Truth will out – The Week Ahead for April 3 – 9, 2017

Sign pointing to truth

Is anybody out there still reeling from the effects of last week’s Jupiter-Pluto square? Exact on March 30, the Jupiter-Pluto square operated from 19 degrees Libra to 19 degrees Capricorn.

It’s a relatively powerful configuration affecting perceptions, actions, and events throughout the world for at least two weeks before and two weeks after the exact square, with the peak of influence taking place right on the exactitude. Again, the date was Thursday, March 30, 2017.

One of the primary effects of the Jupiter-Pluto square seems to have been the erosion of trust and credibility, whether we’re talking U.S. government figures or garden-variety human relations. The shadow side of everything seemed to have been intensified. Suspicion and accusation proliferated like mosquitoes breeding in stagnant summer waters. Perhaps this is a necessary phase of truth revelation. In fact, it seems that the Jupiter-Pluto has amped up suspicion and distrust precisely because there’s actually something of a very troubling nature lurking just under the surface.

In the U.S., the troubling something is the emerging story of Russia’s interference in and manipulation of the recent American presidential election. Like a slime-covered monster rising slowly from the depths, the intrigue and facts around the Russian incursion and its involvement with the Trump presidential campaign have inched into view. Last week, the looming specter of impropriety became so grim that the political divisiveness which all too frequently stymies Congressional procedures dropped stone-cold dead as Republican and Democratic senators alike worked their Adam’s Apples mightily while grokking the full implications of straight-on testimony from National Security officials. The dark side promised by Pluto did not disappoint. There was more than enough to worry everyone as the process pointed unfailingly to corruption at the highest levels of present U.S. executive leadership.

So, it’s a little on the challenging side to be entirely unaffected by this, given it impugns the integrity of the leadership of the major nuclear power in the world. Make that a smudge on the faces of two of the biggest nuclear powers in the world.

Even if one can never-mind that, the Jupiter-Pluto stand-off sure did draw the adversarial lines in our own personal lives. What was it about? This: the privileging of hidden content, of that which is concealed, in a word, the protecting of secrets. Anybody who had something shameful to hide last week was sent by the combination of over-the-top Jupiter and deadly devious Pluto into fits of covering up. Spewing out venomous hatred and wild accusations is the time-honored method used by those with the most to shield from the light of day.

There was some of this operating pretty much everywhere, not just in the Oval Office. This past week, those with dishonor to conceal were very busy spreading camouflage over their tracks. Anyone in the way was peppered with false accusations just to fuss up the scene a little more and take attention off the real issue.

That’s where we are as we enter the new week. Attempting to recover from the toxicity of unexpected and emotionally brutal power moves around us, both abroad and closer to home, we’re looking for shelter, for justice, and for truth. A few big planetary actions just might bring home the goods.

First, transiting Mars in stable Taurus makes a trine to ponderous Pluto on Wednesday, April 5, creating conditions conducive to basic security and to focusing on tangible realities. Even more to the point and at the same time, transiting Saturn in idealistic and legalistic Sagittarius makes a retrograde station, bringing in a big dose of Saturn energy on Wednesday and Thursday, April 5 and 6. The stern judge, Saturn lets no relevant fact escape unnoticed. Thus, around April 5 – 6, the hand wielded by the Law of Karma is likely to fall heavily upon those who have skirted ethics and truth.

However, we are all in for changes of perspective. Here comes Venus square Saturn and Sun square Pluto on Saturday, followed swiftly by retrograde Mercury on Sunday, April 9. We’ll all be evaluating our lives and contemplating what might best be jettisoned. Information from the past will return to bring even more relevant considerations to the process. Stay steady; the Full Moon approaches on the 10th and 11th of April. Truth will out.