 7 pm CDT when the Moon conjuncts serious Saturn. Tasks demand our attention for yet another day.

Wednesday September 27 brings a shift as the Moon enters governmental Capricorn just before 11:30 am CDT. News trends are now gearing up for shocking revelations and announcements today and tomorrow. The Jupiter-Uranus opposition becomes exact just before midnight tonight, so the disruptive and unsettling potential of this combination has reached its proverbial crescendo. Nerves are apt to be on edge, so take it easy with self and others. Emotional tension and raging inner conflicts are likely to affect many, sparking over-reaction, spats, and all-out confrontations. Going to extremes and attempting to do too much at once should be avoided. Instead, in meditation and sacred ritual, concentrate on the positive changes you would like to make in your life and in the world.

Thursday September 28 promises to be a moment of high drama in the world of politics, governance, and business, for power-centric Pluto, which has been retrograde in commercial Capricorn since late April 2017, today makes a direct station, the strongest possible application of planetary energies. Thus, Wednesday with its Jupiter-Uranus opposition and Thursday with its Pluto station constitute the fulcrum of the week, bringing major developments to a high point, a clattering and clamoring crescendo. Indeed, the middle to end of this week proves to be a potent turning point. Look for deep and previously suppressed truths to hit the news waves between noon and midnight CDT on Thursday. Hold steady where you are, though, as you look and learn. Important signs for the road ahead will be given. In our personal lives, we receive a potent impetus to move forward and compelling indications of the right directions to pursue.

Friday September 29 continues the themes of shock waves from yesterday, with added confusion as Venus opposes Neptune this evening, blurring distinctions and making for attempts to gloss over important details. But this won’t work, for the truth was written large on Wednesday and Thursday. Today, the period from 5 pm to 7 pm CDT contains the greatest intensity, for the Moon now waxing in Capricorn squares the existing Jupiter-Uranus opposition, restating the big changes indicated on Wednesday and Thursday just past. We sense important developments for ourselves in our own worlds, closing paths that we will not take and opening doors where we ought to go.

Saturday September 30 sees the waxing Moon move to Aquarius during the overnight, guiding our thoughts to intellectual projects and organizational connections. The day shapes up peacefully and we get along with ourselves and others as the Moon trines Mercury and the Sun, now both in sociable Libra.

Sunday October 1 brings a special treat when Mars in diligent Virgo trines Pluto in practical Capricorn, providing energies for the arrival of positive, workable solutions in all areas of life. Sunday night closes out with a re-assuring sextile from the alert Aquarian Moon to stable, sensible Saturn, giving us rest and clarity for the week ahead, a very welcome psychic respite after the crescendo of emotional and political intensity manifested earlier in the week.

Next week: The Full Moon arrives with a Venus-Mars conjunction in workforce Virgo, sparking romantic and positive cooperative connections on the job and in service-oriented contexts.