Roadblocks Identified and Overcome – The Week Ahead For September 11 – 17, 2017

This week features two noticeable astrological influences, both of which connect directly to the stresses and challenges faced around the world at present.

As regular readers know, the wild weather and tense political rhetoric of the last few weeks have been driven by a combination of factors – retrograde Mercury, retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars, and yes, of course, the recent dramatic eclipse. Fortunately, part of this formula for disruption is transient and already passing out of the picture.

Mercury has turned direct and will by September 22 be well out of the zone of its long-lasting conjunction to Mars, which began in the last few days of August. This long-lasting and contorted Mercury-Mars interaction has been the astrological power behind the recent ugly nuclear warmongering emanated from North Korea and the equally bellicose response of the present American presidential administration. Thank God this influence is temporary; after the present week, its power will dissipate, and then it will disappear entirely by September 22. This change will help these two unruly world leaders consider alternatives to mutual assured destruction.

Meanwhile, this week features two noticeable astrological influences, both of which connect directly to the stresses and challenges faced around the world at present. In the Caribbean, the American West and Southeast, in Mexico, and in Asia, environmental disasters have severely complicated daily life for millions upon millions. Restoring order is the top priority in all these locations. Whether it was hurricane havoc as in Texas, the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S., raging wildfire as in the American West, earthquake as in Mexico, or flooding as in Asia, communities worldwide look longingly toward the time when life returns to normal.

This week, there’s support for the hope that order will be restored to whatever our recent messes, weather related or not, but only after the nature of the challenges and roadblocks to progress has been clearly identified. Midweek brings the necessary clarity about the main delays and complications when the Virgo Sun squares Saturn in Sagittarius, starkly defining impediments to transportation and shipping. Then, by the weekend, yet another Mercury-Mars conjunction takes over. This time, Mercury is direct. The resulting energies will help speed matters toward practical solutions. Rapidly receding flood waters will aid in restoring normal city operations in many locations, and other positive responses will fall into place. A sense of progress will prevail by the end of the coming weekend, even if some of it is based on makeshift arrangements and tempers are still on edge. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday September 11 brings nothing into focus until later in the day, when the Moon enters Gemini just before 2:30 pm CDT. Then, the pace picks up as the Moon squares the existing Mercury-Mars conjunction from 4 pm to 11 pm CDT, so take it easy in dealing with other people, equipment, and yourself. Greater physical energy will be available, but try not to let it push you toward impulsive, rash, or rushed actions. Judgment may be off or blurred late tonight when the Moon squares Neptune just before midnight CDT.

Tuesday September 12 ushers in a definite calming vibration when Venus in Leo trines Saturn in Sagittarius and makes it possible for transportation corridors to resume at least a modicum of normal flow.

Wednesday September 13, however, brings all the problems to the surface with the Sun in Virgo square to Saturn in Sagittarius, making everyone aware of the main impediments to progress, whatever the situation. Spirits may be blue and downcast today, especially near 10 pm CDT when the Sun-Saturn square is exact. Stay focused on positive thoughts as best you can at this time. What can we learn at this time? Practicality and patience, that’s what.

Thursday September 14 sees the Sun-Saturn square still hanging in the air around us, making us face up to the main blockages to  progress standing in our ways. The Moon’s in homey Cancer today, directing attention to personal and family living spaces and the needed clean-up efforts there. The task is daunting for many.

Friday September 15 brings an encouraging sextile between Venus and Jupiter, suggesting that indeed there are signs of hope and happiness taking shape.

Saturday September 16 is all abuzz with the Mercury-Mars conjunction. Busy activity all around will vigorously go to work moving and dealing with debris and damage. Sudden improvements will appear, but all workers should be extremely cautious as the Mercury-Mars combination can also bring sudden movements of materials, causing dangerous situations. Much travel on roads and highways will be seen, so caution in driving is in order as well.

Sunday September 17 finally sees a day of real peace, with the Moon in cheerful Leo making lots of happy aspects, especially to Venus around 7:30 pm CDT. The weekend closes out with that relaxed block-party feeling, and guess what, this time there’s really something to celebrate!

Next week: New Moon gives us another chance to pick up and start all over again.

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