Today’s widespread use of the internet by consumers to source products has dramatically changed the shopping habits of millions.

This shift in purchasing power has impacted greatly upon the publishing industry with potential buyers now able to access a much wider range of books, products, and publications than used to be the case just a few years ago when they were limited to the stock available in high street stores.

Traditional Approach
This explosion of opportunity has also had a contrary effect in that that for some consumers it is difficult and confusing to accurately evaluate the relevance, or suitability of a product.

In the past this was less of a problem. Independent bookshop have traditionally played a vital role in enabling a purchaser to evaluate a publication at first hand – not so on the internet where even even excerpts, free introductory passages, and image scans often fail to capture the quality, or otherwise of a book, product etc.

Contemporary Approach
Today, the most powerful marketing and promotion tool that publishers have at their disposal are personal reviews or endorsements of their products. The immense success of Amazon’s review model is a testament to the impact that positive reviews have on the commercial success of any product.

Whilst everyone recognises the important part that websites such as Amazon and GoodReads play in helping to promote a book there is a negative aspect to this which is that most reviewers tend to submit their evaluation of a product from an emotional standpoint. This means that all too often a negative review placed on any of these websites has the power to effectively decimate an authors chances of becoming a commercial success.

Our Approach
Spirituality Today helps authors and publishers overcome this by publishing, and then promoting via Social Media, impartial and independent reviews of a products suitability for its intended market. These are written in-house – by our own staff who have a wide range of expertise in the fields of spirituality and book publishing.

Our Success
We formulate and publish our reviews in such a way that that they consistently attain higher rankings in internet search engines. This invariably means that they are available at the top of page one of Google and well above several other important websites such as Amazon, Pinterest, GoodReads, Twitter. We often receiving a ranking for just our product information that is higher even than their publishers own websites.

The reason for this is that Google in particular ranks very highly well-presented and in-depth reviews from authenticated sources.

This is our area of expertise and our approach enables us to greatly enhance the amount of exposure that a book or product has on the internet.