The Power of Pluto – The Week Ahead for June 26 – July 2, 2017

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Remember the Greek myth of Pluto? Pluto’s the powerful god of the underworld who rose up through a suddenly formed chasm, snatched Demeter’s fetching daughter Persephone from the face of the earth, and absconded with his prize to the interior of the earth on his famed golden chariot.

Hades as the land of the dead constituted Pluto’s realm of rulership, itself inhabited by shades and ghosts of persons both long ago and more recently deceased. Just as Pluto’s kingdom was renowned for its guarded seclusion and coveted for its secret buried wealth, Pluto’s power was feared and respected by all. Even so, the chthonic god’s brazen act of machismo set not well with maternal grain goddess Demeter. Not one to be outclassed by even the Lord of Death himself, the Harvest Lady pitched a fit by withdrawing her verdure from the Earth, immediately causing a massive famine. Ultimately, Zeus saw it all. Unwilling to sit idly by and allow Humanity to suffer such a fate, great Zeus from on high intervened and negotiated a truce between passionate Pluto on one hand and demure Demeter on the other; Persephone would spend part of the year with each, begetting winter during Persephone’s underworld sojourn and the growing season during her time with her agricultural mother on the surface of the Earth.

Western art and literature are rife with images of the central image of the myth – the abduction of Persephone, the comely maiden overpowered by muscle-bound Pluto and his inexorable might. Some art of this myth even depicts the realm of the shades to which Pluto bore his unwilling quarry. There the souls of the deceased work out the troubles of their souls before being recycled into earthly existence.

This image of the underworld as a place of deathly terror and yet of psychological detoxification presents an enigmatic spectacle, posing many a question about the unknown realm of the dead and mysterious powers operating beyond the human will. The entire Pluto myth has as a result cast a cloak of fascination over generations of readers. In western astrology, the Pluto symbol is accordingly complex, symbolizing both the potential for death, decay, lawlessness, and corruption on one hand, and for regeneration, rebirth, and resurrection on the other.

Guess who comes to call this week? Of course, it’s surreptitious Pluto, summoned from his subterranean haunt into the light of day by an opposition from two other Olympian players – wordy Mercury and contentious Mars. These two archetypes will face off with inscrutable Pluto throughout the week of June 26 – July 2 as transiting Mercury and Mars in the sign of Cancer merge their powers in a conjunction at the 16th degree of Cancer and subsequently make individual oppositions to Pluto, now positioned in the 18th degree of Capricorn. It’s a set-up for dramatic revelations of underworld activity, a war of words about things previously kept secret, and a duel between the archetypes of direct confrontation on one hand and veiled obscurantism on the other, to say the very least. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday June 26 starts the week on a nice note. The Moon, now waxing, moves through dynamic Leo, turning thoughts to creative self-expression, romance, and recreation. To boot, Mars in sensitive Cancer trines Neptune in empathic Pisces, generating a wave of kindly actions and euphoric feelings, with plenty enough to go around.

The pace quickens on Tuesday, June 27, when Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra, multiplying social connections and pointing in all directions at once. A moment’s reflection will set things straight, however, as the Moon trines both Saturn and Uranus throughout the day. Early evening CDT brings meaningful intuitions as Mercury trines Neptune. Listen in for guidance now, for it will come in handy later this week.

Wednesday June 28 is a different animal altogether. Mercury and Mars form a conjunction at 16 degrees Cancer, sparking volatile discussions, controversy, and even confrontations. Here is a day to carefully avoid crowded venues and to stay out of high stress situations, if at all possible. On the road, it will be wise to use an extra measure of caution and to allow plenty of room for other drivers to correct any mistakes they might make. Road rage may well flare up today, so stay cool and avoid interacting with those who might be looking for a fight. In world events, angry accusations are likely to swirl, especially around recently troubled situations concerning the daily lives of the people and leadership figures who have been less than forthcoming of late. Riled up citizens are likely to demand response. Heated exchanges can erupt in a flash; remain mindful wherever you may be.

The atmosphere cools off a smidge on Thursday, June 29, but still there remains tension in the air. Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn, sign of government, corporate business, and mercenary powers. Information about previously hidden matters is sure to spill out, showing prominent government figures bending the law if not playing footsie with organized crime. At the same time, those of an honest turn of mind find deeper truths that hark back to ancient times and perennial sources of power and understanding.

Friday, June 30 looks tame by comparison to mid-week, with the waxing moon sailing through even-handed Libra most of the day. Overnight, the Moon joins Jupiter in Libra, intensifying themes of fairness, equity, and shared responsibilities into Saturday, July 1. Struggles to bring that ideal into manifestation unfold throughout Saturday, July 1, when personal relations may be under strain from outbursts which occurred on Wednesday. Moods may be uncomfortable 11 am to 9 pm CDT on Saturday, for the Moon in social Libra runs into major trouble when it squares Mars, Pluto, and Mercury, stirring up all the ill-will which surfaced earlier in the week. Yet the real power driving events late this week and into the weekend comes into focus on the overnight between Saturday and Sunday, just before 7 am CDT on Sunday, July 2. That’s when Mars opposes Pluto, a tense configuration if ever there was one. It’s a case of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object, generally not a good scenario. Mars is action and Pluto is extreme danger in some cases. When these two powers butt heads in an opposition arrangement, anything can happen. Thus, it makes sense to exercise maximum caution in all things this weekend. Stay out of crowd circumstances and avoid risky summertime adventures. Now is not the moment to tempt fate. Instead, use the energies of Mars and Pluto in combination to do routine domestic tasks that don’t involve handling dangerous power equipment or caustic fluids. Keep it simple and safe and proceed without haste, and this period can work out nicely.

All the same, this weekend packs a real punch of powerful Pluto energies likely to plunge attention into the depths of the soul. Just as Pluto in the ancient myth snatched Persephone and dragged her down to Hades, so also this weekend are we gripped by profundities requiring our attention. What grips us is a contest between Mars and Pluto, conscious intention on the Mars side and subconscious drive on the Pluto. Deep resentments, old psychological injuries, and all manner of toxic brew may bubble up, all this business threatening to thwart our present day conscious intentions. It’s up to us to decide which it will be – toxic residue or positive cathartic action.

It’s not an easy passage, but it’s one that just might yield potent insights for the spiritually hardy.

Next week: There’s a Full Moon on the rise!

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