A Short Path to Change by Jenny Mannion

Publication Details

    A Short Path to Change by Jenny Mannion
  • Author: Jenny Mannion
  • Publisher: Llewellyn
  • Date Published: January 8, 2016
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0738745619


The quality of life that we experience is not determined by how much money we have, the possessions we accrue or the social status that we hold. Instead it is set by the level of physical health that we enjoy.

The human body is, by its very nature, a complex and intricate system which does go wrong and breakdown sometimes. The natural course of action is that most sufferers of an ailment will consult a medical professional when difficulties arise and seek the administration of drugs in order to return to a normal life.

However, there are an increasing number of people who take an alternative and more long-term, preventative course of action with regards to their physical health.

Another Approach

In A Short Path to Change trained intuitive healer Jenny Mannion explores the world of psychospiritual rebalancing, transformation and self-healing.

It is a book drawn from personal experience as Mannion overcame some very serious physical conditions in a very short period of time by applying the methods outlined in her book.

As a direct result of this dramatic set of turnarounds in her health the author now holds workshops all over the world which are designed to help others come into their own position of power of self-healing.

Mannion’s book contains thirty exercises that have been designed to teach her readers on how to …awaken to your full power and transform you into a person who confidently accepts his or her unlimited potential.

It is also partitioned into four sections; each of which approaches a specific aspect of the empowerment process.

Stages of Healing Change

In section one of A Short Path to Change the author focusses upon the process of ‘clearing out in preparation for the new’. The various disciplines involved in this work includes; exercising forgiveness, dealing with energy drain by others, assessing emotional influences, dealing with such personal negativity as fear, worrying and negative self-talk.

The second section shows the reader how to connect to the chakra system in order to create in body balancing.

In section three Mannion presents further examples of practical psychic work such as self-love, affirmations, gratitude, energy healing, meditation and connecting to the Higher Self.

Finally, in section three, the author digs deeper into the human psyche to explore advanced healing concepts such as letting go, receiving, embracing the Shadow, dealing with self-sabotage and establishing mini goals.

Practised regularly these thirty separate approaches to self-empowerment are said, by the author, to offer a real opportunity for growth, personal development and lasting change.


Whilst many seasoned spiritual energy workers will find little material contained in this book to be new it does, however, encapsulate most of the healing modalities currently used in psychospiritual work. For that reason newcomers to the idea that we can directly influence our levels of health and well-being will derive a great deal from this concise exploration of the subject.

Indeed the whole style of writing and method of energy dissemination is very much geared towards offering a close, almost one-on-one exchange between author and reader. No subject is covered in anything other than a clear and engaging way which, once again, will be so very appreciated by those readers who are new to the various terminology and metaphysical concepts being described.

A Short Path to Change is also very much a workbook with the author encouraging regular and consistent practice of the many exercises that she offers.

So, if you are attracted to New Age approaches to self healing and personal self-development then there is a great deal to commend this book for.

A book borne of its time A Short Path to Change covers a wide range of today’s most popular alternative approaches to psychospiritual re-balancing and personal empowerment.