Uranian New Moon Drama: The Week Ahead for October 16 – 22, 2017

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The key happening this week features the planet Uranus, archetype of uncommon intelligence and unique individuality but also of eccentricity, rebellion, and anarchy. Named for Ouranos, the proto-Titan of Greek mythology who ruled the infinite firmament of the starry celestial globe, Uranus symbolizes the impetuous drive for spiritual, mental, and physical freedom, a divine thirst for unfettered progress and self-determination rightfully harbored by all creatures.

Officially discovered in 1781, the existence of Uranus entered the collective mind just as the American Revolution and War of Independence against the English crown unfolded from 1775 until 1783. Uranus is therefore associated with the themes of political autonomy, modern democracy, individual rights, and the sometimes violent actions required to throw off the shackles of unjust rule. Uranus also engenders the milder manifestations of unconventional behavior, individuality, and social diversity. It’s a planetary vibration which opens the doors to alternative ways of being, to the far reaches of imagination and perception, to science and modern technology, and even to the realms of metaphysics and spirituality. Modern astrologers assign to its rulership the very art and science of astrology, the study of celestial influence such as the Greek Ouranos might have approved.

The energies of Uranus tend to blast away whatever hinders the freedom of the soul, whether it be the soul of a people or the soul of an individual. There’s no doubt that the action of Uranus can be unsettling and even shocking in some cases. Even in the best of situations, it’s an energy that tends to destroy paradigms and structures which have served their purposes and to forcefully thrust forward unconventional or even radical solutions.

This week, mind-blowing Uranus captures our attention through the dynamic of the New Moon, which takes place on Thursday, October 19, at the 27th degree of Libra, precisely opposite the position of Uranus at the 27th degree of Aries. In other words, the New Moon of October 19 opposes Uranus. That means the Moon and Sun will stand on the opposite side of the Earth from Uranus at the time of New Moon. Such an arrangement tends to emphasize the effect of all the celestial bodies involved, and most certainly of Uranus.

It’s a formula for intense actions and reactions of all kinds. Persons attuned to spiritual values will use this energy to rise to higher levels of awareness, to break through barriers, and to promote altruistic endeavors everywhere. Persons given to self-centered attitudes, however, are likely to react in a very different way. Every astrological energy represents a spectrum of possibilities, ranging from magnificent to abysmal. It’s all too likely that the bottom-feeders will gravitate to the low end of the Uranian spectrum, responding with impatience, disregard, rage, and yes, even violence. That makes this week a time to pick and choose your venues with caution. Mass public gathering spots and events should be avoided if at all possible, especially on the 19th when Uranian energies are the strongest. Otherwise, if you stay in safe zones, this energy can be enjoyed as a productive and positive change moving you beyond prior restrictions.

Monday October 16 sees the waning Moon in discerning Virgo bringing our attention to the details of the work before us. Clarity and progress grace the way as the Sun in rational Libra makes a sextile to Saturn in prophetic Sagittarius, making it possible to see ahead and plot a pleasant course toward success. Just before 1 pm CDT, the Moon trines Pluto, smoothing the way for productive labors.

Tuesday October 17 brings a different theme as Mercury moves into shrewd Scorpio on the overnight and the Moon in late Virgo conjuncts Mars just before 6:30 am CDT, propelling mind and body into high gear and stepping up the pace. Then, just after 12:30 pm CDT, the Moon shifts to the more relaxed sign of Libra, heading for a conjunction with Venus around 9 pm CDT, thus closing out the day with pleasantries. The overnight promises powerful dreams, as Mercury and Jupiter both newly in Scorpio move toward conjunction. Important news is in the making at the personal and collective levels.

Wednesday October 18 sees the exact conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter at 2 degrees of Scorpio just before 4 am CDT, powering profound dreamtime realizations and meaningful communications. The Sun-Uranus opposition begins to generate excitement and anticipation as the energy builds. Even so,  evening brings an interval of doubt and hesitation when the Moon squares Pluto 7 – 9 pm CDT.

Thursday October 19 brings a palpable energy shift as the Sun and Moon oppose Uranus just before New Moon, which takes place at 2:12 pm CDT. New opportunities leap into sight, but so do tensions and sudden changes in policies and plans. A flexible outlook helps us through the day and makes it possible to gather gems of insight and inspiration. Through today’s Uranian impact, the higher forces of the universe are pouring in for all those willing to receive them. Higher worlds may be glimpsed. We feel exhilarated and pumped.

Friday October 20 keeps the high energies flowing with the Moon in perceptive Scorpio conjunct Jupiter and Mercury during the overnight, again filling dreamtime with deep insights into psyche, self, and unfolding events. The evening brings peace and understanding, with the Moon in psychically sensitive Scorpio trine Neptune in empathic Pisces just after 7 pm CDT. Intimate conversations flourish.

Saturday October 21 extends the settled mood from last night well into the overnight as the Moon makes a sextile to Pluto. The day unfolds quietly, with an emphasis on Scorpio’s love of looking deeper into that which fascinates.

Sunday October 22 eases into view with a sextile from the Moon in Scorpio to Mars in Virgo on the overnight, joining Virgo’s power of analysis with Scorpio’s penetrating insight. We get clear, get the point, and get in gear as a result. At 1:30 pm CDT, Mars enters Libra, in which sign it will remain through December 8, signaling a seven-week emphasis on social interaction, sharing, cooperation, and collaboration.

Next week: The Sun and Jupiter meet in early Scorpio, setting up the right conditions for improvements in the areas of commonly held assets and financial transactions.

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