Venus and Mars Make You and Me Stars: The Week Ahead For October 2 – 8, 2017

Stars on red and blue background

Not every day do the classical deities of desire and romance hook up in the zodiac as boldly as they do this week. Forming a conjunction on October 5 at the 19th degree of Virgo, it’s Venus – Goddess of Love, Pleasure, and Comfort – and Mars – God of Desire, Pursuit, and Action.

If ever the aphorism “as above, so below” meant anything, then this week it does, revealing that a magnetic power drawing people together is surely at work. Whether it’s romance, business connections, or public acclaim we’ve been needing, here comes our window of opportunity and moment of fulfillment. Not only do Venus and Mars make it so, for the Full Moon is in the mix as well. Yes, it’s that lunar time once again, bringing along with it the surge of emotional and intellectual intensity always associated with Full Moon. This one is timed perfectly to amplify the Venus-Mars message, thus significantly heating up the lovers’ brew.

Truly, the ionic bonds of understanding and affection come into play this week, making it possible to establish and nurture key relationships, whether these be based on young love, shared commercial hopes, altruistic cooperation, or the companionship of mid-life and golden years. Here’s why. First, the week opens with the positive vibes of last Sunday’s Mars-Pluto trine lingering in the psychic air, providing a boost in self-confidence, physical strength, and power to accomplish. Not to be ignored, Venus gets into the deal, the lovely lady also making a trine to pensive Pluto on October 3, adding her special touch to perfume the goodness of the moment and bring out the best from brooding Pluto. In other words, we humans are helped to understand each other better. To boot, the Moon is waxing toward full phase as the week unfolds, adding punch and velocity to all events. Then the main course appears, with velvet-voiced Venus moving into exact conjunction with rowdy Mars, thus soothing the recently very disrupted human psyche by means diverse and wonderful. It’s a fine time to pursue our constructive and creative passions, whatever they may be. True, we’ll find we must get serious about practicalities on the weekend when Venus moves to square Saturn, but we should let nothing hold us back this week, especially Monday through Thursday, October 2 – 5. The golden ring is within reach, so leap forth and seize it!

Let’s see how the days work out.

Monday October 2 opens with the growing Moon power operating in brainy Aquarius as it makes a sextile to genius Uranus and a trine to generous Jupiter early in the day, setting up an atmosphere of quick thinking, smart moves, clever observations, and open-minded discussions. Then the day builds even further in momentum, the waxing Moon entering Pisces just before 9:30 am CDT, shifting the mood into wistful what-ifs and mysterious maybes, setting the stage for dramatic positives yet to come this week.

Tuesday October 3 sees the action go into gear when the powerfully waxing Moon makes a string of intriguing aspects as it occults Neptune, sextiles Pluto, and opposes both Venus and Mars. Around 2 pm CDT, Venus makes the exact trine to Pluto. This combination of influences will be quite sufficient to reveal the main themes for the week, wherever you may be in life. Psychic and emotional connections are sure to deepen today, with many commonalities and shared interests paving the way.

Wednesday October 4 looks to be a bit on the quiet side, by comparison to yesterday’s promises and oaths of allegiance. The Moon in emotional Pisces makes a square to cautious Saturn just after 2 am CDT, bringing minor delays and disappointments early in the day. Then the atmosphere lurches abruptly into forward drive when the Moon, now cranking like crazy toward full phase, enters vigorous, athletic, and competitive Aries just before 4 pm CDT. Emotions, ambitions, and creative drives fire up accordingly, whipped into high temperatures by both the waxing Moon and the forming Venus-Mars conjunction. The power of desire takes center stage, whether romantic, creative, career, or professional in nature. We get a stunningly clear signal of what it is that we truly want – a critical piece of information in manifesting intentions.

Bingo! It’s Thursday, October 5, which is both Full Moon day and the exact Venus-Mars conjunction. The day promises to be filled with fast-paced and attention-getting developments. Proposals roll in, romantic, business, social, and more. We’ve got the lock on the significant others we need for the actualization or our plans. We have them in our sights; we zero in for the ask. A high tide of feeling, hopes, and positive intentions peaks at 1:40 pm CDT with the Full Moon at 13 degrees Aries and the Sun at 13 degrees of Libra. Individuality working with and supported by partnership arrives at center stage. Now’s the moment to strut our stuff, demonstrate ability, and make the bid for our highest intentions. Thus shall Venus and Mars make us all stars in our own shows.

Friday October 6 extends the high times of Full Moon day all the way until 5:30 pm CDT. Then the Moon enters sedate Taurus, providing a time to chill after the excitement earlier in the week. We seek and find solace in simple creature comforts.

Saturday October 7 continues the theme of rest, ease, and peace, at least for a little while, for the Sun is moving toward conjunction with Mercury, making for high levels of curiosity and restless needs for circulation in the environment. Further, Venus moves into a square with Saturn overnight, cooling our heels and putting the nix on hot and heavies for the moment. Stay centered and grounded as long as you can, spiritually feeding on the stability of the Taurus Moon especially around 3 pm CDT, when the Moon makes a sextile to gentle Neptune, inspiring us with soothing mystic insights.

Sunday October 8 brings a serious atmosphere into play, as Venus makes the exact square to somber Saturn just before 8 am CDT, requiring prudence in all things, especially in matters of love and romance. Around 4 pm CDT, the Sun and Mercury conjoin in the 16th degree of Libra, sparking discussions about partnerships and collaborations, whether romantic, creative, business, or spiritual. Tomorrow, Mercury and the Sun both square Pluto, making our choices on the weekend of October 7 and 8 of real consequence.

All in all, the week of October 2 – 8 offers outstanding opportunities to form alliances and connections which serve the highest good and which meet the authentic needs of all involved. Excitement reigns as the good news pours in, and then a more nuanced reality dawns during weekend, as we grok the actions and adaptations necessary if we are to implement the promising agreements forged during the high and hopeful moments of October 2 – 5.

Next week: Jupiter exits Libra and enters Scorpio, signaling a year ahead for deepening our studies, digging into our intended works, and merging forces with others. Further, Mars squares Saturn, making for heavier than usual work loads, together with a temporary tumble in financial markets and other commercial indicators.