Wacky Words and Wild Revelations – The Week Ahead for August 28 – September 3, 2017

A wild mixture of retrograde Mercury and Mars in conjunction could spell an interesting week for communication and writing.

The big astrological action for this week takes place on the weekend, when retrograde Mercury and Mars form a conjunction right near the recent eclipse degree. Everyone remembers the dramatic solar eclipse, yes? That big happening occurred in the 29th degree of Leo. This week’s astrological driver occurs in the 28th degree of Leo, which is virtually right in the same astrological spot. A retrograde Mercury conjunction with Mars is quite enough to kick up some dust, but add to it the activation of the recent eclipse degree, and there indeed results a potent formula for wacky words and wild revelations. If not that, then uncommon levels of creativity for writers and the like.

Retrograde Mercury is notorious for its effect on all processes of communication. Words tend to go through odd contortions during retrograde Mercury. Whether by intention or mistake, faulted information frequently makes its way into the news and into daily life. Words said or written at a previous time may be taken back, reinterpreted, or completely denied under the retrograde. That’s not all, though. Sometimes under retrograde Mercury, the truth leaks out in the manner of a Freudian slip, when individuals inadvertently reveal the real truth of the matter. Mix this potential for word salad with the hot and spicy impulsive Mars and the latent power hidden in the eclipse degree, and what results is sure to rival any five-alarm salsa laced with black pepper. But not all of this tumbles out early in the week. In fact, the week itself is rather deceptively routine, except for the occasional retro Mercury curve ball. Let’s see how it works out.

Monday August 28 starts out the work week with the moody Scorpio Moon in a bit of a troubled mood, roughed up somewhat by that occasional retro Mercury curve-ball just mentioned. Here’s why: the emotionally sensitive Scorpio Moon squares the forming Mercury-Mars combination from 4 am to 7 am CDT, making sleep time overnight more like a wrestling match, and providing a foretaste of the big Mercury-Mars action on the weekend. Watch out for prickly moods and confused, angry words. Give the other person wide berth to process inner stresses. Relationships could be rocky in the bedroom area, especially in regard to jealousy and fidelity issues. Unfounded suspicions may have been stoked by wild words during the previous weekend. Relief, however, is in sight, for the Moon enters straight-up Sagittarius just before 3 pm CDT, taking some of the emotional sting out of the early morning happenings via plain speaking. Happier moods shape up 9 – 10 pm CDT when the largess of the Sagittarius Moon interacts with sweet Venus in loving Leo by sextile, issuing pardons all around.

Tuesday August 29 sees the Moon continue to sail through easy-going Sagittarius. Even so, when the Moon squares Neptune around 5 pm CDT, moods may temporarily go south as the compass spins in too many directions and no particular direction all at once. Step back and reserve judgement, for Mercury remains retrograde and appearances can be deceiving. However, the remedy for today’s uncertainties is on the way.

Wednesday August 30 brings stark clarity, as the Moon still in Sagittarius makes a conjunction to serious Saturn around 9:30 am CDT, bringing plans concerning education, travel, spiritual study, publishing, and outdoor or sport activities into sharp focus. Clearly defined priorities emerge and yesterday’s mental fog will be banished. The clear thinking does us good, and the day unfolds thereafter in optimistic and confident forward planning, especially 10 am – midnight CDT, when the Moon makes a sextile to Jupiter, a trine to Mars, and then finishes off with a dash of genius as it trines Uranus.

Thursday August 31 sees the Moon move into somber Capricorn, calling us to duties, obligations, and long-range planning for major life accomplishments. The way ahead is good for all that, with the Capricorn Moon trine to retrograde Mercury now in early Virgo just before 4 am CDT. Unique solutions for practical issues may well be glimpsed in dreams as a result. Outside possibilities in employment and career may suddenly take shape. Likewise, unexpected communications may arrive from out of the blue in the early part of Thursday. Then retro Mercury backs over the line between Virgo and Leo, entering Leo and setting up the scenario for the weekend just before 10:30 am CDT. Tread lightly, even though matters look promising around 9 pm CDT when the steady Capricorn Moon trines the accommodating Virgo Sun.

Friday September 1 sees the Moon remain in sober Capricorn, but it’s waxing now with strength, so the emotions get cranking in spite of the Goat’s effective planning. Major issues related to duties and plans bubble up to the surface like a slowly erupting volcano around 1:30 pm CDT when the Moon makes a conjunction to subterranean Pluto. Pay attention to the words of the gods at this time. On the overnight, a trine between Mars in courageous Leo and Uranus in dare-devil Aries shapes up, inviting adventures large and small into the picture. That’s cool, but don’t go too far off the edge, given the coming Mercury-Mars mix-up taking shape now. Impulsivity equals danger this weekend.

And yes, it’s the weekend already. Saturday September 2 brings the energies of the potentially disruptive or even perhaps uncommonly creative Mercury-Mars conjunction into the picture. Irritations and disruptions may shape up around 11:30 am CDT, when the Capricorn Moon squares Uranus in Aries, so hold on to patience and good graces at that time. Then the Moon enters intellectual Aquarius shortly after 3 pm CDT, shifting all energies to a more abstract level. That’s a good thing in this case, as it might engage the brain before the body leaps to extremes. Anyway, let’s hope.

Sunday September 3 comes along and the conjunction between retrograde Mercury and Mars is in full swing. Even though you may be tempted sorely, take no unnecessary physical or emotional risks. As a matter of fact, taking no risks at all would be even better. The energies of the conjunction can and should be lifted to the level of the mind, where they can be used for rigorous intellectual study and perhaps constructive debate. Creative types can use this energy to develop ideas not on the same track along which they usually think or work.

However, while driving on the road, don’t try any new tricks. Take it slowly and easily, and give the other driver plenty of room to correct any mistakes. Self-control will count for much this weekend, being the better part of safety and serenity. Be on the alert for dangerous driving, and have no part of it. Interest in all things offbeat and uncommon will be high, and intellectual curiosity will spark many a project and encounter. Spirited discussions are likely. That’s all to the good if spats and full-fledged verbal battle can be held at bay. Keep the energies of the retrograde Mercury-Mars conjunction on the higher mental plane and all will be the better for it. Even so, in the public square, it’s likely that wacky words and wild revelations will rock the weekend when politicians and other Leo-like prominent persons try to cover their retrograde backsides.

Next week: Mercury direct and Full Moon conjunct Neptune subtly shift our worlds into new perspectives.

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