Angel Insights by Tanya Carroll Richardson

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    Angel Insights by Tanya Carroll Richardson
  • Author: Tanya Carroll Richardson
  • Format: Paperback


The ancient and traditional image of winged-angels looking down upon humanity from a lofty position in the heavens is a myth that is becoming increasingly dispelled.

As the veils separating the astral worlds become thinner, human contact as well as interaction with the angelic realm is becoming easier and more common.

The result of this is that most people who are active within the world of spirituality now firmly believe in the existence of at least a single Guardian Angel in their lives. For others, a daily contact with any number of benevolent spirits is nothing very remarkable!

The question asked by many who would like to develop a closer contact with angels is simple: “how is it done?”

Listening for the Inner Voices

In her book, Angel Insights, professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson offers her experiences with angels as a way of helping her readership engage more fully with their heavenly guides.

First off, Richardson is insistent from the outset that we all have a number of spirit guides that have been assigned to us in this lifetime. She explains how the specific role and type of work that they offer in helping, supporting, nurturing and, caring for us was established before the point at which we incarnated.

If we do not fully understand or recognise their unflinching commitment to our lives, it is not to be taken as some sort of confirmation that angels do not exist but that we have not developed the ability to listen to them or to observe the results of their work behind the scenes.

Intermediaries of Heaven and Earth

The main approach that Richardson takes through her book is a simple one She presents the primary role of the angels as that of guides, teachers, protectors, healers and nurturers. More than that, she also understands that their role is mainly as active intermediaries between our earthbound selves and our Souls. In a sense, they straddle the bridge that connects heaven and earth.

The author advises her readers that the more we strive to connect to our angels, the happier they become.

She also explains how, in her experience, angels carry our hurts and pains, emotional heartaches and daily disappointments as much as we do. When we cry, then so do the angels but equally, the more we laugh and search for beauty within ourselves and our lives, the greater the sense of joy and happiness they experience as a result.

Angels of the Ages

Richardson suggests that we can actively grow a great deal closer to our angelic companions and even that we can begin to identify them by their names and even by their unique energetic blueprints. In this sense they are unique and personal to ourselves but the author does offer information regarding some of the classic devas throughout history can be contacted: those such as Uriel, Metatron, Gabriel and Raphael.

These powerful archetypal forces head up a structure within the angelic hierarchy and contribute to the well-being of the wider humanity—of which we are all a part—as well as offering healing to the planet and to our beleaguered natural world.

In closing her book, the author considers the specific difficulties and challenges that are faced by Earth Angels (those beings of light who have elected to come into 3D-form). Their role as light-workers as they try to offer help and comfort to humanity is often at risk to themselves and to their physical or mental health.

It seems that the work of the angels is not a task taken by the feint-hearted.

Our Review of ‘Angel Insights’ by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Angel Insights is a truly remarkable publication that had me totally absorbed from start to finish.

I have to say that I have never been a great advocate for the belief in angels mainly, I suspect, as a result of having had my impression of them somewhat skewed by orthodox religious teachings. Reading this book has radically altered my perception of them and their role in the lives of spirituality awakened individuals in particular.

Not only is this book effective at portraying the many functions that are taken up by the angels but Richardson takes the subject of deva intervention in our lives beyond this by introducing some important spiritual and philosophical questions. These are unraveled with great insight by the author who has, it must be said, written her book in a remarkably delightful and engaging style—almost angelic!

The included affirmations or prayers in this publication are very powerful; the exercises are extremely stimulating and the general extent to which the author understands the subject is somewhat breath-taking as you begin to appreciate the enormity of the ideas that she presents.

So, all in all, this is a pretty flawless book. It is one that I shall return to time and time again in the future and which I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone and everyone who wants to make a quantum leap in their spiritual lives.