Smooth Sailing: The Week Ahead for October 23 – 29, 2017

Row boat on calm waters

It seems almost too good to be true, but yes, you read that correctly. This week, there’s a marked absence of astrological turbulence. Instead, what we have this week is an interval largely free of major obstacles, a mostly pleasant stretch in which to apply ourselves to the pursuits which beckon our souls. It’s a blessed moment, for sure, well-deserved the world around, when peace and healing become possible. For those who’ve been in tribulation and discomfort, this week can truly bring the beginnings of relief.

The main astrological actors for the week work their magic by harmonious celestial geometry. Mercury matches up with Neptune in a spiritual and romantic trine, then with Pluto in an encouraging sextile, and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio to fill the week with good vibes. On top of all that, the Moon’s in waxing phase, spurring forward motion and adding a zip to our efforts. As a result, solutions of all manner will manifest this week. Troubled relationships will find a better foundation for understanding, needed services will appear, and opportunities for gainful endeavor will show up right on time. There’s one little ripple toward the end of the week when Venus squares Pluto, but even this potential for socially awkward moments doesn’t go too far. All in all, it’s a week to surge ahead by emphasizing commonalities and making the most of congenial connections. We’ll find a more relaxed atmosphere to greet us throughout most of the week, making for a magnificent window of opportunity to do those things which ought to be done and to move our priority objectives forward.

Monday October 23 has the waxing Moon in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius bringing us good news all around. The Sun is now in Scorpio, moving thoughts and attention to the deeper levels of perception. Mercury trine Neptune comes into effect today and tomorrow, connecting us with needed insights and settling the mental atmosphere in a pleasant sense of cosmic order.

Tuesday October 24 starts out with the Moon conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius just before 7 am CDT, focusing our awareness on responsibilities in the areas of education, travel, and sports. The clarity is a good thing. We feel Mercury trine Neptune all day, making for decreased levels of anxiety and greater levels of trust and faith. Ride those sweet vibes all day, if possible. However, the Moon enters serious Capricorn just after 7 pm CDT and then squares Mars just after 10 pm CDT, so give others wide berth if temporary irritations flare.

Wednesday October 25 restores serenity with a sequence of harmonious lunar aspects spanning the entire day. This and the forming Sun-Jupiter conjunction suggest that now is the time to seek those favors and advantages you’ve needed. Gentle ways will make for much progress this day.

Thursday October 26 sees a couple of powerful influences in the form of the Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn and the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, both exact today. Both Capricorn and Scorpio are hard-nosed business signs, very capable in their analytical abilities when it comes to financial matters. As a result, today’s vibe moves decidedly in that direction, with much-needed information coming to the surface. Don’t be frightened of facts and details today. An important truth is emerging, and it’s something that will empower you to find your fortune, whether in the form of better record-keeping or increased return on investment.

Friday October 27 brings that Venus-Pluto square into focus, slowing down the love party of the earlier part of the week, but not quite doing it in, either. Yes, today calls for an extra measure of diplomacy, that’s for sure, but it’s likely to all turn out well under the Mercury-Pluto sextile exact late tonight. The Moon’s in Aquarius throughout the business day, making for an objective attitude which can help offset the ruffled feelings under the Venus-Pluto square.

Saturday October 28 sees the Moon continuing in the social but detached sign of Aquarius, providing an aloof viewpoint which prevents personal emotions from growing too insistent. This unemotional Aquarian Moon trines Venus in aesthetic Libra around 8 pm CDT, making for an intellectual moment of perspective and clarity, serving to brush off any unruly emotions seeking redress from the happenings of yesterday under the Venus-Pluto square.

Sunday October 29 again lifts us beyond small personal slights with the broad-minded Aquarian Moon sextile stable Saturn around 8 am CDT and then sextile inventive Uranus just after 11 am CDT. Our minds will be expanded beyond the little hurts of Friday and we will see our ways well beyond to bigger fields of endeavor.

Next week: Full Moon and Venus opposite Uranus bring emotional and creative intensity on the weekend.

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