Turning Point – The Week Ahead for August 21 – 27, 2017

The long-awaited and highly publicised Lunar Eclipse in Leo is finally here! How will it effect us?

At long last, the much-awaited moment of the August 2017 solar eclipse has arrived. With it come a number of additional astrological happenings which add up to make this week a turning point to remember.

Here are the main astrological happenings for the week.

1. Monday, August 21, New Moon at 29 degrees Leo, a solar eclipse. Eclipses are nothing other than extremely powerful lunations, or astronomical phenomena involving the Moon. Solar eclipses can only occur at New Moon. As with all New Moons, this one will bring stunning closure in some areas and will initiate dramatic new action in others.

2. Sun trine Uranus and Mars trine Saturn on Monday and Tuesday, August 21 and 22 respectively. These two harmonious aspects establish conditions for agreement, constructive action, and a sense of meaningful progress.

3. Venus square Uranus on Thursday, August 24. Here’s a wild card influence which disrupts existing social arrangements while also opening the door to unexpected opportunities.

4. Saturn stationary direct on Friday, August 25. This development constitutes the real gravitational fulcrum of the week. With this powerful activation, plans and trends in education, travel, metaphysics, publishing, sports and exercise which have been blocked, hindered, or thwarted since early April 2017 will once again find their feet and begin slowly to resume forward motion.

5. Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury on Saturday, August 26. The changes of viewpoint and approach so typical of retrograde Mercury periods will be intensified and heightened. Since this conjunction occurs in the leadership and celebrity sign of Leo, world leadership and prominent political figures will be affected.

6. Jupiter sextile Saturn on Sunday, August 27. Forming slowly over the twenty-year period of the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, this significant influence will affect at least one month before and after this date, in other words from late July to late September 2017. The Jupiter-Saturn sextile establishes conditions which allow for likeminded persons to find each other, organize, and affiliate amicably. It’s conducive to the formation of romantic relationships, business partnerships, and international alliances. Business trends and stock market values in particular are buoyed by this influence. It is a distinctly civilizing influence which draws attention to the higher truths and fundamental values of a culture, country, organization, or group, a much needed influence in our world today which has been so rocked by the nefarious side of the Jupiter-Pluto square of early August.

Let’s see how it works out for the week ahead.

Monday August 21 brings the big event so many have been anticipating – the total solar eclipse at 29 degrees of Leo. Eclipses have been feared and revered since time immemorial, that fear rooted in the deep past before humanity knew the mechanics of solar and lunar eclipses. Now we know why the Sun and Moon go dark from time to time. As a result, there’s not so much to fear in today’s solar eclipse, for it’s also a very strong New Moon. While it is true that Earth energies drop low during New Moons, it’s also true that they bounce right back afterward, and most of us have lived through innumerable such geomagnetic events and lived to tell about it! On this day, the New Moon occurs at 1:30 pm CDT, a potent moment of renewal. For a moment all of nature dies back to rest and stillness, and then it’s reborn in a new wave of energy. This makes New Moon a fine opportunity to focus attention on your goals and intentions, doing so as close to the New Moon moment as possible. That goes double for today’s Solar Eclipse! Positive creative energies are also strong today with Sun in dynamic Leo trine Uranus in motivated Aries. Look for intriguing developments just after 12:30 pm CDT when the Moon in Leo also makes a trine to inspired Uranus.

Tuesday August 22 brings the encouraging trine between Mars in confident Leo and Saturn in metaphysical Sagittarius. Higher thoughts from religion, philosophy, esotericism, and mythology speak in positive ways today. Strength can be drawn from the higher realms. The Moon is in service-oriented Virgo, adding practicality to idealism. Even so, the sense of direction may be clouded around 2 pm CDT when the Moon opposes Pisces. Look for clarity and organization to appear around 9 pm CDT when the Virgo Moon trines Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn.

Wednesday August 23 brings a slow-down after all the eclipse excitement. The Moon squares Saturn just after 4 am CDT, amplifying concerns and drawing us into doubts. Then around 3 pm CDT, solutions appear as the nifty Virgo Moon makes a clever sextile to Venus in thoughtful Cancer.

Thursday August 24 sees the Moon in social Libra, but the pesky Venus-Uranus square tells us that conversations and social plans head off in some wacky direction other than what we’d planned. Retrograde Mercury, still in effect, concurs on that one. Let others go their own ways if they insist. Freedom of thought and action seem like big deals today for some. In world events, look for announcements of shake-ups, break-ups, resignations, and the like.

Friday August 25 brings the powerful Saturn direct station, when this planet of truth and consequences shifts from retrograde to direct motion in the zodiac. A calling to account results. Adding into the mix today is the Moon in Libra, sign of justice, law, and legal proceedings. Around 10:30 am CDT, the Moon joins giant Jupiter, now in Libra, to bring overwhelming emphasis to this theme. Look for announcements concerning legal affairs and major changes in the lives of governing world figures. In our own worlds, we feel a shift that will release us from recent drawbacks concerning travel, education, publishing, publicity, exercise, outdoor activity, and higher thought.

Saturday August 26 is conditioned by the conjunction of the Sun with retrograde Mercury at 4 degrees of Virgo. Communications technologies may behave strangely, as may the human variety. Traffic may be unpredictable or affected by sudden detours and malfunctioning signals. Take it easy and proceed slowly. Gather all the information you can, and then sit on it for while. The Moon is in perceptive Scorpio today, so that may help, especially 10 am to noon CDT when the Moon makes a mental sextile to the Sun and Mercury, bringing deeper insights.

Sunday August 27 provides a bit of a settling influence when the sensitive Scorpio Moon trines psychic Neptune around 5 am CDT, starting the day out peacefully. The Jupiter-Saturn sextile becomes exact, lifting our thoughts to higher planes. Insight about practical matters and wise action takes shape around 1 pm CDT when the Moon makes a sextile to Pluto, helping us to see to the bottom of whatever may intrigue our minds.

Next week: Mars in Leo trines Uranus in Aries, giving us certain go-aheads even while Mercury remains quietly retrograde.

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