Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez

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    Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez
  • Author: Melissa Alvarez
  • Format: Paperback


Your lifetime energy animal will be your guide, teacher and spiritual messenger throughout your incarnation and so befriending it, understanding its unique energy pattern, harnessing its power as well as learning the lessons it has to teach you is one of the most powerful and effective spiritual practices that we can follow.

In addition to animals there are many other members of the natural world that can also flit in and out of our awareness at certain times in our lives. Each of them carries their own message and presents to us particular tasks that we need to fulfil.

But what do these signs from the world of spirit actually refer to? What exactly are they attempting to relay to us and how can we benefit directly from their wisdom?

Let the Creatures Speak

In her work as an intuitive and psychic Melissa Alvarez has come to understand the energetic blueprint that many of our more common animal, birds and reptiles carry.

In her book Animal Frequency Alvarez has collected together her insights into 181 examples of typical animal messengers — creatures of one type and another who can appear to us in dreams, in visions, and even in physical reality.

She believes that every animal has a distinct set of characteristics which closely replicate similar within ourselves.

Alvarez also points out that they also present to us specific challenges, traits, talents and assets some, or all, of which can identify important emerging elements within ourselves.

In addition to this the author highlights the specific elemental qualities of each creature along with its associated color.


Animal Frequency is divided up into the following sections. These are:

  • Part One – Mammals, birds, reptiles and insects
  • Part Two – Domesticated and farm animals
  • Part Three – Mythical and fantasy animals

The introduction also includes detailed advice on how to connect to animals, how to respond to their appearance, and how to receive the energy of their messages.

The book closes with appendix explains color meanings, and elemental meanings as well as a bibliography

Our Review of Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez

At 400+ pages Animal Frequency is not only a big book but it is also a comprehensive one.

For each example of totem or power animal that the author has included in this book there are at least two pages of extensive notes, insights, guidance and even a related guided visualisation devoted to it.

It is for this reason that Animal Frequency stands out among similar books that are available today.

What also qualifies this publication as being highly creditworthy is the sheer insightfulness of its author regarding the innate qualities of each animal, bird, insect, etc.

This is so remarkable that at times you actually get the impression that the author has actually psycho-spiritually connected to the essence of its being and tuned in to its underlying energy patterns.

So with all that packed into an almost encyclopaedic publication one is left with a book that fascinates and astounds in equal measure.

Elsewhere on this website we reviewed Melissa Alverez’s Animal Frequency Oracle Cards and I feel that some potential purchasers might want to consider these two products together.

Either way Animal Frequency by Melissa Alvarez. is a book that will aid Pagans, Wiccan, and Shamans in their work and open up new areas in magical understanding of our world in exciting and challenging ways for everyone else.