Thirst for Power and Superiority – The Week Ahead for March 27 – April 2, 2017

Statues of two stern men

The big news for this week is Jupiter in legislative Libra square to Pluto in bureaucratic Capricorn. Exact on Thursday, March 30, this configuration is strong enough to affect a period at least two weeks before and after the precise square. That means we’ve been living inside the Jupiter-Pluto square already for at least two weeks and have at least another two weeks to go.

Jupiter square Pluto intensifies power struggles. It also sets the stage for the abuse of power and for underhanded political tactics. One hardly need say more, with the U.S. president clearly embroiled in an attempt to look like he’s in command of his congressional squadrons when in fact, he really isn’t. Of course, other governments and other countries are affected as well, but since most of my readers are centrally concerned with U.S. politics, I’ll comment accordingly.

This week, expect a continuation of the charade seen last week, in which the American president loudly trumpeted his cocksure belief in his Midas touch. According to him, all he need do is blow hard, so to speak, and all walls come tumbling down. Funny thing, though. The most shrill, piercing note he could manage failed to obtain the desired result. Thus, more preposterous posturing is sure to follow under the beams of Jupiter square Pluto, which inflates all claims of superior political muscle. At the same time, Jupiter square Pluto exact on Thursday is likely to bring to a point of crisis the ongoing discussion about Trump’s campaign infiltration by foreign skullduggery. The plot is likely to thicken to the consistency of a sticky smudge made of ten parts incriminating implications to every one part exoneration. Trump and his minions will continue their comic tug of war with congressional Republicans, while attempting to transfer responsibility for their own clumsy, abrasive behavior to the other side of the aisle.

The regular people (that’s us) have it going on, too. What do we see in our own worlds? We see individuals jockeying for power and influence, puffing up their chests and taking the position of infallible authority when they ought not. We see dishonesty and negligent disregard written large around us. Look, listen, and learn. True character is likely to be on display. Whereas it will be fairly visible this week, in times ahead it may more submerged. In fact, many matters usually hidden will be brought out in dramatic display this week. Therefore, take heed while information presents itself.

Yet, all is not grim. Not at all. Here we have a week in which we can make meaningful progress in several areas. Here’s why.

The week starts off with a lovely sextile between transiting Mars in placid Taurus and Neptune in peaceful Pisces, thus softening the hard impacts which inevitably arose during the revisit of Mercury to the nerve-jangling Jupiter-Uranus opposition this past weekend. Hard words were said, and even meaner words were thought, and guess what? We felt it. Monday will bring opportunities for ragged emotions to be smoothed over; the rough edges of this past weekend’s behavior may be blurred slightly so as to prick the sensitive skin of the soul less sharply. Our attention moves elsewhere, into pleasant realms of romance, creativity, and spirituality. Yep, that’s on Monday.

Then the New Moon brings in a new life wave just before 11 pm CDT on Monday, perking us up and restoring life where there was but befuddled fatigue only yesterday. Mental Mercury in acute Aries trines up with sagacious Saturn in Sagittarius on Wednesday, cinching deals and making our ways straight and plain, at least for a while. Friday through the weekend brings the Moon in jumping-jeepers Gemini, so we’re all keyed-up and ready to take on various adventures through midday Sunday. Then the Moon enters homey Cancer and Venus enters gentle Pisces, opening the door for greater interpersonal understanding during the next week.

So that’s it. Stay on the alert for the secrets and potentially subversive, underhanded tactics of Jupiter square Pluto, under the influence of which all may not be as it seems. Otherwise, the charm of life still wreathes about us like the balm of fragrant flowers. We pass through the valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil, for the spirit of goodness prevails.