The Clouded Sky Begins to Clear – The Week Ahead for September 4 – September 10, 2017

At last! An end to the murky mental clouds of retrograde Mercury.

How do you spell relief? Mercury direct, that’s how! And guess what? This week we get some – relief, that is. On Tuesday, September 5 at 6:30 am CDT, the murky clouds of retrograde Mercury begin to clear when the winged planet makes a station and turns direct. As a result, foul-ups in travel, transportation, and planning which have complicated the picture since August 12 will begin to fade out of their front-and-center positions.

But that’s not all. Since the recent retrograde period affected primarily the sign of Virgo, health and employment matters have been complicated and slowed down over the last three weeks. On September 5, confusions and dead-ends in medical diagnosis and healing treatments will therefore begin to lose their grips on our minds and situations, and methods for the restoration of health and wellness will move ahead in a more obviously straightforward fashion. Likewise with employment matters; those who’ve been waiting to hear back on job applications will finally receive their responses. Mercury direct will even help speed along the clean-up efforts in Texas and Asia where catastrophic floods have recently wrought havoc.

When we look at some of the developments affecting Earth and its peoples over the last three weeks of retrograde Mercury influence, it gets difficult to shrug off the effects of retro Mercury with a laugh. As everyone has had the opportunity to see, retrograde Mercury periods can correlate to and contribute to damaging weather conditions, unexpected developments, and crossed-up communications. This is why it is best not to plan trips, important events, changes of technology, and public announcements for this period. Mercury is retrograde three times per year. It’s worth finding out when these periods take place and adapting your schedule accordingly. Now for the week upcoming.

Monday September 4 opens the week with the waxing Moon in friendly Aquarius, with a string of harmonious lunar aspects creating a largely pleasant atmosphere. Today and tomorrow, however, the Sun in exacting Virgo is opposite Neptune in indistinct Pisces, inviting a thoughtful mystical turn to our thinking and feeling which can’t be satisfied with facts alone. There’s a craving for something greater, something elusive, seemingly just beyond our grasp. It’s likely to be one of those moments when it’s darkest right before the dawn. Uncertainties of an emotional nature or conundrums concerning health and employment may make themselves evident today, right before the solutions begin to appear early tomorrow with Mercury direct.

Tuesday September 5 brings two big astrological shifts. First Mars enters Virgo just past 4:30 am CDT, and then Mercury goes direct at 6:30 am CDT. Thus, early in the day in the U.S., these changes will start to show up in our thoughts, words, and experiences. Mars in Virgo directs us to pursue practical actions with precision and attention to detail. Mercury direct clears away the mists of indecision and uncertainty which have clouded our mental skies since mid-August. Suddenly we begin to get a fix on the direction in which true progress lies. This is good for those who’ve been going in circles lately! And to top it off, the Moon moves into Pisces and arrives at its full phase, bringing the clarity associated with an abundance of moonlight, both literally and metaphorically.

Wednesday September 6 at 2:03 am ushers in the Full Moon, with the Sun at 14 Virgo and the Moon at 14 Pisces. Persons with significant chart factors in mid-mutables will register this one! Psychic and spiritual guidance will abound for all, especially for those who can walk very wide of inebriants and psychoactive drugs. The spirit will be speaking during the overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, so let us harken to our dreams and intuitions. Answers may come in the form of symbolic scenes and images of an exotic, Neptunian nature.

Thursday September 7 sees the Moon enter resilient, active Aries, providing energy for vigorous tasks and for outdoors activities. An absence of troubled indicators says you can go for it as long as you use reason and moderation.

Friday September 8 opens the weekend still in fine form from the upbeat Aries Moon. Most of the day rocks, except for noon to 1 pm CDT, when the Moon squares ponderous Pluto and hopes may seem momentarily dashed. However recovery and genuine rebound arrive soon, for the Sun in health-conscious Virgo trines regenerative Pluto today and tomorrow, auguring fine results for those who stick close to principles of natural healing.

Saturday September 9 opens with a bit of a surprise when the Moon still in spikey Aries makes a conjunction to Uranus just before 8 am CDT. Then the remainder of the day carries out the theme of good results which began earlier this week. The Moon moves into calming Taurus shortly before noon CDT, and then the day is helped along by a sequence of happy lunar aspects signaling that productive efforts work out well.

Sunday September 10 keeps the glow going, with the Taurus Moon making harmony with Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun from 8 am through 7 pm CDT.

In sum, this week promises balm for those who’ve battled distressing and painful conditions over the previous three weeks. The clouded skies of the last three weeks begin to clear; we can see the way ahead. Order in all things begins to be restored.

Next week: Direct Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo on the weekend rockets us forward in our goals for organization, wellness, and employment.