Yasmin Henkesh has always had dancing in her blood. A dedicated performer, teacher, trainer and workshop instructor, she now has over 40 years of cabaret and folkloric Middle Eastern Dance experience.

A native of Washington D.C., she took her first belly dance class at age fifteen at “Adriana’s Mecca of Middle Eastern Dance” in upper Georgetown, a short bus ride from her high school, Sidwell Friends. Later, at Kenyon College, she spent most of her time in the theater department and was fortunate to perform as “the belly dancer” in C. C. Pyle and the Bunyon Derby, a play directed by Paul Newman to inaugurate the college’s new theater.

In 2005 Yasmin created Sands of Time Music to share with her students the rich, multifaceted music she fell in love with in Egypt. The Henkesh Brothers, from a long line of Cairo’s Golden Era Mohammed Ali Street musicians, agreed to help and can now be heard on many of her label’s albums (all on Amazon). Sayed also recorded many of Cairo’s best folkloric artists to help preserve the genre before it disappeared forever into the amalgam of World Music.



Girls Dancing

Trance Dance Your Way to Happiness by Yasmin Henkesh

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