We’re Now Entering the Potent Energy Period! – February 22 – March 3, 2017

Bright blue lights

As predicted earlier this year in my advisory titled Looking Ahead, the time is now upon us for the arrival of potent energies flowing into Earth consciousness from two outer planets – Jupiter and Uranus.

These two celestial bodies currently stand in opposition to one another, with Earth positioned in the center. Though all three bodies of course remain in their natural orbits around the Sun, as seen within the solar system from Earth’s perspective, this arrangement amounts to a line-up of three planetary bodies – Jupiter and Uranus on the outsides and Earth in the middle.

This configuration brings the impacts of Jupiter and Uranus energies starkly into awareness and experience for the people of our planet. Jupiter connotes expansion, amalgamation, increase, and excess, while Uranus bespeaks revelation, surprise, discovery, disruption, and sudden bold action.

Both the orbits of Jupiter and Uranus are always to the outside of the solar system from the perspective of Earth, so both tend to draw consciousness away from daily world affairs and toward higher levels of thinking and existence. They both tend to jar human thought out of accustomed pathways and to present new and important perspectives.

Jupiter is connected with religion, higher philosophy, higher education, and with promises of improved material or financial conditions; Uranus links up with modern technology, independence of thought, acceleration of progress, transcendence of time and space, and with the higher dimensions of existence, including the metaphysical.

Jupiter and Uranus will stand in exact opposition on either sides of the Earth on Thursday, March 2, 2017, creating a powerful magnetic force field in which the Earth will participate.

Financial markets are apt to soar and behave erratically. Individuals may bounce around in terms of intentions and commitments. In fact, persons will receive this energy in various manners, ranging from acute positive excitement on one hand to outrageous disregard for common sense and propriety on the other. Inviting possibilities may and will shape up.

Longstanding annoyances, blockages, impediments, and obstacles are likely to be blasted out of the way. Boredom is not likely to be a factor. Extreme behaviors from some are likely to create conditions of disorder and instability for others. The physical Earth itself will register the impact; tectonic activity is more than likely to occur, especially and obviously in those regions already known to be seismically active.

Indeed, March 2 and the days surrounding it are guaranteed to be dramatic. However, because this is a strong astrological influence, the impact of this opposition will be felt considerably before and after the day of exact formation. In fact, this energy combination is already well in evidence in mid- February 2017.

Jupiter influences can uplift and expand consciousness for those attuned to the higher dimensions, but for those not self-disciplined by virtue of spiritual practice, Jupiter influences can drive to excess, to over-reaching, and to an inflated sense of ego and of self-importance.

A sudden influx of Jupiter energies such as is in effect in mid-February can throw fuel on the psychological fire of persons who tend to indulge in hyperbole, condescension, and smug disregard for others.

Uranus influences can break through the rigid walls of exclusively three-dimensional perception and blast open a new perspective to greater knowing for those attuned to spiritual truths, but for those not inclined to automatically function from a position of divine love for all beings, Uranus influences can invite insensitivity, abrupt speech, disorderly actions, and breath-taking displays of childish insistence. In some cases, Uranian influence can drive those who are unstable to disregard important principles of social living, such as laws, rules, and regulations.

As is obvious to the news-savvy reader, it’s the Jupiter-Uranus opposition which is driving the fragmented and incomprehensible actions of the newly elected president of the United States. Clearly, the powerful energies of this configuration have fanned the flames of his own ordinarily testy personality and have aggrandized his already high base-line levels of pride and conceit into preposterous levels of flip nonchalance over what should be treated as serious matters of national security and international relations.

It’s easy to let Trump’s scandalous antics take center stage, eating up our attention, disturbing our hopes for the future, and destabilizing our emotions. All too easy! After all, he’s a professional entertainer of sorts, so he thrives on creating what he might think of as “good theatre.” He’s acting the part of the outrageous enfant terrible and succeeding in holding the attention of the nation and of the world.

Yet, one might ask, to what end? Does he uplift us in so doing? Perhaps time will tell in the affirmative, but as for the moment, the answer would appear to be nugatory.

Thus, we have a choice, and a potent one at that. We can experience the high-voltage electric powers of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition of February-March 2017 through the fractured lenses of the Trump performance, or we can shift our attention to the essence of this configuration and learn something different.

The exciting thing about the current Jupiter-Uranus opposition is that it contains the potential to help any of us who are ready for a glimpse of the higher dimensions to actually bring that revelation into view. Mid-February through early March 2017 thus constitutes a time in which spiritual seekers may significantly advance toward important spiritual goals, such as improving metaphysical skills in the areas of clairaudience, clairvoyance, precognition, mental telepathy, comprehension of symbols, and the like. Higher plane initiations may occur. Sudden new understandings of life missions may burst forth into every-day awareness. Past life memories may appear with startling clarity. Knowledge of higher beings and the nature of their guidance for us may come forcefully into awareness. Dream and meditation experiences may increase in clarity, intensity, and frequency. Truly, it is a time of great potential for significant spiritual advancement.

Just as importantly, the period of mid-February through early March 2017 promises to be a time when many Earth dwellers will catch the bug of altruism and of impersonal spiritual love for all beings. Big Daddy Jupiter connotes generosity, and Space Brother Uranus connotes a cosmic perspective. The combination can make for a sudden awakening into the nature of the Cosmic Community of which we are a part. Such awakenings may take place for the young in years and for the not so young in years alike.

Could UFOs play a part? Definitely. Could anomalies of nature occur and cause the questioning of all previous scientific assumptions? Could the ogre of death as the final human experience fall to the side as intimations of eternal life glimmer into visibility on the horizon?


A rending of the veil which has separated the worlds is just about to occur. Be ready for a front-row seat, where you can participate in the unfolding drama. Don’t sit this one out by virtue of letting the petulance of one grandiose personality steal the show. After all, it’s not exclusively his circus tent in which we play. To Trump’s great surprise, the truth is that the tent of the sky belongs to all.