The Power of No: The Week Ahead for May 22 – 28, 2017

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The slamming door of termination and rejection: almost no one likes it. Yet, if what awaits on the other side of that closed door is a terrifying plunge through an endless abyss, perhaps its best the universe nail that door shut and refuse to let us proceed. In other words, sometimes the word “no” amounts to protection. Other times, we wonder.

This week, we’ll have an opportunity to contemplate that very issue as Mars moves to oppose Saturn, indicating road blocks ahead, and we see one door close before another actually opens. The big action transpires from midweek onward, making Wednesday through Sunday the interval to watch. During that period, three significant influences will shape up: Venus square Pluto, the New Moon, and Mars opposite Saturn. Two of these influences are likely to kick up a good bit of social disturbance and dashed hopes at home and abroad. Let’s see how it works out.

As the week opens, the Sun shall have moved into the zodiacal sign of Gemini, the Twins. Gemini is known for its emphasis on talkative interactions with others and for its natural curiosity. The drive to gather information is strong under this sign, providing an inquisitive background note to all that transpires for the next month.

On Monday, May 22, the Moon moves through motivated Aries, giving us some get up and go. That’s fun, but big governmental and regulatory annoyances seem to block the road 1 – 3 pm CDT. Forward motion comes back into gear shortly thereafter, boosting us toward accomplishments through the wee hours of the overnight.

Tuesday, May 23 sees the Moon move into more sedate Taurus, setting up a pleasant mood which will last well into Wednesday, May 24. However, later in the day on Wednesday, May 24, ruffled feelings enter the picture as the Venus-Pluto square becomes palpable. Social missteps and bad manners are likely to create significant disaffinities at this time. It’s troublesome as the New Moon happens on the same day, intensifying inward states of mind. Exercising utmost care in social relations and the use of the spoken and written word is important today, no matter the context. Words indeed are the issue, as the New Moon takes place at 5 degrees of Mercurial Gemini, the sign which rules methods of communication. Combined with the unpleasantness which can easily result from the Venus-Pluto square, it all mounts up to the need to make sure that bad impressions are not left behind through careless use of language.

However, the real trend-maker for the week is considerably larger than the Venus-Pluto put-down in midweek. Here comes pushy, insistent Mars opposite stern, unyielding Saturn, affecting a long week centered on the overnight between Sunday, May 28 and Monday, May 29. Thus, from approximately Wednesday, May 24 through Thursday, June 1, a confrontation between the astrological principles of go and stop will play out. Mars is go; Saturn stop. Mars is competitive individual drive; Saturn the rules by which the game is played. Mars is immediate and unrestrained; Saturn is long-term and considered. Mars is me and my survival; Saturn is us and the law of the land. Mars is hot, impatient, demanding desire; Saturn is cool, delayed, detached deliberation. These two principles will back off and lock horns right across the zodiac, with Mars at 26 degrees of Gemini and Saturn at 26 degrees of Sagittarius, making for many scenarios throughout the world in which individuals encounter delays, setbacks, and considerable obstacles.

The Mars-Saturn opposition of late May and early June of 2017 will without a doubt affect world events as well as individuals. Investment markets are likely to be in a retraction or contraction phase, with prices and demand dropping dramatically. World leaders are likely to be at odds with one another, taking staunch positions in defiance of one another. Many projects and efforts will arrive at a point of seeming failure. It looks perfectly grim, but it’s not permanent.

What does the Mars-Saturn opposition of late May and early June 2017 signify? True, it will close doors which lead to courses of action we ought not to take in any case. This Mars-Saturn collision puts us in a mind to stop doing that which is not to our ultimate good, that’s what. It tells us where trouble lies and how we can avoid it by simply not going there. The word “no” at last comes presciently to mind. Here’s a period of time in which the creative use of that little two-letter meme will rise to high relevance. Sometimes terminating a situation is the best thing for all involved. Other times, it just hurts. In any case, the business of setting boundaries, saying no, and being firm is the energy settling over a good few days. We may as well be mentally ready for this and for the delays inevitable with this much Saturn power headed our way. Patience will be the key to getting through this period gracefully.

And sure enough, life will go on. Friday May 26, provides opportunities for learning while the Moon sails through intellectual Gemini, but watch out for potential word wars between 8 pm and midnight CDT when the Moon gets right into the Mars-Saturn opposition.

Saturday, May 27 sees the Moon enter sensitive Cancer, drawing attention to the inner psychological world. Fun and emotional solace shape up despite the Mars-Saturn face-off, with Mercury making a sextile to nebulous Neptune during the overnight between Saturday and Sunday, erasing differences and lifting us to quiet goodness for a nice respite.

Sunday is to watch, all the same, for the Moon will revisit the Venus-Pluto square of earlier in the week, opposing Pluto and squaring Venus from noon to 7 pm CDT. Take care not to step on emotional toes during that period of potential for hurt feelings.

All in all, this is a week which says that recent big challenges in personal and public space are not all conveniently done and over with. To the contrary, there are indications of large continuing concerns and abundant suggestions that individual positions may become hardened and etched deeper into mind. Hard attitudes and strict application of laws and principles will draw lines in the sand. This week, we can therefore rightly expect to see the issues at hand in international and personal relations defined in crystal-clear terms as doors close and the word “no” gets spoken. As brutal as that may be, it is sure to bring clarity.

Next week: In spite of the disappointments of late May, other doors of opportunity open in new directions as Mars interacts harmoniously with Uranus.

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