Titans Clash: The Week Ahead for November 13 – 19, 2017

Large red planet and trail

This week the big newsmaker is a square between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, exact on Sunday, November 19.

A powerful astrological activation, the Mars-Pluto square takes place at 18 degrees of Libra/Capricorn and will affect world events and our personal experiences for approximately a week before and after the date of exactitude. The potentially irritating effects will be mild at the beginning of this week and the end of the next, but strong for about six days centered on the exact aspect. This means that the potentially disruptive effects of the Mars-Pluto square will be much in evidence from Thursday, November 16 through Wednesday, November 22.

While the Mars-Pluto square is at its peak of strength, the personal interests symbolized by Mars come into conflict with the collective interests symbolized by Pluto. That spells frustration in some cases, open resentment or rebellion in others. In the U.S. the period of the Mars-Pluto square runs concurrent with the ramp-up to Thanksgiving, for many people a hectic time of rushed schedules, travel, crowding, and inner tensions generated by subsurface family dynamics. This year, the pre-Thanksgiving period is thus complicated by the astrological situation. A good strategy for managing the potential friction from the Mars-Pluto square is to simplify all plans and look for the least pressured way to give thanks and honor what matters.

Even so, it’s no easy passage, this upcoming Mars-Pluto interaction. That’s because it will bring into sharp focus the implications of Pluto in Capricorn, a long-term influence running from 2008 through 2024. During these approximately 16 years, the presence of Pluto in Capricorn serves to bring attention and emphasis to the financial and governmental themes related to this sign. A cardinal earth sign ruled by somber Saturn and fundamentally connected with lasting values, tradition, duties, obligations, and responsibilities, Capricorn connotes caution, prudence, and the drive to attain material security. Pluto in this sign sounds a consistent background note reminding groups and individuals about the ever-present governmental interaction with a nation’s money, an unrelenting message from 2008 through 2024.

Powerful Pluto’s position in materially-minded Capricorn will be fussed up, however, by challenger Mars, who pokes at stolid Pluto this week from the launching pad of Libra. A cardinal air sign ruled by social Venus and fundamentally connected with human community, sharing, reciprocity, and equality, Libra connotes the need for interaction, interdependency, teamwork, cooperation, and the holding of high ideals for a just and fair world. All the Libra themes get jazzed up and emphasized by flashpoint Mars acting in this sign from October 22 through December 8. These Libra themes will be particularly in action this week when Mars in this sign makes the exact square with Pluto.

The similarities and differences between Libra and Capricorn will thus be highlighted this week. Both cardinal signs, Libra and Capricorn leap to the driver’s seat whenever opportunity presents itself. Both are therefore signs of leadership. Thus, this week’s events will concern leadership – political, commercial, community, and family. A drama will play out, however, between two different forms of leadership – one based on authority as with Capricorn, and the other based on the collaboration of the people, as with Libra. Tension and conflict galore will hit the news headlines as the two different approaches represented by Libra and Capricorn are played out.

In addition, the personalities of bellicose Mars and reclusive Pluto will be outted for all to see in the doings of the week ahead. Mars connotes personal initiative and sometimes aggressive contentiousness. Pluto is never so bold. It works quietly undercover to achieve its aims by stealth. Thus, the straightforward approach and the indirect approach duke it out this week.

Who wins? That’s for us to determine, each in our own places. For starters, we must listen to all the archetypes involved to understand their messages. That means we need to attune to Mars, Pluto, Libra, and Capricorn, and make our choices accordingly. It’s a full plate of thought-food, for sure. To help you sort it all out, here’s some help.

• Confidence, self-assertion, aggression, ambition
• sexuality, desire, impulse
• energy, strength,
• muscular exertion, sports, competitions, potential for injury

• psychological death and rebirth
• continuity of psychic life beyond the grave
• destruction, collapse, implosion, resurrection, renewal
• buried materials, processes of digging up, excavating
• power, personal mastery
• big business, wealth, surgery, detective work

• deliberation, indecision, vacillation
• neutrality, impartiality, objectivity,
• serenity, composure
• conciliation, negotiation, conflict management
• matchmaking, networking, deal-making
• popularity, appeal, attractiveness
• ingratiation, superficiality, favoritism, sycophantism

• responsibility, reliability
• durability, practicality
• prudence, caution, conservation, preservation
• materialism, sensuality, physicality
• ambition, status, elegance, wealth
• strategy, structure, perfection
• authority, discipline, government

Which will you choose to represent your interests of the moment? It’s up to each of us to make choices in line with our true inner spiritual objectives.

Monday November 13 opens the week on an emotionally potent and poignant note, as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in sensitive Scorpio and Mercury in Sagittarius squares nebulous Neptune in Pisces. Emotions may cloud thinking, as may mysterious psychic impressions. Let the mists clear before making any final judgements. The Moon enters Libra just before 5:30 pm CST, helping to clear the air and re-establish objectivity.

Tuesday November 14 sees greater mental clarity as the Moon in intellectual and sometimes argumentative Libra moves to sextile Mercury and conjunct Mars from 5 to 9 pm CST. Watch out for sudden overreactions, however, as a result of the Moon-Mars convergence in the evening. Tempers may flare and arguments abound.

Wednesday November 15 brings yet another invitation to join the upset party with the Moon square Pluto and opposite Uranus. Stay focused on the right course and refuse to let the disturbances of the day disrupt your better intentions. Around 7 pm CST, mind and emotions synchronize for success when the Moon makes a sextile to Saturn.

Thursday November 16 arrives bearing gifts. The Moon will enter prescient Scorpio and conjunct Jupiter, while Venus (also now in Scorpio) makes a soothing trine to Neptune in Pisces. As a result, hoped-for developments finally make their appearances, and a meaningful degree of relief comes right along with that.

Friday November 17 carries the theme of pleasant developments right up through the noon hour CST, with a Mercury-Mars sextile in the mix to help with managing pre-Thanksgiving travel and other holiday plans. Look for positive solutions for seasonal tensions around noon CST. After that, old Moon in its last few hours brings fatigue. Time for an early tuck-in. Listen to positive hypnosis tapes and prepare for the new lunar cycle, beginning tomorrow.

Saturday November 18 serves up the New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio, which occurs at 5:42 am CST. Thus, we get a shot of much needed psychic renewal today and feel like we’ve perhaps risen from the dead to conquer worlds yet again. But, the Mars-Pluto square is still with us, cranking up to maximum power on the overnight, so take it easy please.

Sunday November 19 sees the exact Mars-Pluto square, precise at 6:11 am CST. Then the Moon squares Neptune just before noon CST, making this a day of jumbled thoughts and intense feelings, not to mention risk of public danger. Today, it’s best to pursue quiet inner work in a protected environment. Used that way, the energies of the Mars-Pluto square can do much good for personal psychic purification, purging emotional toxins, letting go, and disconnecting from unproductive thoughts and interactions.

Next week: Finishing up with Mars-Pluto emotional discomforts and moving on.

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